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New Mock Draft 1st Round

Posted on: March 13, 2008 12:34 am

1. Dolphins- Sedrick Ellis- I still think Dorsey is a better talent, but injuries are becoming an issue. Ellis is about just as good. They are still going to get a game changing DT just with out the possible risk. Ellis is also a little better working out of the 3-4 wich we assume is what the Dolphins will be using.

2.Rams- Jake Long- As long as the Dolphins dont take him the Rams have to. They also need some help on the DL. But OL was their biggest problem last season. They need to fix that and Jake Long is as much of a sure thing there is in this draft. He will step in right away and make a difference.

3. Falcons- Matt Ryan- Some rumors have Flacco going ahead of Ryan. That is not going to happen. No matter what the Falcons do with this pick they will have to rebuild for a couple seasons. They need to start off with a solid QB thats not going to screw them in the end.

4. Raiders- Chris Long- Its really a toss up at this point between Dorsey and Long. Long and Dorsey are sure things in my mind. Dorsey just has a bit of an injury problem. And plus as we all know Chris' dad was a HOF DE for them. I cant see them passing him up.

5. Chiefs- They trade the pick.Cincinatti trades up and draft McFadden. Call me crazy if you will. I know Cincy needs help more on defense, but they are a contender right now. Rudi Johnson looks like hes slipping. McFadden puts them over the top.

6. Jets- Glen Dorsey- They were hoping that nobody traded up but Cincy did and they cant get McFadden anymore. So they are still drooling over the fact that possibly the best DL in the draft is still there. They cant pass him up. I dont care what their DT position looks like, Dorsey is too good to pass up at 6

7. Patriots- Dominique Rodgers Cromartie- I still think drafting Keith Rivers would be the better move, but they need another CB. Cromartie is flying up draft boards. NE needs to replace Samuel. Cromartie is an emense talent and will blossom in Belichecks system wich seems to produce All-Pro CBs at a scary pace.

8. Ravens- Ryan Clady- The biggest issue was the OL. QB is another issue as well, but they have a few young options they can go with instead of drafting another 1st rounder. Clady is a safe pick and fills a huge need for the Ravens.

9. Chiefs- Chris Williams- They were hoping to get Clady here but Baltimore wasnt letting him fall. So they get Williams instead. Not bad. He will be a solid OL for years to come. They fll a big need. And in the process grab a couple more picks from the Bengals and continue with the rebuilding process.

10. Saints- Leodis McLevin- The biggest concern is the secondary. Leodis McKelvin is still a little unproven, but he had a very good combine, and he adds an electrifying return game to the mix. The Saints cant pass him up.

11. Bills- Vernon Gholston- They are shocked that he fell here. But nobody really needed a DE/LB that bad in the 1st 10 picks. The Bills have a few concerns. They could use help on the OL but nobody sticks out right now. Gholston is a hybrid. He is a phenomenal pass rusher. And will bring a missing piece to the Bills defense.

12. Broncos- Malcom Kelly- They let Walker go. Cutler is still growing he needs some more people to throw to other than Marshall. Kelly is the top WR in this class. He is almost a carbon copy of Marshall, w/o the run blocking skills. But he should help a growing Cutler turn into a Pro Bowl QB.

13. Panthers- Keith Rivers- They let Morgan go because of injury concerns still. Other than him they didnt have many solid LBs. Rivers has proven himself. It may take him awhile to adapt but eventually he will get it. They have some other pressing issues, but at this point you have to take the best player on the board.

14. Bears- Jeff Otah- We need OL. Angelo has done nothing to bring a solid OL in via FA. The line isnt going to get fixed through the draft. He needs to sign somebody. And no matter what OL is here we almost need to take them. Its going to be a sad season.

15. Lions- Phillip Merling- He is flying up draft boards. Hes no Gaines Adams, but hes still very good. The Lions need help all over the defense. I know they just signed Dwayne White last year, but it never hurts to get deep. As long as they dont draft a WR they should be okay.

16. Cardinals- Jonathan Stewart- Edge is not the same runner he was 3 years ago. They need somebody that is going to replace him. Stewart is the 2nd best RB in the draft. They have a little extra money after restructuring Fitz's contract. So it makes sense.

17. Vikings- Brian Brohm- Yes they have some more pressing issues in the secondary, but would you really trust Tavaris Jackson with a playoff potential team? I wouldnt. Brian Brohm is a pure passer and a game manager. He will keep the Vikings in games, as well as not throw costly INTs that take them out of games. Maybe we will see a Derek Anderson type reaction out of Jackson, but i doubt it.

18. Texans- Felix Jones- Despite some saying hes out of the 1st round, on talent alone hes at least the 3rd best RB in this class. Hes got a world of talent. Remember coming out of  H.S. he was rated higher than McFadden. Hes got blazing speed and will be a great RB for years to come. The Texans are only missing a steady running game on offense. This team could be sniffing playoffs if Jones produces.

