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Daytona 500

Posted on: January 31, 2008 5:32 am

Well the first race of the season is fast approaching, everyone place your picks now!

Who is going to take the first win of the season at the infamous Daytona 500?



Since: Jan 20, 2007
Posted on: January 31, 2008 10:12 pm

Daytona 500

I'd like to see someone who hasn't won at Daytona win it.  I know it won't happen but my "darkhorse" pick is Dave Blaney.  One of the usual suspects will win, I'm sure, such as Gordon, JJ, Jr., or Smoke.

Since: Dec 22, 2007
Posted on: January 31, 2008 10:00 pm

Daytona 500

Who cares, Nascar, is it still called Nascar? Car of tomorrow? Nextell cup? Nascar has slowly been killing itself, they made their big money, now there going off into CARTOON LAND ! When Dale Sr. died so did a big part of Winston Cup Racing, it will never be the same as far as I'm concerned. Why do they still say the drivers race a certain car, like Dodge, Ford, Chevy they are all template clones. Oh also when will Kia and Nissan be accepted in the Great American race circuit. LOL Nasc Nextell or whatever.......

Since: Mar 3, 2007
Posted on: January 31, 2008 8:52 pm

daytona 500

Matt Kenseth, he wants it most. Which might not be a good thing, he could wreck himself trying too hard. lol

Since: Jan 15, 2008
Posted on: January 31, 2008 5:57 pm

Daytona 500

As much as I do not want it to happen I think that Tony Stewart will once again prove that he can win in anything and take that Toyota to Victory Lane.

Sentimental Favorite -- Mark Martin

Since: Jan 22, 2008
Posted on: January 31, 2008 4:18 pm

Daytona 500

I have been waiting for this race since Junior announced he was going to Hendrick Motorsports. I would not be surprised if it is the 88 car in Victory Lane!

Since: Sep 4, 2006
Posted on: January 31, 2008 3:53 pm

Daytona 500

I just asked my trusty Magic 8-Ball if Dale Jr. was gonna win. . .Signs point to yes. . .

Since: Aug 20, 2007
Posted on: January 31, 2008 12:35 pm

Daytona 500

I"m gonna pick Jimmy Johnson 1st ... Earnhardt Jr 2nd ... Tony Stewart 3rd ... Mark Martin 4th... Kyle Bush or Kasey Kahne 5th....

I hope Kasey Kahne gets back on track this year... and as far as that rivalry goes...  even though those guys are on the same team now Im sure there will still be plenty of exciting racing between them... Johnson, Gordon and Jr are all winners and not one of them is satisfied with second place...  I remember last year several times when Jimmy and Jeff were banging into each other at the end of the race. Of course they help each other get to the front but neither driver gives the other any slack when it comes down to who's gonna cross that finish line first... Now theres another star on the team... it may just be alot more exciting then you think... 

My prediction  for this year... threepete....


Since: Dec 23, 2007
Posted on: January 31, 2008 12:10 pm

Daytona 500

Hoping for Junior in the Bud # 8 as usual... Oh wait he changed he is now the 88 with a potato chip on the side... change is heck in the nascar buz.... need to toss all the hats and t-shirts and start over...

what I want to see is Tony Stewarts brand new Toyota Camary take out 12 cars on lap 73. Then Kasey Kahne win the race...

Since: Aug 25, 2006
Posted on: January 31, 2008 11:45 am

Daytona 500

I will be pulling for Dale Jr. He is my favorite driver and he moved into a car that has had great success at the 500. I am just dissapointed that he is now teammates with Jimmy and Jeff. The rivarly between those 3 made for some really interesting races. Now they will be working together which is probably good for Jr but sucks for race drama.

Since: May 13, 2007
Posted on: January 31, 2008 11:33 am

Daytona 500

What up, Dawgie?!  I noticed you had a blog and I had to come check it out.  I don't know much about NASCAR but I can tell you a whole lot about the football.  Who's your pick for Sunday?

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