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Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

Posted on: September 8, 2008 3:30 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2008 3:53 pm

The Houston Texans took on the Pittsburg Steelers at Heinz field Sunday in game one of the 2008 regular season.  It's a good day for football!  Expectations are high, everyone is healthy.  Lets do this thing!!  The Texans started off good moving the ball from their own 21 to the Steelers 48.  It then came down to a fourth and one call.  Instead of punting they decide to go for it.  I liked the ballsy call by Gary Kubiak.  It showed guts, confidence in our offense, and a willingness to take risks.  Matt Schaub totes the rock on a sneak and gets the first…..or so we thought.

The referee signaled a first down for the Texans. HELL YEAH!! 
Then the line judge runs in to spot the ball and they have to call for a measurement.  Texans come up short. WHAT?! 

While head coach Gary Kubiak argues with the ref and challenges the call, I’m looking around for Ashton Kutcher and the MTV film crew.  Alas, there was no Ashton, just the Texans getting punk’d on national television by the refs.  Right then I felt a huge bubble burst.  It was my optimism for this game.  That one play was a momentum killer and the rest of the game was an all downhill embarrassment from there.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the refs for our loss.  We sucked, we executed poorly, and we got all around out-matched by the more prepared team.  I haven’t seen play this poor since the disappointing 2005 season when it was supposed be a turn around year. 

Matt Schaub ate turf like David Carr, getting up close and personal with Heinz field 5 times.  He threw at least two picks that were all on him and ill-advised at best. Troy Polamalu and Lamar Woodley send their thanks.

Don’t let the final score fool you…it was at least 35-3 when Mike Tomlin called in the scrubs to finish off what was left of the Texans.

Linebacker James Harrison had three sacks on Schaub reminding us that our left tackle, Duane Brown, is indeed a rookie who is still in need of a lot of work.  On one play Harrison beat Brown on the outside, got the sack, and forced a fumble.  At least Brown was somewhat in a position to redeem himself and recover the fumble….oh wait… got away from him…Steelers’ ball.

The Texans offense was stagnant totaling 75 yards on the ground.  Steve Slaton led the team with 43 of those yards.  Schaub finished 25 of 33 for 202 yards and two scores.  Most of that production came in the fourth quarter when the Steelers starters where on the sidelines deciding what club the post game celebration was going to be at.

You’d be hard pressed to find any positives in the total stomping that was this game. We couldn’t even get a decent return on special teams.  They covered us like a blanket. 

Gary Kubiak said it best when he said “We got manhandled.” 

N.D. Kalu said “We were totally dominated.  I just can’t figure out how we could be that bad.”

Somebody had better figure it out because the defense was horrid. Willie Parker ran free for 138 yards and three scores.  Big Ben Roethlisberger lit up our secondary for a couple scores, 137 yards and only missing one completion.  He completed 13 of 14 and was near perfection, and almost surgical.  

Texans DE Mario Williams was able to make a little noise notching two sacks and a forced fumble under his 2008 belt.  The fumble was recovered by DeMeco Ryans and returned for 41 yards resulting in a field goal for the Texans.

To sum it all up, it was a disgusting display.  We were out matched, out played, and mentally unprepared.  We looked like a freshmen college team out there and that’s just not going to cut it this league.  We have to find a way to right the ship at home against the Ravens because we have a run of tough inter-division games against the Titans, the Jaguars, and the Colts.  If we continue this kind of play we may find ourselves fighting for that number one draft spot again this season.  As much as I like a first overall pick, I’d much rather see a winning season.


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Posted on: September 10, 2008 10:56 am

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

Yeah, the loss isn't as damaging as it could have been with the Colts and the Jags took a loss to the Titans.  Then the Titans lose Young for a few weeks to injury.  I chaulked this loss to a total mental meltdown and therefore am not that worried about it.  I think had we brought our A game so to speak we could have made it a much closer game. 