19. Eagles- Devin Thomas- Ive heard things like the Eagles wont take a WR in the 1st round because they never have. Well what they have been doing hasnt been working. So its time for a change. Thomas needs to be coached up a little bit before he taps into his potential in the NFL. Eagles will have to be patient as it may take a month or two for him to get in rythm.

20. Buccaneers- Derrick Harvey- They really dont have many solid DEs anymore. A LB like Connor is also a possibility, but Harvey is a better player. This team will be even better this season.

21. Redskins- Mario Manningham- I stand by my 1st mock draft with this one. They still need another WR opposite Santana Moss. Manningham is going to be much more consistent than anybody else they have. Hes got the size, speed and hands to make him a top WR in a few years.

22. Cowboys- Dan Connor- When playng the 3-4 an abundance of LBs is a must. They have some solid ones. So here they beef up and add another solid one. Connor will be the next Penn St. LB to make it big in the pros. Its amazing how many LBs they produce.

23. Steelers- Aqib Talib- Hes just as talented as Cromartie and McKelvin. He just doesnt have the work ethic that those guys have. That will change when he comes to Pitt. His real talents will be brought out. With all the spread offenses we are seeing, having solid CBs is a must in todays game.

24. Titans- DeSean Jackson- Is there any question they need to draft a WR. VY has nobody to throw to. Yea Crumpler helps, but he hasnt been able to stay healthy so your not sure what you can get out of him. Jackson has blazing speed the things him and VY can do will become scary. He also adds more in the return game then they have.

25. Seahawks- Reshard Mendenhall- I thought they would try and trade up for McFadden, but they want to stick with Alexander for one more season. So they take a cheaper less talented route at getting a new RB. Mendenhall is still very good, just not McFadden good. He will add some relief to Alexander as well.

26. Jaguars- Mike Jenkins- After getting torched by Brady in the playoffs its clear they could use another CB. Mike Jenkins fell a bit because alot of the mid round teams didnt need a CB. But hes still a top 15 talent. And should help out right away in Jacksonville.

27. Chargers- Brendan Albert- Top G in this class. They could use some more protection for Rivers and LT. This team doesnt need much.

28. Cowboys- Limas Sweed- Patrick Crayton is an ok 2nd option. But they need somebody to take the double teams off of Owens. Crayton doesnt do that. Sweed has the size and speed to get it done. He will give Romo more options and hopefully help him avoid another 2nd half slump.

29. 49ers- Calais Campbell- They are hurting all over. Adding a solid pass rusher is a decent start. Getting rid of their 1st round pick was a mistake they clearly could use that pick now.

30. Packers- Sam Baker- With Favre leaving they need to give Aaron Rodgers as much time to throw as possible. Limit his mistakes. He will have a growing period. But adding more OL is a must. Baker is puzzling. Some have him as a high 1st rounder and some have him as a 2nd rounder. Hes somewhere in between to me.

31. Giants- Quentin Groves- They lost a few LBs. They cant pull a Bears and Steelers and not do anything to improve after a SB win or appearence. No matter what you do you need to improve every year other wise you will do what the Steelers and Bears did in their respective SB appearences.




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Posted on: March 31, 2008 2:03 am

New Mock Draft 1st Round

I agree with most of the picks even the trade between kc and cincy. however I think the Vikings are confident in Jackson and will go another way with their pick, and I think if Albert falls past the Steelers the Seahawks will take him. I love Gholston to the Bills, and Devin Thomas to the Eagles.

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Posted on: March 18, 2008 11:43 pm

New Mock Draft 1st Round

Bills will only two things:

1- Draft one of the top 11 players on the list that falls to them or trade down for a 1st and 2nd or 3rd. NO WAY they draft a WR at 11 slot. They have to extend evans and they are not going to tie up that much money in two WRs. They let a couple of FA WRs slip by because they wanted too much green.

Your pick I can see happenning if he drops to them.

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Posted on: March 18, 2008 12:30 am

New Mock Draft 1st Round

Its okay . Mendenhall is probabaly goin higher and i think he is better than Mcfadden but he will go lower in the Draft. Stewart is hurt so he's goin down. The cowboys dont need a Linebacker either. And Devin Thomas is a tad too early. But i dont know i might be wrong. After all Im just a 12 year old kid, but i know a lot about sports. one more thing , I Think Malcohm Kelly will go that early because of injury's and Limas Sweed will Go higher.

Go Chargers and Vikings

Go Oklahoma Sooners

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Posted on: March 17, 2008 8:52 pm

Fair Mock... some Errors:

Vernon Ghoulston could go as early as #4-5 and he certainly may go to the Raiders.

