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Malware, Spyware and Trojans

Posted on: June 23, 2011 10:19 pm
Edited on: June 28, 2011 7:55 am
I am posting this article for those that do not know about this great Malware software. Over the years I have used many different types of software to guard my computers against malware, spyware, trojans and virus. Most all worked to an extent. I have been running Avast. It is a free virus, malware, spyware and trojan guard and remover. I have had Malwarebytes on my puter for a couple of years now. I only ran it maybe once a month or every two months. Well I was surfing the internet a couple weeks ago and all the sudden I could not get on the internet. When I tried a window popped up that said my system had been infected by malware and spyware.

The program that kept popping up was called Win7 Spyware Remover or something close to that. It some how got on my computer and took over it. I tried to bring up windows explorer folder. It would not let it come up. It said it was infected with spyware. I tried to bring up the task manager to see what process's was running. Ity would not come up. Said it was blocked from coming up because it had spyware in it. I tried to bring up my antivirus program. Same thing. It would not let it come up.

Well after trying several things, I right clicked on Malwarebytes. It said it could not come up. But it asked me if I wanted it to come up as an admintrator, I clicked yes. Ok it came up. I had it update the program. Then I told it ro run. It did! It started scanning the system.

Now for you that have not heard of Malwarebytes, spyware, trojan, malware and virus software. I have had trojans take over my computer before and I finally had to format it to fix it. And that is not fun losing everything on puter. So I was fully expecting to have to foramt and start over. But! When Malwarebytes finally finshed scanning the puter, It found 10 spywares and such in the registry and different areas of windows. It said to delete the spyware that it would have to reboot. Well as I said I have had to format before so I had nothing to lose. I told it to reboot. It did. When it came back up it deleted all the spyware from my puter. My puter was back to normal and I did not have to format.

How this program works is that during reboot, before they spyware files loads up, it deletes them all. Poof they are totally gone! I turned off my antivirus program. I turned on Malwarebytes to run and protect my computer all the time. I have had it block sites that may contain spware, malware or trojans. If you want a truely great  program to protect your computer from malware, spyware, trojans and other bad programs, then I highly recommend Malwarebytes.

Go to and do a search for Malwarebytes. I promise you will not be sorry. You can download the trial version. And then buy the full program. It is not very expenseive. It updates regularly in the back ground. It is not real memory hungry. This program works great. You want darn good protection? Get Malwarebytes!

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