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Texans vs. Cowboys, A Texas sized let down.

Posted on: August 25, 2008 6:56 pm
Edited on: August 25, 2008 7:10 pm

I was really looking forward to seeing a good showing from the Texans Friday night against the Cowboys in the pre-season "Govener's Cup" game.  I watched up to the point where Williams got injured. Then due to a malfunction of my comcastic remote a channel change occurred and when I got back to the game it was live in the second quarter and I had missed almost all of the rewound first quarter. So what I did get to see of the game was a huge disappointment as was missing the first quarter.

No sacks for Super Mario Williams I’m sad to say.  Mario’s lack of production wasn’t really all his fault. Not having much pressure on the other side from first rounder Amobi Okoye allowed the Cowboys line to double Mario all night. Despite the double team Mario was still able to get in there and disrupt plays and force a turnover.

The real dismal part of the game was watching Tony Romo dissect our secondary like he was George Clooney on an episode of ER. It didn’t help any that Fred Bennett was tackling like he was playing a pick-up game with the boys back home.   Jacques Reeves? Did anyone really expect him to play well? He’s a former Cowboy. If anyone knows his weakness it’s the Cowboys. I expected him to get targeted, and targeted a lot. They did and now we know why Dallas cut him. Case closed. He is yet another free agent bust for the Texans.   Oh, and there is one more free agent bust to add to the list, and that’s Philip Buchanon. Reeves stinks of Buchanon all day.

Not having Dunta Robinson is killing us. Not only is he a shut down corner but he plays with passion and a sense of urgency. He’s a wild man all over the place looking to lay the wood to someone. We need that kind of guy in our secondary and we need it in a bad way right now.

Offense looked terrible at first but then Schaub seemed to find a little rhythm.  (Is that how you spell rhythm?  The more I look at it, the more it looks wrong...) Steve Slaton looked good with the first team, and to a lesser extent so did Chris TaylorOwen Daniels will be a top five tight end this year.  Take it to the fantasy draft bank people, you can get him cheap.  Andre Johnson, looked uncomfortable.  I think he had maybe four passes or so thrown towards him but had no catches.  He wasn't in there long.  That's okay, we KNOW he can play.  Really it's not worth the risk.

Highlights: Kevin Walter, Steve Slaton, and Andre Davis on returns. Did I mention Steve Slaton was a highlight? Chris Taylor didn’t look that bad either. Slaton finished with 10 carries for 44 yards and Taylor finished with 11 carries for 47 yards. Slaton showed us something else you don’t see in the numbers….patience. He waited for his blockers and on one play turned a no gainer into positive yardage. Nice work.

Lowlights: The D, particularly the secondary. I would have liked to see Matt Schaub hook up with Andre Johnson for at least one catch. Jacoby Jones’ ball handling is terrible. He needs to fix it before he finds himself sitting with that Dante Culpepper guy looking for a team.  I remember thinking to myself that he should be on the sidelines holding a ball and team mates should walk by him and try and knock it out.  That's whay I'd do if I were his coach.  Then I saw an interview (which you can see here) where special teams coach Joe Marciano has made him do exactly that.  During the interview several players including DeMeco Ryans walked by and tried to knock the ball out.  Ryans was successful.    At least this shows me that the coaches don't really want to let this kid go.  He has talent he just needs to slow it down a bit and execute, and protect the friggin ball MAN!!!!

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