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Fernly HS Football Player fakes scholarship

Posted on: February 11, 2008 4:43 pm
A Fernly, Nevada high school football player called a press conference and announced during an all school assembly that he was signing a scholarship and letter of intent to go to Cal...   How did his coach NOT know this was a fraud??  Unbelievable....  there are also reports of fake letters going out to kids when there is no offer... crazy things happening since television has decided to televise national signing day!!!  I kid you not!
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Posted on: September 6, 2008 4:23 pm

Fernly HS Football Player fakes scholarship

There is definitely a problem when ESPN is televising high school football games and the McDonalds All American High School Basketball tournament is newsworthy. High school sports getting this much attention is a shame. My wife's a middle school teacher, she teaches 8th grade math, and she has coaches coming up to her and asking if she can make kids eligible to play because they're helping the team. Helping the team? They're 13! I understand the money college football makes, and there's no denying professional athletes in the big four sports are on par with movie stars, but high school?

This is a great idea for a blog. I'll be following!

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