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B-B-B-Brett and the Jets

Posted on: August 7, 2008 7:51 am

I guess this move doesn't come as much of a shock since it was covered as heavily as the upcoming presidential election, but it still leaves many feeling lost.  The move of one of the greatest sports figures in history parallels similar career paths of Johnny Unitus, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, etc, etc, etc...  It still leaves me wondering a few things....

  • Is Aaron Rodgers really the guy in Green Bay?
  • Can we seriously believe he will duplicate anything similar to an aging Brett Favre?
  • Who will the pack take with their extra pick in the draft?
  • Did the Packers make the right move?
  • Can Brett Favre turn the Jets around?
  • Is there enough of a supporting cast for him to work his magic?
  • Is this move really even relevant to the NFL and its outcomes this season?

Here are my best answers to the questions posted above.

  1. No.  Aaron Rodgers is not the guy in the long run for the Packers
  2. No.  Brett Favre showed last year that the gun slinger still had some good seasons left in him.  I expect Rodgers to experience some growing pains this season.
  3. Assuming that Favre will play the required amount I would guess at least a second round pick is in order.  That could be a pick plus for the Pack next season.
  4. Yes.  It was time for the Pack and Favre to move on, the drama was seriously getting out of hand.  As a cubs fans i ranked the annoyance level as pretty darn close to ridiculous Brian Roberts off season trade rumors.
  5. I would guess that one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever suit up could almost turn any team around.
  6. Yes.  the Jets have two quality receivers in Cotchery and Coles, and should be able to establish a running attack with a hopefully reemergent Thomas Jones
  7. No. I doubt this move will have any serious impact on the league's outcome this season.  Both of these teams are probably looking at early playoff exits at the most. 

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Posted on: August 8, 2008 4:42 pm

B-B-B-Brett and the Jets

Are you kidding me? The patriots have the best front 3 in the NFL and they got younger at linebacker with Hobson and Mayo. They signed some veteran DB's and they have a focus on finishing this year. That was something that was sorely lacking this year. Brett Favre is so overrated it's just silly.

After all of this, what he put everybody through, it will be great to watch him come out and suck!! Remeber he's only had one good year in the last 10.

Since: Jan 22, 2008
Posted on: August 7, 2008 8:34 pm

B-B-B-Brett and the Jets

In order for the Patriots to eat Brett Favre alive there has to be a defense to get to him. The last I see out of the Patriots the defense is made up of the over the hill gang, social security participants and a few rookies that are just now figuring out the NFL is faster and better than they are.

So tell me, with the Jets adding many new veteran FAs and 1st round draft choices that actually can play what do you think?

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Posted on: August 7, 2008 3:18 pm

B-B-B-Brett and the Jets

I think Brett's flaws will be magnified in NY. The press treats him like Obama - never a bad word. But the reality is that he can blow up at anytime (especially overtime in the playoffs). The Patriots will eat him alive twice this year. It will be the morning of September 15 and Jet fans will be on WFAN asking Mike and the Mad Dog if there is a way for them to get Pennington back.

Jet Fans are smart they won't be duped by Brett like Green Bay fans were because Jet fans want wins not "grit".


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Posted on: August 7, 2008 7:59 am

B-B-B-Brett and the Jets

The Jets on paper look good, but I do not belive Brett Favre is the fit that they are looking for.

I enjoyed watching Brett play for the Packers but, here again I feel he should have stayed retired and let it just be.

He wants to play and I hope him the best and if the Jets can make it to the playoffs great, to make the Patriots look embarassed on there performance better, to get the Patriots to miss the playoffs and live another year of Spy Gate hararssment PRICELESS.  Why Brett did this is beyond me, but I just hope that the injury bug does not hit him hard and that his career is ended on a sour note.

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