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Updated Mock Draft

Posted on: March 6, 2008 11:33 am

Okay to sum up so far the Bears have lost Brendon Ayanbadejo and Bernard Berrian. They have re-signed Lance Briggs and signed Marty Booker.

My prediction is that they will sign one offensive lineman probably Shane Olivea, Jake Scott, or Floyd Womack and call it is day.

Draft -

1. Kenny Phillips (FS - Miami) - The Bears clearly are not going to address the safety position in free agency. Phillips is the best avaiable safety in the draft and could make an immediate impact on a secondary unit that is shaky at best. Phillips could open the season as starter assuming the Bears move Mike Brown back to strong safety and Danieal Manning becomes a back up.

2. Gosder Cherilus - The Bears still need help at the oline even with a free agent acquisition. Gosder could still be around. If not look for them to take Baker, Collins, Nicks, or Cousins. They'll definately go with oline somewhere in the first two rounds. Too bad I'm going to have to return my Joe Flacco jersey cause he's not going to be there in the third.

3. Steve Justice (C - Wake Forrest) - The mistake the Bears made was too let their oline get too old before getting ready to replace them. While Olin Kreutz is still playing at a very high level, he can't have that much left in the tank. It's time to start grooming his replacement.

3. Heath Benedict (OG - Newberry) - He'll probably be the second gaurd that gets taken in the draft and will fall to the end of the third round. I'm not sure why Josh Beekman never got the opportunity to play last year because the Bears really should have seen what they had in him.

4. Michael Hart (RB - Michigan) - The Bears need legitimate competition at the RB position. He has great hands out of the backfield but is a bit undersized. He's bigger than Garrett Wolfe but two inches shorter and 20 pounds lighter than Cedric Benson. But Mike Hart will actually give you an effort and it's clear in today's NFL that you need a legitimate 1-2 punch at RB. Hopefully in next years draft the Bears can get the "1".

5. Adarius Bowman (WR - OK State) - At 6'4" 220 LBS, scouts say he's a good route runner, shows great open field acceleration, great body control, and most importantly is a hard worker in the offseason. The negative here is that he got busted at UNC for pot which is why he tranfered to OK State. Had to have lasik sugery to correct his 20/900 vision because he couldn't catch the deep ball very well. Scouts compare him to Braylon Edwards. Fastest time in the 40 at the combine was 4.55 seconds which isn't bad. I think he's the best WR on the board at this point.

6. Colt Brennan (QB - Hawaii) - A long time ago, I was a huge Colt Brennan fan. His numbers were flashy and he seemed to overcome his off the field issues. Then the Sugar Bowl happened. The the Senior Bowl. I started to look at other QBs and really liked Joe Flacco when he was a 3rd or 4th round prospect. Now that he's a high two or low one, the BEars have other needs. I think he can turn it around though. While he's not NFL ready he is a very accuarate passer, has great mobility, the ability to put on more wieght without losing speed (could take a couple of years but he won't be asked to play before that anyway), makes good pre-snap reads, can adjust to defensive coverage, quick decision maker, and has a quick relaease. The guy can't have 21 NCAA passing records and suck completely. Even if he does, we lose what, a 6th round pick? I'll take that chance. Depsite being in a spread offense foe his collegiate career he throws a great short to intermediate pass which is pretty much the Bears offense anyways. The biggest adjustment he will have to make is taking the ball from under center as opposed to in the shotgun but as I said earlier, as a 6th round pick, I'll take that chance.

7. Andre Flullen (DT - FSU) - Had a great Senior Bowl and at this point is the best DT left on the board.


I would also then invite Jeremy Leman to training camp.


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Posted on: March 9, 2008 9:43 am

Updated Mock Draft

with the addition of lloyd i don't see the bears taking a WR in round 1 and i also agree with wILbearfan that we won't take safety rond 1. really hoping its a nice long term solution at tackle taken in round 1. not sure about hart yet he seems like he may be a little banged up and didn't show any pace at combine(a samll consideration but one hat makes me more iffy on him)

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Posted on: March 7, 2008 12:05 pm

Updated Mock Draft

I like all the picks......but I don't think that the Bears will take a safety in the first round.  Brown, Manning, Payne, McGowan and Archuleta are all still on the roster.  If they couldn't cut dead weight by releasing Archuleta, then they must feel pretty good about that position.  I think that we will actully see Brown and Payne starting at FS and SS Week 1.  So barring injury we have depth (not quality, but depth) at safety.  I think that our first round pick will be reserved for an impact WR or a starting T.  I hope Hart is still available round 4 or we take the RB from Tulane or Central Florida with our extra 3rd round pick.

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Posted on: March 6, 2008 11:43 pm

Updated Mock Draft

 You're a tool for giving me 1 star on this.  All I did was make a suggestion about Booty.  Learn the site before you start being a douche.

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Posted on: March 6, 2008 9:21 pm

Updated Mock Draft

great idea, lets trade our first pick #14 to atlanta for their two seconds and their third round pick, this works for atlanta because they can take the best player at #3 and get their quarterback ay 14, it might still be ryan.  For ours bears we have three second and three third round picks.  Lets face it the bears have more duds in the first round than any other team, lets see salaam, enis, benson, the wide receiver from michigan david terrell and the def tackle from penn state  michael haynes not to mention cade mc nown.  Lets not waste our money on these stiffs, our best player is hester, a second round pick.  With the three second round picks we could get two great off linemen and a running back, in the third we can get a receiver, a quarterback like kentuckys woodson and a safety or def tackle, hell we could even get colt brennan in the fourth or fifth round    finally, lets no bet the farm on flacco, first of all he is two years older than most of these guys plus he could not beat out anyone at pitt and quit, so how good can he be, he reminds me of bobby douglas

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Posted on: March 6, 2008 3:38 pm

Updated Mock Draft

I agree with some of the guys you've talked about, but I MUST disagree over Colt Brennan.  He's too much of a gun slinger to be in our offense.  I think we need someone like John David Booty if we can.  I think he would fit the Bears system beautifully.  We'll just see what happens but great post like usual jigg.

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