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2008-2009 NFL Season Predictions

Posted on: September 5, 2008 12:28 am
Edited on: September 6, 2008 2:24 am
Well here we go folks the NFL season has begun and I have a few thoughts on how this season will go down as I assume all of you will. So here come my predictions feel free to give me thoughts and feelings on how my predictions look to you. Also feel free to post yours in the comments so I can see what your thinking. So here we go I will start with the division break downs.

AFC East

New England Patriots 14-2- The Patriots are still going to be solid this year for sure. They aren't going to run the table like last season, but they should be able to win a lot of games still and easily still win this division even with the arrival of Favre. There biggest weakness will be in there line backer and defensive back corps if that can work itself out they may just complete what they didn't do last year and that is win the Super Bowl.

New York Jets 10-6*- Laugh if you want, but I really love the Jets chances. Brett Favre is going to prove all the doubters once again wrong by having another big time year. I see at least 3500 passing yards, and 20+ TD's. There schedule is very winnable which will also help them in the race for the playoffs. Brett Favre will energize this team to nab the final wild card spot.

Buffalo Bills 7-9- I'm not buying the Bills even though I think they will be a tough team this year for anyone to face. I just don't know Dick Jauron is not a great coach either. I think there defense will have problems and they just play in a brutal AFC.

Miami Dolphis 3-13- Will things be better in Miami I think so. All they have to do is win a few games and they are technically better. However Bill Parcels is not a miracle worker and this team is still several years away from being a contender. They will take some steps up and fight hard though with many teams. 3 wins though would be my over and under.

AFC West

San Diego 13-3- Despite all their injuries and terrible start last season they overcame it to reach the AFC Title game and give the Patriots a game. If they stay healthy this team has all the goods to make a run at the Super Bowl. I like San Diego especially in this division they will be the class of it by far. A big key to watch is they get to face New England and the Colts both at home that could prove pivotal in the race for seedings.

Denver 7-9- It's time for the Rat Mike Shanahan to be gone what has he done with this team since Elway left? Bob Slowik as the new defense coordinator can he fix the defense I doubt it. I think the one shinning thing for Denver is Jay Cutler should be improved and I think he will have a nice season. However there defense will keep them from pushing for a playoff spot in the loaded AFC.

Kansas City 5-11- This team is still in a rebuild it will be a slow one at least it won't be as bad as the one the Dolphins are in. I question if Herm Edwards is the guy for the job though.

Oakland Raiders 2-14- Not sure how I came to this record for the Raiders. Will see I think they will be an improved team even though there record might not show it. D Mac should have a big rookie year and help take some pressure of JaMarcus Russell.

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts 13-3- Barring the injury to Peyton Manning is worse then expected or he misses time. This team will definitely be better this season. They had injuries to a plenty which hurt them last season. I think they will beat New England and San Diego this season which will help them get a bye from the first round.

Jacksonville Jaguars 12-4*- Don't sleep on this team it is in the upper echelon of the AFC. They are even better then some teams that are going to win their division. They will give the Colts a battle all year for that division. They meet in week 16 and I suspect that game may decide the division. Garrad is a solid QB he is a better QB then his numbers show often. I think Gregg Williams is an excellent hire at the D Coordinator.

Tennessee Titans 9-7- The Titans are a good team stuck in a brutal division. I look for LenDale White to have a break out season and be a big compliment to Vince Young who also needs to improve. The Titans will fight hard in this division, but there ultimately the third best team at best in the south.

Houston Texans 7-9- The Texans had a fine season last year and I think you can expect another nice year out of this team this season. I think Matt Schuab will improve this year and the Texans will fight hard. They may be a better team then that 8-8 team of last year, but I think they will find it harder to get to that record this year in this loaded division.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5- The Steelers are a solid team that has a good offense to go with a good defense. Not sure if there quite in the elite class of the AFC will see I hope so. Will see what Mendenhall can bring he needs to hang on to the football I don't think Tomlin will put up with fumbling. Big Ben will lead the Steelers to another AFC North title.

Cleveland Browns 9-7- They have not been impressive in the pre season, but that doesn't mean much. Will see about the Browns part of me thinks 2007 was a fluke. I do not think they are better then the Steelers and it really will come down to Derek Anderson. If Anderson doesn't perform well we may actually get a look at Brady Quinn. They will find it hard making the playoffs in the loaded AFC.

Baltimore Ravens 5-11- I can't really buy into the Ravens. This is a team that has QB issues and it's not like they have a great offense around that QB. They still have a very good defense which will keep them competitive at least.

Cincinnati Bengals 5-11- This team is all offense and no defense. It's amazing that Marvin Lewis hasn't gotten a solid defense there yet. I said that same thing about Tony Dungy for years in Indy until it actually happened. Can it happen in Cincinnati perhaps that's what there banking on.

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers- Well it was a nice year for Favre and the Jets, but it ends here as San Diego should be able to take care of the Jets at home in the playoffs by a final of 27-13.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers will be looking for revenge and I hope they can get it however not sure I'm sold on them being better then the Jaguars though. I think the Jags claw the Steelers(my favorite AFC team) again in the playoffs 17-13.