You're probably way off having Ghoulston going #12 to the Bills, IMO.  And, your definitely WAY OFF when you say that the top 11 teams don't really need much help from an edge rusher LB/DE.  Those guys are some of the most valuable players... Getting to the QB is so vital in the NFL.  Besides, with Vernon's freakish Combine #s sliding him up, he's a top 10 guy certainly.

The guy who has 3 OL going in the first 7 picks is a Fruit Loop.  He also called DeSean Jackson a bust.  He's only THE most electrifying WR in this draft class.  I'm sure he'll make enough plays to shatter that foolish 'bust' label.

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New Mock Draft 1st Round

I think you did a good job.  As with all mocks they are subjective to the time ther are done.  I would love to See Chris Long in a Raider uni.  I think the experts are minimizing our need there.  Just given that Tyler Brayton and Chris Clemmons are gone to new teams, and Tommy Kelly is going back to DT where he belongs that leaves us with 2 DE, Derrick Burgess a stud but getting older , and Jay Richardson a second year player, but still needs to grow.

If Chris Long is gone I think we will take Gholston.



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New Mock Draft 1st Round

Most people think Ted Thompson will draft a corner 1st round.  I don't think he will.  He will take who he thinks is the available player.  Not saying this will happen but if he thinks Chad Henne is the best player at 30 he will take him.  If the best player is a punter, he will take him.  The only way I would do my own mock draft is if it was my job.(Mel Kiper)  They are way too hard to predict.  With that said look for the packers to draft LB, OL, DL, DB.

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New Mock Draft 1st Round

YOU are way off onthe Ravens pick.  They took Jared Gaither in the 5th round of the supplemental draft LY.  If Gholston is there at 8 as you say, the Ravens will snatch him up.  I doubt he will fall to #8.  You said that the first 9 teams don't need a DE/LB.  WRONG!!  NE, BALT, CINCY are all in need of pass rush help.

Don't be surprised if Dorsey is the guy that drops.  Ryan would be another one to potentially drop.

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Posted on: March 15, 2008 1:29 pm

New Mock Draft 1st Round

there is no way that the cowboys draft a lb

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New Mock Draft 1st Round


Frank’s 2008 NFL Mock Draft
Update: 3/15/08
1st round
1)  MIA- Chris Long, DE, Virginia
;      Once again I start of by saying Miami will consider trading this pick. Glen Dorsey’s health has been a big question mark and how he will hold up in the N.F.L. is a concern. Bill Parcels has made great progress in stiffing up the D-line this offseason with additions Chris Long makes a stud DE to play against Jason Taylor and a revamped Dolphins team. Also the ‘fins must consider Matt Ryan but I believe that John Beck is truly a good QB that hasn’t had a team to shine around.
2)  STL- Glen Dorsey, DT, LSU
;      Now I know I said that Dorsey has dropped in his draft status but not that much. He’ll fall one spot to the Rams and quickly help put the run defense and pass-rush of the rams, and who knows maybe he’ll show the Dolphins they messed up.
3)  ATL- Jake Long, OT, Mich.
    While the Falcons need a franchise QB they have a more glaring need. While they could consider Matt Ryan with the 3rd over all pick they have no LT on there roster and as we have seen in past drafts franchises have usually take a lineman in the 1st rd. (i.e. Joe Thomas drafted instead of Brady Quinn by the Browns last year) There are other QB’s that Atlanta can find in the drafts later rounds. 
 4)  OAK- Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio St.
;      Now I know that the pass on McFadden is hard to understand but I truly believe that they have really strong plans for Justin Fargass. While Al Davis might have the temptation to take the speed home-run hitting RB they take the smarter pick. In my opinion Gholston has the most upside of any player in this years draft class and will make a great improvement for the Radiers.

 5)  KC- Ryan Clady, OT, BC
The Chiefs really have one glaring need for the 2008 NFL draft and that is O-line. The way to fix it is bring in a new wave of god young linemen. They would prefer to have Jake Long here but if he isn’t they will take the next best one in Clady who they could trade down to get. Not to mention what LJ does with a few good lineman for a change (i.e. Will Shields and Willie Roaf)

 6)  NYJ- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
;      Well he really just dropped into their laps here. I know that the Jets have invested money in Thomas Jones but they can’t pass up this playmaker in McFadden. I don’t think his off the field issues will be problem and the question mark about being an every down back can be taken away by a rotation with Thomas Jones.
7)  NE- Leodis McKlevin, CB, Troy
;  The Patriots lost a huge piece of there secondary in the ’08 offseason. After losing Gay and Sammuel they take what I see as the best CB in the draft and a player that can also help out in the return game.
 8)  BAL- Matt Ryan, QB, BC
;    The closest thing to a franchise QB as you can get in a rookie. The Ravens could get a QB this offseason but it looks like they are running out of options and if they don’t this is where they go.
9)   CIN- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC     &n
  This team is great on offense there real problem is there Defense, see their first game vs. the Browns. They get a great addition to the D-Line in Ellis.

