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Posted on: January 23, 2008 1:24 pm

Being a born and raised New Englander in the New York City metropolitan area is hard to begin with.  Good old Yankee Thrift is met with sneers and jeers.  Over-spending is expected and almost unavoidable.  Style over substance is the name of the game as well as a disdain for anything not "New York".  Companies will even market butter as New York's finest, favorite or original.  But I digress (for now).

But throw in the ferocious sports rivalries between New York and Boston, and you truly feel like your living behind enemy lines.  The 4 hour baseball games are torture enough, never mind the 20 hours of commentary until the next game.  In the land of 4 dedicated sports television channels and 2 dedicated sports radio stations with several other part-time ones, the homeristic (and I don't mean the Greek philosopher) blather from media and fan alike goes beyond propaganda.  Case in point, Yankee Stadium is the "House that Ruth Built"; the home of the Yankees who have the greatest tradition in all of sports; the greatest place in the country to watch a baseball game;  the championships; the tradition; the pride; the power; the pinstripes; the greatest place in the world for the greatest team in the world to play;  BUT WE'RE TEARING IT DOWN.

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