Divisional Round

Jacksonville Jaguars @ New England Patriots- Rematch of last year I think it will be another competitive game however I think the Patriots are still the better team as they prevail 30-24.

San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts- Another rematch the Colts get some revenge in the regular season by beating San Diego in San Diego. However San Diego beats the Colts again in the post season 31-17.

Championship Game

San Diego Chargers @ New England Patriots- I think a healthy Chargers team takes down the Patriots this time around in a classic battle I look for LT to be the difference as the Chargers win 23-20.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 12-4- I slightly question how I came to a 12-4 record for them I really think. They play in the toughest division in the NFC. That being said Dallas is stacked they have a great offense lead by Tony Romo. Felix Jones will be a nice addition to there team and should more then replace Julius Jones. They took steps to improve their defense in the off season. My biggest question with Dallas is Wade Phillips I don't think the guy is that good of a coach. I think with Jason Garret looking over his shoulder too only makes things worse for Dallas. Will see how Pac Man fits in too I hope he will be a cancer. Just don't give me the America's Team crap because no team that claims to be that would allow a guy like that on their team no matter how good he is.

New York Giants 11-5*- The Giants are going to be a solid team once again this year. I think their run last year will provide a great boost to them this season. Eli Manning has taken the next step and has become a great QB in this league. There defense should still be good enough even without Osi and Strahan. They will push the Cowboys hard for the division and should be able to split with them in the regular season.

Philadelphia Eagles 8-8- I like the Eagles chances this year of being a surprise team. Not quite sure if they will get it done as I project they will probably finish around .500 this season. They key will be McNabb staying healthy if he can the Eagles will be a team the Cowboys, Giants, or Redskins do not want to face. They wreck havoc at least with playoff teams even if they don't go to the playoffs themselves. The addition of Asante Samuel should help their defense.

Washington Redskins 8-8- Washington is an interesting team I could see them surprising as well that's why I think this division is so brutal. Will see can Jason Campbell take the next step and become a great QB that will really be the key to Washington's playoff hopes.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 11-5- I'm a big fan of the Saints chances this year last year was a fluke I think. I think Reggie Bush will be back to his old ways of making big plays. The addition of Jeremy Shockey will be a big addition and give the Saints a great tight end for once. The Saints have made some moves to improve that defense which is really the only thing that holds this team back.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7- The Bucs will probably be about the same team they where last year however if that is the case it won't be good enough to win there division this year. Tampa will have to rely on that defense in order to find there way back to the playoffs.

Carolina Panthers 7-9- While I like the Panthers I can't see this team improving too much. Jake Delhome is one of my favorite QB's in the league however you have to wonder if his days are done he isn't exactly some young kid. They are hoping Johnathan Stewart will be a great young addition to their team will see. Will see they certainly have a very tough finish to the season having to go to the Giants and the Saints the last two weeks of the season.

Atlanta Falcons 3-13- This team will be interesting I love the addition of Micheal Turner. The problem for them is Matt Ryan the rookie will be leading the team that can't be a great thing. The only good thing is he could turn into a great QB a few years down the line. It will be another tough year for Atlanta, but they will be interesting to watch. They are taking the right steps to be back among the NFC Elite again in a few years.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers 10-6- I think the Packers are going to surprise a lot of people. They will definitely not be quite as good as they were with Favre, but they may not have to be in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers if he stays healthy will have a solid year at the QB position probably throwing for over 3000 yards and 23-26 TD's. The Packers have the best receiving corps they have maybe ever had and one of the best in the league as a whole unit. Ryan Grant will be key early as we will need to run the ball this year to take pressure of Rodgers. I don't think that will be a problem as I really think Ryan Grant is on the verge of stardom and the Packers have encouraging backs behind him. The Packers defense will be the key it is going to have to be just as good as last year if not better if the Packers are to compete for a berth in the Super Bowl. The defense line and corner back positions are the areas of most concern. Also health will be huge as it is with any team. The Packers will sweep the Vikings though and take the division.

Minnesota Vikings 10-6*- There is far to much hype over this team. The Vikings should be a very good team this year however Super Bowl team? 13 win team like SI has them projected at? I will debate that. They certainly have two very good running backs. However I'm not sold on Tavaris Jackson he hasn't proven much in his short time starting. Plus the Vikings receiving corps is not something to write home about. Their defense is solid especially the run defense so that will help them. I think the Vikings will be strong this year and will give the Packers a hell of a battle for the division they will nab a wild card spot.

Chicago Bears 5-11- Where do you even start with the Bears there offense is anemic and probably will be for most of the year. They did finally make the right choice on the QB Kyle Orton is the best QB on that team. Will see they will need some strong play from there running backs now that they finally gave up on Cedric Benson also the right choice. There defense has been suspect in the pre season so will see. If there defense is not as good as it has been in years past they will struggle. They have made some right choices at least like I stated earlier. I'm also certain they will give the Packers fits.

