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Chargers season

Posted on: September 14, 2008 8:52 pm
Now that the Chargers' season is officially over, what should the Spanos family do with the laughingstock GM A.J. Smith and the lousy coaching staff?  Another week and another late game blunder by Norv Turnover and Ted "the best Offensive Coordinator any opposting team ever had" Cottrell.  What will be GM A.J. "I take credit for late GM John Butler's moves" Smith's excuse this year? It is a shame that the scouting dept Butler built and franchise players that Butler drafted are being wasted with the pathetic coaches hired by Smith and his massive ego. It has become clear that Norv Turnover is the wrong person to be coaching this team and they need to give Bill Cowher a call and give him total control of the franchise.
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Posted on: September 15, 2008 1:12 am
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Chargers season

Tell us how you really feel Diana...Tough loss today.  Leave it to Ed Hercules to blow a critical call, he is such a moron.

First, could not agree more about AJ Smith.  He is pathetic and he let his overblown ego cause him to let go of a terrific coach in Marty Shottenheimer.  I know, I know, he never won the big one.  Still, you wonder if they would have with him leading the team instead of Norv Turner?  Turner just does not have what it takes to lead a team.  Bill Cowher?  As a Steeler die-hard, you will be hard pressed to find a better coach in all of sports, period.  One problem, if Smith is there, Cowher will not even consider the post, Marty S. is his best friend so you can forget it.  He would never work for that bum. 

Second, you could get Spanos to send you out to Pittsburgh and you could take it all in at a Steeler game.  You would never be the same and that would be it.  I have your ticket if Spanos agrees to it, thats a given..haha.

Dont get too down, Denver is hot but their D is horrible.  They might just plateau soon enough.  Wild Card in the AFC might have a 9 win team invited to the dance.  I see San Diego still as a 10 or 11 win team.  Its all good, keep your head up.  Now your beloved Yankees, different story.... 

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