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Final 4

Posted on: April 2, 2008 7:34 pm

So Jayhawk fans... we got there.  Are you satisfied?  Are you happy that we made it for the first time since Kirk Hinrich and crew?  First time sine Roy?  I am very excited that we are going to be a part of the greatest FF in history.  The talent we are going to see on the floor in San Antonio is going to be one for the ages.  Our matchup with North Carolina and the boys in baby blue will be amazing.  How do you see the game taking shape?  Can our bigs keep Tyler under control?  Can we slow down Ty and the rest of the athletes on Carolina?  I will be honest, I am nervous!  I think however, this is our best matchup in the FF.  I am glad that we don't have to play both UCLA and Memphis... or UCLA and UNC.  I think we are going to play UNC close.  I think we are going to play the best we have played all year.  The pressure is off this team.  They got Coach Self to his first FF.  UNC is the favorite and we are not the team to beat in this tournament.  I think we are actually considered the weakest team left... and I like it.  For once, we are not the favorite... like we were against Syracuse and Carmelo Anthony.  I think the Jayhawks will respond and play amazing.  Looking at the matchup.. .I think our advantage is going to be Mario Chalmers.  He is the guy that I feel comfortable with in big games.  I think Russ and Sherron have their hands full with containing Ty and I think Mario will get a lot of open shots against the questionsable 'd' of UNC.  Hopefully our shots will fall (didn't in the Davidson game) and we win by a nose. 

What are your thoughts?


Since: Mar 16, 2008
Posted on: April 9, 2008 2:22 am

Final 4

Well my Hawk friends, we didn't only arrive, we kicked the door in at the Alamo. I hope we are able to pay and retain Coach Self, but I wouldn't get into a bidding war with T. Boone Pickens, it would be a big mistake, but at the same time, it is time for people to stop thinking KU is a program that you use as a launching pad, we are the cream of the crop. We are the kind of program coaches try to achieve, not a stepping stone. That may be good enough for UCLA, but KU deserves coaches that respect the Crimson and Blue, and recognize this is the Birthplace of most successful programs. From James Naismith to Bill Self we have only had 7 coaches. I personally hope we don't go on a streak of coaches, but again, I wouldn't get into a Bill Self auction.

Right now I want to fully soak this in, and regain my voice and hearing from Monday night at Allen Fieldhouse. What a year for Jayhawk Nation. I wouldn't want to call any other place my Alma Mater.

So what is the pulse on the Bill Self situation guys? This is my first blog reply of any kind, so I hope I'm not sidetracking anything, but I am curious about people's feelings about this issue.

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Posted on: April 3, 2008 10:53 am

Final 4

KU needs to beat UNC for so many reasons.  Validation, revenge, and to keep their coach just to name a few.  As much as I want to be wrong I just don't see it happening though.  I don't know what it is exactly, but I just don't see KU beating this UNC team.  Gosh I hope I am wrong.  Either way I think we get to see Roy cry.

To keep their coach is not really something that I would believe except I live in OK and that is all I hear about.  I have heard from some pretty connected people that Self is without a doubt the only guy that OSU wants.  It would be a shame if he left, but I have no idea what goes through the mind of these coaches.  I have been wrong too many times about who would be staying and who would be leaving that I choose not to speculate.

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Posted on: April 2, 2008 11:49 pm

Final 4

Yep, we are there. Rock Chalk Riverwalk Jayhawks! Am I satisfied? Heck no! I want us to win it all. I am very pleased though with Coach Self and the Jayhawks. You are right. The greatest Final Four in history with the first time all #1 seeds made it. I see a fast paced game early...maybe all the first half. Then UNC will try the half court game. They will will run and bang and then just bang. I pray the officials call it even in both halfs. Yes, our bigs can do enough on Psycho T. He'll likely still get a double-double. Our guards need to penetrate and lay it up or dish. I keep the inside out game. Has Hansborough ever fouled out? I think I've heard he's shot more free throws than anyone in the country. I've watched him play. He initiates contact and gets the calls all year despite what the Tarheel faithful say.  The pressure is off the Jayhawks. If our shots fall, especially the 3's, and we play our usual great defense and play inside out and hit the boards...the Hawks will win.  I like us as the underdogs too. Honestly? I sure want the Kansas Jayhawks to beat Roy's team. We have a great defense. Darrell and Darnell better bring their A game on. Sasha sure has and I'm sure he will. He's a gamer. Our guards better too. Mario, Brandon, Russ Rob and Sherron.  We are due to shoot well. Make the free throws. 20 years and do it again. Destiny. Our time it is. Rock Chalk Jayhawks Go KU!!!!

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