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162 MLB Predictions 2009

Posted on: April 3, 2009 10:01 am

1.  The NL wins the All-Star Game 

2.  Evan Longoria wins the Home Run Derby 

3.  There will be an instant reply scandal... 

4.  ...mainly cause ESPN will over cover it because it involves the Yankees and/or the Red Sox 

5.  Bob Melvin wins NL Manager of the Year

6.  Ron Gardinhire wins the AL honor.

7.  Yadier Molina and Joe Mauer repeat as Gold Glove winners at catcher.

8.  Kevin Youkilis and Albert Pujols win it at 1st.  

9.  Akinori Iwamura and Brandon Phillips win it at 2nd 

10.Adrian Beltre and Ryan Zimmerman win it at 3rd.  

11.Troy Tulowiski and Orlando Cabrera win it at short

12.Shane Victorino, Carlos Beltran and Michael Borne win the NL outfield Gold Gloves  

13.Torii Hunter, Ichiro and Grady Sizemore in the AL 

14.Jesse Listch and Brandon Webb for pitchers 

15.Johan Santana wins the NL Cy Young 

16....Tim Lincecum gets snubbed

17.Fransico Liriano wins it in the AL

18....Roy Halladay comes in 2nd

19.Matt Wieters wins the AL Rookie of the Year 

20.Cameron Maybin in the NL

21.Albert Pujols wins the NL MVP

22....Alfonso Soriano is runner up

23.Mark Texiera wins the AL MVP  

24....Miguel Cabrera is runner up 

25. The Ranger lead the league in runs again... 

26....but still don't realize pitching wins games  

27.David Murphy puts in a good year, hitting 20 HRs and batting .290

28.The Blue Jays fall from the top of the ERA leaderboard 

29.But the offense continues to be bottom 5 in the AL. 

30.Scott Rolan will fail to hit 15 HRs, drive in 65 runs or bat over .265 

31.CC and Wang both win 19 games.  

32.Jeter continues to be the most overrated player in the game.  

33.Unlike last year, Rivera blows more than one save this year.  

34.David Price doesn't dazzle as much as he is expected to, and ends up spending at least 2 months in the minors 

35.Carl Crawford gets his batting average back over .300, but still doesn't take more than 45 walks.

36.Carlos Pena hits 28 HRs 

37.A switch of clubs does not solve Rich Hill's control problems.  

38.Matt Wieters gets over 110 starts at catcher.

39.Orioles pitchers hit as many HRs during Interleague as Cesar Izturis does all year.  

40.Brad Penny wins 10 games.  

41.Josh Beckatt does not come close to being the ace of the Red Sox staff.  

42.David Ortiz improves his OPS 100 points off last year's mark. 

43.Like last year I predict the Red Sox having the best bullpen in baseball

44.Liriano wins 18 games with a sub-3.2 ERA and 200 Ks 

45.Kevin Slowey and Scott Baker both win 15

46.Carlos Gomez raises his BA 25 points.  

47.Ozzie Guillen is suspended multiple games for a on-field and press conference tirade 

48.Bobby Jenks saves 40 games again.  

49.Carlos Quenton takes a big step back from last year's marks 

50.It's an odd number year so Kyle Farnsworth will exceed expectations. 

51.Zack Grienkie will not make me regret picking him as one of my keepers in Fantasy Baseball 

52.Soria will continue to be the most underrated closer in baseball 

53.Kerry Wood saves 35 of 38 chances, but spends one stint on the DL

54.Aaron Laffey surprised people and ends the season as the 4th starter. 

55.Matt LaPorta is up in the bigs by the end of May, and getting regular starts by the end of June. 

56.Miguel Cabrera puts up MVP numbers 

57.Magglio puts up the worst season of his career and spends significant time on the DL. 

58.Armando Galaragga wins 15 games, most on the team. 

59.Mike Napoli leads all catchers in HRs again, hitting 28.  

60.Angels don't get 89 save chances like last year, but still lead the league.

