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Blog Entry

Tatum Bell a Texan?

Posted on: September 5, 2008 3:10 pm
Edited on: September 5, 2008 4:00 pm

Um…No!  No way no how!  Yes, I know Tatum Bell used to work under Kubiak when he coached for the Denver Broncos.  That only adds fuel to the rumor mill fire that Tatum Bell is the next Houston Texans runningback.  Get that cockamamie nonsense out of your head right now.

Yes, I also know that at one point the Texans were nothing more than a glue factory where old Broncos would go to finish out their careers.  This is not the case anymore.  I think we turned a corner when we didn't pick up Jake Plummer and opted for someone (Matt Schaub) with an actual future.  Kubiak and company have finally decided to look else where for their next free agent bust. 

Bust?  Yeah I said it.  Aside from the afore mentioned Schaub, look at the track record - Philip Buchanon, Rosevelt Colvin, Marcel Shipp, Samkon Gado, Jacques Reeves and Ahman Green.  What? You don’t think he’s a bust just yet?  1 year in to a 4 year deal they restructure his contract costing him millions not to mention we have yet to see him play a whole game in a Texans uniform.  He’s a bust, you know it, I know it, The Texans know it, and Green knows it.  Its just that no one is publicly admitting it yet.  We do NOT need to add Bell to that list. 

The rumor was that Tatum Bell grabbed some bags in Detroit and headed to Houston for a workout with his former coach.  Kubiak has disavowed any knowledge of said workout according to an article on

When asked about Bell working out, head coach Gary Kubiak laughed it off saying

“You know, that’s news to me to be honest with you,” Kubiak joked. “I saw before I came over to practice on TV that we were working him out. So, I guess I need to go check with somebody.”

“I know Tatum. I had him in Denver, but other than that, I know nothing about a workout.”

So, forget the thought that the Texans will be signing another free agent bust in Tatum “Tater-Salad” Bell.  Besides, Tater is too busy hocking Rudi Johnson’s crap to come work out for the Texans.  I hear the Bengals are interested in Bell but they have to wait and see if Bell is charged and convicted before making him an offer.  Anything less than a felony and you don't make the Bengals squad.

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