I'm not even too worried about the Ravens defense.  Carson Palmer had a passer rating of like 35 something.  I think a lot of it had to do with the Bengals making the Ravens D look good.  The Bengals are a mess and I think that was a large part of what helped to make the Ravens look so good all around. 

Assuming the Texans can rebound and play to their potential on Sunday we should come away with a win at home.  However if they bring the same game they took to Pittsburg we will be looking at 0-2.  I think we will be fine though.

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Posted on: September 10, 2008 7:32 am

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

The way I see it is this:

The Pittsburgh Steelers showed the Houston Texans how far they have to go to get to that next level. I give all the credit to the Steelers in this game. Don't need to dwell on it too much and don't need to throw in the towel either as no one in the AFC South looked all that impressive in Week 1. The Colts got manhandled by the Bears and the Jaguars and Titans offenses both looked like Resistable Forces and Movable Objects. The Titnas defense was the most impressive unit to come out of the AFC South in Week 1.

What worries me more is the Ravens defense this week. They just decimated the Bengals offense in Week 1.

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Posted on: September 9, 2008 2:47 pm

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

On a serious note though, what are your thoughts on Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Ryan Fitzpatrick?  Isn't he the brother of one of the gay irish twins Patrick fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick?  okay, that was a stretch.  lol.

No really, I don't know much about him.  I remeber seeing him play with the Rams when Bulger got his bell rung.  He played well I thought.  He's currently with the Bungles I think.  If I had to choose, I'd probably take him over Cassel.  What I saw of Cassel in pre-season tells me he isn't going to get it done.  I've been wrong before, a lot.  Hell I thought the Texans would make it a game against the Steelers.  Look how THAT turned out.

Now Troy Brown, that's not a bad idea!  He can do it all!  

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Posted on: September 9, 2008 1:43 pm

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

I just re-read my post and I sound like English is my second language.  Jeesh, I'm still on too much Robitussin.

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Posted on: September 9, 2008 1:42 pm

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

I heard they were bringing in Chris Simms for a workout?  I still think they should bring in Dante Culpepper for a workout. 

Actually, Chris Simms and Tim Rattay were flown in by the Patriots with the thought of them having a workout and physical but at the last minute told them that "situation had changed".  Something
's up with them unless it's the obvious that they'll stick with Cassel and Kevin O'Connell.  Something tells me that it'll come out of left field.  LOL 

Thanks for the positive thoughts too, HomeSlice and the laugh on that list but whoever wrote it forgot TROY BROWN!  He'd be my #1 pick, for sure!  Mr. Patriot, himself.  

On a serious note though, what are your thoughts on Ryan Fitzpatrick?  

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Posted on: September 9, 2008 11:15 am

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

It was a painful game but Schaub still had a decent afternoon from a fantasy prospective.  The person I was playing had Eli Manning.  Eli got him 15 (We get points for completions) and Schaub got me 19.  I'm not too mad at him (Schaub) even though it was an ugly game to watch from a fans prospective.   Time to put this one behind us and look to next Sunday at home against the Ravens.  That's a game we MUST win.


My condolences on losing Tom Brady for the season.  I'm not writing the Pats off just yet.  They have won championships before without big name stars.  That's the whole thing about them.  They are a good TEAM and are not hung on one player.  Sure having Brady would make it easier but there are still a lot of stars on both sides of the ball who on any given sunday can be the difference in the game.  I heard they were bringing in Chris Simms for a workout?  I still think they should bring in Dante Culpepper for a workout.  Why not, if anyone can straighten him out it's the Pats coaching staff.  Then you got Moss there to make him look good again like he did in Minnesota.  I read a funny article when some blogger listed his potential candidates like this:

Dante Culpepper

Chris Simms

Jake Plummer

Tom Brady with one knee

Matt Cassel

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Posted on: September 8, 2008 7:09 pm

Texans: Punk'd in Pittsburg

I'm sorry for your loss, HomeSlice, as I was hoping it would be a great game and that Matt Schaub showed what he was made of.  If you don't want him, we'll take him.  LOL


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