61.Angels will have baseball's best outfield 

62.Matt Holliday only hits 24 HRs and drives in 92 RBIs in Oakland.  

63.Giambi's BA hovers around .250 again 

64.Sean Gallagher leads the team in Ks and Wins. 

65.Erik Bedard makes 20 starts...  

66....making me regret having him on my fantasy squad for the 3rd straight year 

67. Ichiro gets his 2,000 hit in August

68.Griffey hits 20 HRs for his former team

69. The Nationals won't have the worst record in baseball again...

70. ...the Pirates will

71. John Lannen does put together a nice year...and is their All Star representative

72.JJ Putz pitches better than K-Rod... 

73. ...but K-Rod stays the closer all year

74. Ryan Church continues the good season he had before the concussion.

75.Brad Lidge actually blows a save this year... 

76....actually blows at least 4 of them

77. Ryan Howard leads baseball in HRs

78. Dan Uggla doesn't get to be an All Star again...

79. ...and the NL breathes a sigh of relief

80. Hanley Ramirez goes 30-30 again

81. Jorge Campillo continues to  be underappreciated

82.Chipper Jones doesn't get over 400 ABs 

83.Casey Kotchman hits for new career highs in HRs, RBIs, and Rs

84.Cubs win a playoff game 

85....actually more than one (I'll get to that later) 

86.Alfonso Soriano doesn't spend any time on the DL... 

87....and because of this hits 40 HRs.

88.Clips of Milton Bradley/Lou Pinella tirade on an umpire lead Sportscenter that night 

89.Cardinals learn Khalil Greene isn't very good... 

90....but is still a huge upgrade over Cesar Izturis 

91.Albert Pujols continues to be the best player in baseball. 

92.Chris Carpenter makes more starts than he has the last two years... 

93....but that's not saying much. He still is hurt for the majority of the year. 

94.Jason Kendall does not lead the league in Caught Stealing again (How the hell did that happen in the first place)

95....and he won't hit over .250 for the 3rd straight year 

96.Carlos Villanueva impresses...and becomes thus year's Soloman Torres. 

97.Brandon Backe actually figures it out this year. 

98.Carlos Lee continues to strike fear into Cubs pitching... 

99....and lightening continues to strike fear into Lance Berkman   

100. Dusty Baker continues his destruction of Johnny Cueto and Aaron Harang

101.  Joey Votto hits over .300 with 30 HRs and 100+ RBIs...

102.  ...but Jay Bruce continues to struggle with his average, OBP, and strikeout totals.

103. Matt Capps becomes the hottest target at the trade deadline...

104.  ...and ends up a Ray

105.  Freddy Sanchez bounces back to hit .300 again

106.  Manny makes more defensive miscues than he hits HRs...

107. ...but he still hits a lot of HRs (36)

