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Fire A.J. Smith

Posted on: August 28, 2010 2:23 pm
This guy is a terrible GM.
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Posted on: September 11, 2010 4:38 pm

Fire A.J. Smith

I think Vincent Jackson is asking for too much $$ Gambino, and Marcus McNeil is also being a littkle unrealistic, but a LT should be getting paid well. WR's seem to be prima donnas, the next guy is always the greatest thing since toast. In general,  I don't get these guys, there may not even be football in 2011 and you want to negotiate a new contract?  What is 0% of anything?  Nothing that's what.   The Jets caved into Darrelle Revis, but Mike Tennanbaum is on this quest with Ryan to WIN NOW. They are trading away draft picks and bringing in high profile vets, just for this one big push. Teams like the Colts, Steelers, and Patriots draft players that will start in a year or two, or for depth.  The Patriots had some injuries in the secondary but there is an anomoly, not the norm, to have Devin McCourty starting as a rookie because Leigh Bodden went onto IR.

The Patriots tried the free agent approach and it did not work out as well as they predicted. They brought in Welker and Moss, great moves, but also brought in Adalius Thomas and Donte Stallworth, so you have mixed reivews.  But in recent years they have stock-piled picks and made some good choices in the draft, that is how you build a championship team that competes each year. The owners that throw around money for big names like Dan Synder and Al Davis, end up with crappy teams.

The Steelers have an interesting situation with LaMarr Woodley, he is one of the premier OLB's in the NFL and is just enterring his prime.  Kevin Colbert will offer him a fair contract, based on market value, the Steelers would like to keep the young man in Pittsburgh. However, they are not going to throw a huge bankroll at him because there are other stars on the team they need to keep. Everything is proportional and from what I read most of the Pittsburgh players like the Steeler winning system over the huge buck free agent gamble.  Who knows if you will ever sniff the Super Bowl again.  The current CBA is hindering the contract between management and Woodley because of his tenure, they cannot, under the current agreement, take care of him because of the CBA language for a RFA works against both parties. But.... he was in camp, and is not whining to the media. He will play out 2010 and then try and get a new deal, hopefully with the Steelers.

Jackson, McNeil, and Logan Mankins are being a bit unrealistic. It's the greed, the agents, and the egos getting in the way of sound judgement.  My concern, if I were a Chargers fan, is the absence of McNiel, your LT. As Phillip Rivers goes, so goes the Chargers and protecting his blind side is vital. Not sure what McNeil wants but AJ should be perhaps more flexible.  Again, the Jets were being held hostage by Revis, some GM's pay the ransom, AJ is playing poker. Good luck this year.

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