 10)   NO- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, TSU
    DRC really came on after this Senior Bowl game and a great Combine. He has gotten some comparisons to his cousin and is soaring up draft boards. He is a great future playmaker and fills a need for the Saints.
 11)   BUF-  Limas Sweed, WR, Tex
;      The Bills need to establish a good WR core for young Trent Edwards. Now while questions about his wrist I still see him as the best WR in this years class.
12)  DEN- Keith Rivers, LB, USC
    While Denver is always a good rushing team they struggles in stopping it last year. Keith Rivers, known as the shark at USC, will provide a good sideline to sideline player.

 13)  CAR- Chris Williams, OT, Vandy
    Panthers tackle Travelle Wharton was brought back but it looks like he will move inside to play guard. This leaves a whole at LT where they will take the best LT on the board in Williams.
 14)   CHI Brain Brohm, QB, Louis.
    While the Bears have O-line issues they can’t afford to pass up a QB here. I know they also re-signed Grossman but that was only to a one year deal. They could draft Brohm and bring him in mid-season to take over for the future.
15)  DET-  Reshard Mendenhall, RB, ILL
;    After cutting Kevin Jones the Lions want to make it very clear that they want t fix the run game that hasn’t been right since the days of Barry Sanders.  They take the best back still on the
board at 15.

16)  ARZ- Aquib Talib, CB, Kansas
    With Antrel Rolle moving to safety the Cards have a whole at CB. While they might be able to trade for Lito Sheppard they will take the best CB available.
17)   MIN-Derick Harvey, DE, FL
    By signing Berrian the Vikes took care of a major problem in free agency. Now they address there other problem in pass rush with the stud out of Florida. 

 18)   HOU- Jeff Otah, OT, Pitt
    Another year and the Texans still have line trouble, surprise. They take the best tackle off the board in Otah.
19)  PHI- Kenny Phillips, S, Mia(FL)
    While the Eagles really want a Tackle to replace Thomas and Runyan there simply not a god enough one worth the #19 pick. The Eagles get the safety they wanted from last year when they missed out on in Brandon Merriweather. 

20)  TB-DeSean Jackson, WR, Cal.
    What he lacks in size he makes up for in speed. Jackson will provide a vertical threat, god return help, and a replacement or Joey Galloway. 

21)  WSH- Calais Campbell,  DE, Mia(FL)
;      The Redskins take a huge 6’8’’ DE out of Miami. He will help along side Andre Carter to give this team a pass rush.
22)  DAL- Devin Thomas, WR, MS
    The Cowboys need a weapon along side T.O. they get in Thomas.

23)  PIT- Branden Albert, OG, Virginia
;      Pittsburgh is in need of any and all good OL this offseason. I know that Big Ben asked for a tall reciver and Limas Sweed could fit the bill here but if they take him Ben will be sacked way to often to even get the ball to Sweed.

24)   TEN-Malcome Kelly, WR, Oak     &n
Vince Young gets first weapon.  Problems with his speed but still a great WR.

25)   SEA- Ghoster Chillerus, OT, BC
    Walter Jones is getting older and the Seahawks lock up his replacement here.

26)  JAC- Phillip Merling, DE, Clemson
;      A soild DE off the edge to give the Jags one of the best D-lines in all of football.
27)  SD- Jonathan Stewart, RB, Ore
    He takes a slide due to some FA signings and his toe but the Chargers go with the best player there that can take over for what Truner did.
28)  DAL- Felix Jones, RB, Ark.
    While trying to trade up the Cowboys steal in getting Jones at 28. And Jerry Jones gets his back after failing to get McFadden.

29)   SF- Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn
    After taking care of there WRs in FA the 49ers take a great pass rusher to play along side Justin Smith.
30)   GB- Mike Jenkins, CB, USF
;      While the Pack have a great starting two CB tandem they need depth and Jenkins provides it.
31)   NE- Forfeit, due to violation of league rules

32)   N YG – Dan Connor, LB, Penn. St.
;      In the playoffs depth at the LB position was lacking Connor fills the need. Also helps with there two LB losses in FA.

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Posted on: March 15, 2008 6:31 am

New Mock Draft 1st Round

I think your picks all make sense the only thing I have to say about the whole mock draft is that I don't see the Bengals trying to trade up to get a running back. They have Johnson, Watson, and Perry. Perry was a first round pick a couple years ago. He just needs to stay healthy and Watson looked decent in the time he played last season. And I disagree with Brohm landing in Minnesota. He will go to Chicago, New Orleans, or Tampa Bay

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