108.  Russell Martin gives up 4 times the number of steals than his own SBs

109.  Marc Reynolds and Ryan Howard have a midsummer chase...

110.  ...for the Strikeout Crown

111.  Brandon Webb wins 20 games again

112.  Jason Marquis wishes he was still a Cub...

113. his ERA approaches 5 in Coors

114.  Todd Helton returns to hitting 40 doubles a year

115.  Lincecum strikes out 270 batters

116.  Randy Johnson makes 26 starts...

117.  ...and Barry Zito makes 26 more starts than Giants fans want him too

118.  Chase Headley hits 21 HRs

119.  Mark Prior doesn't pitch an inning in the majors.

120. ...and hates teammate Brian Giles because of his brother

121.  Jake Peavy does not get traded.

122. Arizona Diamondbacks win the NL-West 

123. Dodgers 2nd

124. Giants 3rd 

125. Rockies 4th 

126. Padres 5th 

127. Cubs win the Central for the 3rd year in a row.

128. Cardinals 2nd 

129. Brewers 3rd 

130. Reds 4th 

131. Astros 5th

132. ...and once again the Pirates are bringing up the rear 

133. Phillies win the East 

134. Mets come in 2nd 

135. Braves 3rd 

136. Marlins 4th 

137. Nationals last again

138. Angels win the AL West 

139. Rangers 2nd 

140. A's 3rd 

141. Mariners 4th 

142. Twins win the Central

143. Indians 2nd

144. White Sox 3rd  

145. Royals 4th 

146. Tigers 5th 

147. Red Sox win the East 

148. Yankees 2nd 

149. Rays 3rd 

150. Blue Jays a distant 4th

151. Orioles last  

152. Mets win the NL Wildcard 

153. Yankees win the AL Wildcard 

154. Cubs beat the Mets in the NLDS 

155. Diamondbacks beat the Phillies in the NLDS 

156. Red Sox beat the Angels in the ALDS

157. Twins beat the Yankees in the ALDS 

158. Cubs beat the Diamondbacks in the NLCS 

159. Twins upset the Red Sox in the ALCS 

160. The World Series goes 6 games...

161. ...with the Cubs winning it all... 

162. ...and I get called a homer at least 15 times on this thread for predicting a Cubs WS title 




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Since: Sep 23, 2009
Posted on: October 1, 2009 4:57 pm

162 MLB Predictions 2009

You were dead on with some of the picks and so far off on some of the others, but overall I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed.  I think #56 and #57, #89, #109 were all pretty great.

Since: Apr 28, 2009
Posted on: July 23, 2009 11:28 pm
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Since: Aug 16, 2006
Posted on: May 6, 2009 12:19 am

162 MLB Predictions 2009

Wow, good stuff.  I'm totally with you on Brandon Backe.  He has pitched well through two minor league rehab starts, and should get a chacnce to start for Houston with the team struggling.  I want to know, what possessed you to predict, "Brandon Backe actually figures it out this year", though?  How does a Cub fan go about that prediction.  I'm not even going to call you a homer, since I like this post so much.  Though, not picking the Rays to make the playoffs is a big mistake... and I'm laughing over Teixiera winning the AL MVP. 

Since: Aug 24, 2006
Posted on: April 16, 2009 1:00 pm

162 MLB Predictions 2009

 Nice job.


47.Ozzie Guillen is suspended multiple games for a on-field and press conference tirade 




His team will do much better when he is not around.

Since: May 6, 2007
Posted on: April 10, 2009 1:44 am

162 MLB Predictions 2009


 You mean Yovani Gallardo's man



Since: Dec 26, 2006
Posted on: April 10, 2009 12:29 am

162 MLB Predictions 2009

 You are doing those this year right?

If i can find the time

Since: Dec 26, 2006
Posted on: April 10, 2009 12:20 am

162 MLB Predictions 2009

 Yeah, some love for my man!

You mean Yovani Gallardo's man

Since: May 6, 2007
Posted on: April 9, 2009 10:36 pm

162 MLB Predictions 2009

 The Cubs need to win a playoff game before they can win the WS. Baby steps. Maybe in 2012.... although I find the predictions for a 2012 apocalypse to be more likely.

94. does not lead the league in Caught Stealing again (How the hell did that happen in the first place)

'cause he's good?

96. impresses...and becomes thus year's Soloman TorresYeah, some love for my man!  




Since: Aug 28, 2006
Posted on: April 8, 2009 1:07 am

162 MLB Predictions 2009

Very good Donbe I don't think I have the time or even the baseball IQ to make 162 predictions on the season. I'm sure most of these will come true!!!!! I just hope the most important one does and that is the Cubs winning the world series!!!!!

Can't wait for your state of the Cubs reports!!!!!! You are doing those this year right?



Since: Sep 10, 2007
Posted on: April 5, 2009 4:44 am

162 MLB Predictions 2009

Looks pretty good to me! One thing i question is the Twins in the W.S., only because of their health, specifically Baker, Mauer, and the thin rotation. But its a long season an we'll see. See you at Wrigley when they win it.



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