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A Christian's Testimony

Posted on: March 4, 2008 5:01 pm
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My name is Tony. I am 43 years old and married to the most wonderful woman for 17 years now. When I met her 18 years ago, I had just got out of the military. My wife and most of her family were of the Christian faith, I was raised Catholic and called myself a Christian. I thought I was! The first seven years or so of our marriage was very rocky (I do not know how my wife stayed with me). I was very foul mouthed, and listened to nothing but the hardest gangster rap that I could find. I disrespected my wife in MANY ways. Many ways! I am embarrassed and hurt at what I put her through. She stood beside me, as did her family. I drank a lot! Hung around with bad influential people! That eventually led me to drugs. Cocaine, and crank! started out small, and then increased dramatically, hiding money from my wife to support my habit. Freebasing (smoking crank)! Eventually I got to a point that I could not get the money any more, so I switched with guns blazing to alcohol (which I never had left, but was secondary to drugs). It got to where I drank every night, at least a 12pack, and I absolutely could not sleep with out it. I had insomnia, and very bad anxiety. My under arms would sweat profusely wetting all my shirts, and making me very self conscious. I could not go out to dinner, or shopping, or anything, because I would have very bad anxiety attacks and break out into a flushed sweat (even with my family). Meanwhile, my mother-in-law (Margie) unknown to me at the time, was diligently praying for me. Me and Margie were close, we had :(she passed away 6 years ago) a special bond (even though I was as far away from God as I could be). Margie, since the day that I met her was fighting Lupus. A nasty disease that attacks all the major organs. She lost her kidney, and had a transplant after years of dialysis, then that one began to fail. She was always sick, lost her hair, almost died numerous times. She spent a lot of time in the hospital. Never complained!! I was drawn to her because she was unlike anyone I had ever met. Full of Grace, humility, but above all Love. She radiated everywhere she went regardless of how she felt. One time in the hospital she got so bad .. so bad, that me and my wife went to church to ask the Lord for help, and we kept going as the Lord drew me (us) near. Remember, that I thought I was saved! I made my communion as a catholic and was baptized. I think I may have even raised my hand before to accept Jesus (It was not with a true heart-merely words). Then, I heard a sermon! The Pastor preached that the Lord was going to say to some of us there, on the day of judgement, to get away, he never knew me. Wow! I went home and called my mother-in-law (she finally was home) to ask what he meant? She could not answer, because she didn't know the context of how he had spoke it. I started to clean up my act .... slowwwly. So now I am a self proclaimed Christian doing good works. I still had the anxiety, and the Alcohol, and the insomnia. I wanted so bad to stop drinking, but I would go days without sleep if I did not get drunk. I prayed! I put on Christian music as I slept! I tried and tried. I was a mess! I almost gave up the whole Christian thing. I was doing everything I could do to get what Margie had. Peace! We started a bible study with mostly family (small). This is where the lord ministered to me. He took me to the passage that was bothering me.

Matthew 7:21-23   Jesus said- 21. "Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22. Many will say to me on that day, Lord, Lord did we not prophesy on your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? 23. Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!"

Shortly after I read this and the Lord opened my eyes and heart, alone in my home, I got on my knees and asked the Lord with a sincere heart to forgive me for my sins and to be the leader of my life. I chose to believe and trust Jesus. Wow! The Lord began to change me as the days went, and took away my anxiety and provided me with restful sleep without the aid of alcohol for the first time in years. HE CLEANED ME UP! He saved my marriage, and my health. Jesus gave me Peace! Peace found no where else!! Life is not always easy, but he never lets me down. What an awesome Savior! As soon as I stopped doing things myself and gave it to him, and made him 1ST in my life, he carried my burdens for me! Jesus Loves!

That's my short version and story! I would Love to have other Christians come into this Blog and give us your testimony, your story .

This BLOG is for testimony and Praise to God. Any negative comments or negative posts will be deleted.

Bless you all!!



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Allow me to introduce myself

Way to go , you've done  well ! Go to mass, pray and think,and great things will come your way.Keep the faith! Enyoy your summer  HAVE A BALL.

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Great way to stand up man. God will save the ones who allowed him to lead.

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Aboy4Christ: That's awesome; the Lord truly does great things. I go to church, and am involved in ministries, including door to door inviting. People get mad sometimes and slam the door, but we do it as unto the Lord; I'm sure people diss on you for this blog, but I think it's a great testimony. The whole world wants peace, yet they ignore and reject the Prince of Peace, the only one who can bring true peace.
I'm working toward being a Youth Pastor, as that is what God has laid on my heart.

It's not always easy sharing Jesus with others, I'll pray for you to continue to "be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might."

God Bless!!!

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Congratulations Aboy4christ! I am truly happy for you. It sounds like you were really messed up at one point in your life. Though I don't believe in gods, I'm glad you were able to find something you could believe in that helped you turn your life around.

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No one can refute your testimony. They might not like it, but that is the world we live in. Jesus is the only truth and answer on this planet.  If we don't live for Him, eternity will be a misery.  I also encourage anyone reading to just ask Jesus to show them if He is real.  I believe He will.  And your life will be better than you can imagine.  Not without tough times, but a peace and depth you were not aware were available.

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Great testimony dude, I am glad you shared!

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Hey that was a great story my history is close to yours. I have been healed of many addicts including alcohol, drugs and hurt issues from being abused as a child. I am a very strong woman today. Married( 13 years)  with 2 kids my husband put up with alot from me as well but I am very glad he stayed with me .We have a wonderful marriage. The Lord is goooood. So good. He changes lives. Thanks for you story God Bless     
   Matt. 9 12-13

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