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Bears Mock Draft #5

Posted on: February 26, 2008 12:09 pm
Edited on: February 26, 2008 12:10 pm

Assumptions -

Bears get Max Starks or Flozell Adams, reisgn Lance Briggs, let Bernard Berrian go to free agency, sign Jake Scott or Floyd Womack, cut Brian Griese, and sign Bryant Johnson or Andre Davis.

1. Rashard Mendenhall (RB-IL) - If the Bears want a QB in the draft, it will have to happen in this round. Chances are the Bears won't do that given the remarkable duds they've drafted in the first round in previous drafts (Cade McNown, trading a first round for Rick Mirer). Mendenhall is someone who could help the Bears right now and a one two punch of Mendenhall and Cedric Benson will be a tough one. Given the fact that the starting OL wil be better than the previous year (Starks/Adams, Roberto Garza, Olin Kruetz, Scott/Womack, and John Tait) the running gme should see a huge jump in productivity.

2. Gosder Cherilus (OT - BC) - The Bears could easily go with a WR like Earl Doucet, Mario Manningham, Andre Caldwell, or Limas Sweed, last year showed the Bears you can never have enough oline talent. If Lance Briggs leaves Chicago, then Ali Highsmith could be a good pick here.

3. Marcus Griffin (FS - Texas) - Last year also showed the Bears that they better be prepared for injuries in the secondary. I personally believe that Marcus Griffin could be better than his brother Michael Griffin.

3.  Jamar Adams (SS - Michigan) - Adam Archuleta is a glorified special teamer. Brandon McGowan is solid but depth needs to be added.

4. Steve Justice (C - Wake Forest) - Might as well get Olin Kreutz's replacement ready. He'll be 31 in June.

5. Colt Brennan (QB - Hawaii) - The Bears fanbase would throw  a French Revolution style revolt if we endured another year of Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, and Brian Griese. With the exrenrions of Rex and Orton, the writing is on the wall for Griese. The best QB and probably best player available at this point is Colt Brennan. That's not to say that the Bears can't just draft another one next year too.

6. Carlton Powell (DT - Virginia Tech) - Dusty Dvoracek, like Mike Brown, needs to stay healthy. Anthony Adams and Matt Toeina proved to be better than expected last year but with Darwin Walker out of the picture, the Bears need to add depth with the best available DT.

7. J Leman (ILB - Illinois) - He was wearing a walking cast during the combine which will afect his draft status. If he is still here, he will prove to be a steal, possibly the steal of the draft.


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Posted on: February 27, 2008 2:45 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

Yep.  Not a bad plan at all.  Championship teams are built through the draft.  The 2007 Giants are a good example. 

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 2:24 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

I agree. I know the Seahawks are eyeing Rashard Mendenhall  and he will probably be there when the Bears pick. If they can make a deal like that with the Seahawks, that will give them 2 picks in the second along with the two picks they already have in the third round.

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 1:51 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

The Seahawks might actually be willing to do that.  With their sudden need for a RB, they might be willing to make that trade with the Bears.  Then they can take Joe Flacco with pick #25 and still have two second round picks to fill their other needs. 

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 1:40 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

Thanks man I appreciate it!

I don't want the Bears to take Colt Brennan but if they want a QB in the later rounds I have a feeling he's going to be the best option.

I really hope Jow Flacco lands to them with the second pick.

Ideally I would like to see them trade the 14th overall pick to the Seahawks for their 25th overall pick and their second round. That would be pretty freaking awesome.

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Posted on: February 27, 2008 1:06 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

Hey, jiggadhu - this will be a pretty good draft for the Bears if they manage to land those picks.  Good luck, bud.  Congrats on getting to top 1K. 

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Posted on: February 26, 2008 11:39 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

Colt Brennan for better or for worse will be the only QB that I would be interested in that will fall to the Bears.

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention a better choice than Colt Brennan at QB that will be available in the 4th-6th Round range.  Kevin O'Connell.

O'Connell is 6'5, a big time arm, and has great speed.  The kid played in a smaller school, so he will have difficulty transitioning, but his upside is way higher than Brennan.  In no way do I want to draft Brennan.  Kevin O'Connell will be a stud a few years down the road.


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Posted on: February 26, 2008 11:34 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

I am sorry Jigadhu, but this is your worst Mock Draft yet.  I usually like what you put down, but there are a couple things that I disagree with.

1. The Bears should not 2 safeties.  We have a lot of safeties, none may be good, but all are better than Marcus Griffin and Jamar Adams (maybe not Adam Archuleta

2. COLT BRENNAN!  Are you kidding me!  Don't tell me you are jumping back on Brennan bandwagon again.  I really don't think he would be a good fit for the Bears, yet alone a good fit for most NFL teams.

