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Super Bowl XLII Preview

Posted on: January 30, 2008 5:30 am
Giants vs Patriots - The biggest question going into Super Bowl XLII is weather Tom Brady will play or not? Just Kidding!!!! We all know that when the Patriots Offense take the field Sunday that Tom Brady will be leading the way. I think the Patriots need to keep on running the ball like they have been doing like  the other 2 Playoff Games, then pop a couple Play Action Passes on the Giants Defense. I see a big game for Patriots RB Laurence Maroney and the injured Tom Brady. I see either of those 2 players winning Super Bowl MVP Honors.

As for the Giants it all come down to turnovers, if the Giants do not turn the ball over they have a great shot of beating the Patriots. Will we see the Eli Manning we have been seeing in the 3 other Playoff games or will Bad Eli Manning show is ugly face in Super Bowl XLII? I hate to keep on bring this up, but it is like a Horror Movie you know the Monster is out there but, you do not know where he is going to pop up.

My pick

Patriots 28 Giants 17

My record for predicting games in the 2007 Playoffs stand at 6-4

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Posted on: January 31, 2008 3:09 pm

Super Bowl XLII Preview

Well, I said in another posting last night why the Patriots are probably going to lose. Now here me out, I'm saying this JUST because I'm a Colts fan, but because I'm seeing it from an N.F.L. fan view.

I think that the Patriots are going to lose because of all the pressure on them. Yes, the Giants have pressure on them to win the super bowl, but the Patriots have to stay undefeated or sports channels and sports talk radio stations will be talking about New England losing for a long time. I think that New York wins but I'm not big on predicting scores so I don't have one.

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