Detroit Lions 3-13- They probably won't be that bad however there schedule is brutal and there just not that good of a team. I have never bought Jon Kitna the guy is all talk. However he is the only proven QB in our division now. That said the Lions and their fans are headed for another disappointing season.

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks 12-4- I think the Seahawks are going to be a very strong team this year they play in a crummy division which will only help them. There defense is strong and they have a great veteran QB leading the offense. The addition of Julius Jones will be huge and they will need to run the ball to be as good as I predicted. I think the Seahawks are a motivated team to as they want to send Holmgren out on a good note. Watch out for Thanksgiving the Birds visit Dallas and I get the feeling that game will be this years Dallas v Packers match up of last year. I had Seattle going into that game at 9-1 and Dallas at 8-2.

San Francisco 49ers 7-9- I think the 49ers will be a surprise team this year. They where really impressive in the pre season and I think JT O'Sulivian might just be good enough to make the Niners semi competitive. Mike Nolan is really coaching for his job too which you never know how that might effect things.

Arizona Cardinals 4-12- Maybe not that bad, but that's what I came out too. Kurt Warner beating out Matt Leinart does not bode well for this franchise future. I think Ken Wisenhunt was a good hire even though this record sounds crazy will see.

St. Louis Rams 4-12- This team is not really that good. Last year was no fluke they will be better, but not by much. Steven Jackson can not carry this team and Marc Bulger is overrated. The Rams defense is not something that will help them much either.

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints- The home field advantage will be big and the fact that New Orleans is just a better team. I think T Jack would struggle in his first playoff game and the Saints would be able to slow down AP at least a little. Saints roll to a 34-21 win.

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers- This will be another tough game for the Packers however I think they would have a lot of pride and be pumped to get some revenge. The Packers get some revenge with a 27-24 win on a Mason Crosby field goal.


Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys- The Packers never do well there maybe A Rod could change our fortunes who knows however you have to wonder can Tony Romo do it in the playoffs. The Cowboys will win this game, but it will be close Cowboys 24-21 as Romo gets his first playoff win.

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks- This would be an incredibly tough game for the Saints to win as the Seahawks have a major home advantage. I think this game will be a good one though and the Seahawks will squeak out a win 20-17.


Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys- Rematch of the huge Thanksgiving game I will be pulling hard for the Seahawks and Holmgren, but I think Dallas coming of the momentum of winning their first playoff game in years will win 33-27.

Super Bowl

San Diego Chargers v Dallas Cowboys- Should be a great Super Bowl as two great offenses go up against each other. LT leads the Chargers to the win and nabs the MVP in a high scoring fun affair. San Diego wins 38-31.

This should be a really fun year there is so much to look forward too. Brett Favre with the Jets will be something to keep an eye on. How Aaron Rodgers fairs for our Packers. It should just be a fun season as I think there will be lots of good games and match ups. There also should be some great playoff battles as I think both leagues are wide open. I think in the AFC there is 4 legit Super Bowl contenders. In the NFC it is really wide open I could see about 6-7 teams with a shot at the Super Bowl. I can't see any team in the NFC winning 13 games like the Pack and Boys did last year. So sit back and enjoy another great NFL season!!!!!!!!

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2008-2009 NFL Season Predictions

Wow I must have completely missed that I seem to remember it now thanks for making me aware of it again. Will see to me that is still a big question for the Cowboys plus there head coach is a concern I think. They are definitely a loaded and talented team. Also there division is so brutal will see I think 12 games is a slight stretch even, but that's what I came up with.

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2008-2009 NFL Season Predictions

a return to form for Rudi Johnson would do a lot for this team

Rudi isn't on the Bengals anymore, he is with the Lions.  Good predictions though, well done.  Most look good to me. 

Interesting fact here, Dallas has not won a playoff game since 1996.  Arizona has won a playoff game more recently than that.

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2008-2009 NFL Season Predictions

heres mine deedsy


1 Patriots

2. Bills

3. Jets

4. Dolphins

AFC North

1 Browns

2 Steelers

3. Bengals

4 Ravens

AFC South

1 Colts

2 Jaguars

3 Texans

4 Titans

AFC West

1 Chargers

2 Broncos

3 Chiefs

4 Raiders

NFC East

1 Giants

2 Cowboys

3 Eagles

4 Skins

NFC North

1 Vikings

2 Bears

3 Packers

4 Lions

NFC South

1 Saints

2 Buccaneers

3 Panthers

4 Falcons

NFC West

1 Seahawks

2 Rams

3 49ers

4 Cardinals

Wild Card Round


1 Bears at Giants

2 Eagles at Seahawks


1 Jags at San Diego

2 Steelers at Colts

Divisional round


1 Bears at Vikings

2 Seahawks at Saints


1 Jags at Patriots

2 Colts at Browns

Championship round


1 Vikings at Saints


1 Jags at Colts


Colts vs Saints- Saints win 42-35 OT

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