3. WR isn't addressed enough.  We sign 1 FA, but with this good of a WR class, I think one of those safety picks should be a WR.

4. Max Starks is a RT and Gosder Cherilous is a RT.  Flozell is a LT, but he is ancient, and I don't want the Bears to sign him.  So LT is still a big question.

I do like the Rashard Mendenhall pick.  I love this kid, and I think he will become an Pro-Bowl player in no time.  But, I doubt the Bears will committ so much money to one position (Cedric Benson screws us in more way than one).

I appreciate the effort, but hopefully next week will bring forth a better Mock.



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Posted on: February 26, 2008 5:32 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

I plan on doing one every week, but with the risers and fallers at the combine it kind forced me to do two within three days.

Plus, yes I am bored at work.

Brandon McGowan is a RFA o if we lose him we could possibly get e first and third rounder for him.

There's always ways around the transition tag for Max Starks. Plus he doesn't have to sign the tender with the Steelers. if he doesn't, he becomes a free agent on Friday. Alan Faneca is too old and will cost too much money especially if JA resigns Tommie Harris like he says he is going to. I would be fine with Golderg, and I believe it was Locklear that resigned with the Seahawks.

I'm not against drafting OL in the first round, but free agency and the draft itself is loaded with quality OTs.

I do like Tom Zbikowski, a lot, but not in the third round. Besides we can draft both Marcus Griffin and Tommy. Marcus is a FS while Tommy's a SS and the Bears need both.

As far as the Center position goes, if we do draft one, it's gotta be Steve Justice. But yeah we do need to start adding younger talent to that position.

Colt Brennan for better or for worse will be the only QB that I would be interested in that will fall to the Bears. I can live with Colt Brennan in the 5th round.

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Posted on: February 26, 2008 3:34 pm

Bears Mock Draft #5

Just one quick question, how many of these do you plan to make?  You never struck me as bi-polar, so im going to assume youre really bored at work.  Kidding, looks good as always, and i dont mean to offend those who are bi-polar.

FA--first, Brandon McGowan is a FA and wanted to test the market, so like Cameron Worrell and Todd Johnson, i think hes as good as gone.  I stick by what i said with Indy's OL, they're probably going to match an offer to Scott, and he'll go back to Indy, unless another bonafied contender catches his eye.  I believe the transition tag was put on your OL man crush, Max Starx.......that and i think hes going to stay with the steelers.  You know i like Faneca and Adam Goldberg for FA OL.  I hope Briggs stays.  Womack just resigned with Seattle, or was that the other guy, Locklear?  Im for signing either reciever.

Draft looks a little seem avidly against drafting an OL in the first round, which i would prefer, pending who we sign in FA.  I dont think Gosder will be around in the second round.  ESPN reported from the combine that the Lions are huge on him, and are interested to draft him.  Im not sure why you like Marcus Griffen, but im sticking with the hometown kid Tommy Zbikowski.  Did c_shred make a case that Tommy is bad?  because he and i are sending private messages back and forth bantering who is the better between him and Craig Steltz.  Its in good fun but i digress.  The only way i say no to Tommy is if he takes boxing over the NFL.  What's with Jamar Adams?  Granted Michigan has made some top notch DBs in the past years, i stick with tommy z. 

I like Mendenhall, because he went to the Niles West HS, and i went to Notre Dame HS in Niles,  within a mile and a half of eachother, but we never played eachother.  But unless Benson or AP is cut or traded, no RB will be taken first round.  Im pretty sure a C wont be drafted anytime soon, because unless Patrick Mannely leaves, we have too many at the C position.  And if i recall, Manely is the long snapper, but hes also mid 30s, so i can and cant see it. 

Amen on Colt, i love the kid, and prefer him over Ainge and JD Booty.  Ainge had a sick Oline and RB, and JD Booty had the top offensive weapons in the country.  I want to see them make it with nothing.  I would get Colt's WR in Davonne Bess if hes in the draft, which i believe he is.  I hope youre right on J Leman.

FA--pick up Adam Goldberg, Alan Faneca, re-sign Briggs, lose Berrian, get Bryant or Andre ar WR. 

Ill change mine up a little.
2-WR  James Hardy or Devin Thomas(we need a taller, possession reciever without Moose)
3A-RB-Ray Rice or Mike Hart
3B-S-Tommy Zbikowski
4-WR Davonne Best
5-QB-Colt Brennan
6-another OL
7 J Leman

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