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NFL Playoff Predictions

Posted on: January 3, 2009 1:35 am
Playoffs? Playoffs? That's right the NFL Playoffs are here and their shaping up to be a good one so here is my prediction on how I see this thing going down.

AFC Wild Card

Colts @ Chargers- This is a rematch of a past Sunday Night Football game that came down to the wire. San Diego has been a thorn in the Colts side over the years and it took a late 3 for the Colts to win in the first meeting. I see another close game however I like the Colts to take the lead for a good right before the 2 minute mark on a Peyton Manning touchdown. Colts win 30-24

Ravens @ Dolphins- The Ravens beat the Dolphins earlier in the year in Miami. Bottom line both teams are playing flat out great football right now. I think the Ravens are the better team here though and I suspect their defense will be the difference as I expect they come up with a big play late in the game to help propel the Ravens to a 19-17 win.

AFC Divisional Round

Ravens @ Titans- This game has defensive showdown written all over it. I think ultimately the Titans have more play makers on offense and just have a better offense and a slightly better D possibly. Titans use the home field advantage as well and take down the Ravens in an all out physical war Titans 20-17.

Colts @ Steelers- Another rematch of a game from the regular season one in which saw the Colts upset Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh. The Colts are dangerous cause they are playing pretty good football. However if the Roethlisberger is healthy I feel Pittsburgh is the best team in the league due to their amazing defense. I think Pittsburgh pounds and grinds out a win against the Colts by a final of 23-16.

AFC Championship

Steelers @ Titans- Yet another rematch ever single game in the AFC Playoffs looks to be a rematch. The Titans took down Pittsburgh in week 16 in Tennessee for home field. Pittsburgh was coming off two huge emotional wins over Dallas and Baltimore so I say this time around the Titans won't have an advantage their. Look for Big Ben to take care of the ball better. Steelers take down the Titans and head to the Super Bowl on a late TD to Hines Ward for a 17-14 win.

NFC Wild Card

Atlanta @ Arizona- Arizona has not been playing good ball for quite awhile while the Falcons have been playing very good ball. The saving grace for Arizona is at home so that should help them keep it competitive however the Falcons are the better and hotter team here. Falcons win big 38-24. Look for Micheal Turner to have a monster game.

Eagles @ Vikings- The Eagles have played great ball over the last month or so to come back from the dead and make the playoffs. The Eagles are always a dangerous team in the playoffs and have an experience edge. The Vikings are living on a prayer if they really think Tarvaris Jackson can take them anywhere in the post season. Plus with that pin head of a coach who I'm certain will make a big mistake or two somewhere along the line. I will take the experienced team with a better QB and a better coach here. Eagles win 27-20.

NFC Divisonal

Atlanta @ Carolina- A rubber match between two teams that are playing very good football and division rivals at that. I like for the dynamic duo in the Carolina back field though to be the difference maker in this game. A more experienced Jake Delhome especially in the playoffs should help counter the sensational rookie Matt Ryan. Ultimately the home field advantage pays huge dividens too as the Panthers roll to the NFC Title game with a 34-24 victory.

Eagles @ Giants- Another rubber match  as you know one thing the Eagles will be very confident in their ability to knock of the Giants since they have just did it not too long ago up in the meadowlands. I look for this to be an all out physical war however I look for the Giants to force yet another week 16 rematch in the title games. Giants survive and beat the Eagles 20-13.

NFC Championship

Panthers @ Giants- Panthers change their luck just like Pittsburgh as this rematch goes the other way around just like the AFC Title game. I like for the Panthers to get a monster game from DeAngelo Williams again and this time they are able to hold of the Giants 33-27.

Super Bowl 43

Steelers v Panthers- Should be a great Super Bowl for me the Steelers have always been my favorite team not named the Packers and I really like the Panthers too so two teams I like. This Super Bowl should be fun and entertaining featuring the dynamic duo of the Panthers vs. the Steel curtain!!!!! Anyways I like the Steelers here in a thriller on a last second FG 24-21.

Now with that being said it will probably end up being Arizona and the Chargers in the Super Bowl!!!!!!!!! lol. 
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Posted on: February 1, 2009 1:54 am

NFL Playoff Predictions

Good call with Pittsburgh.  I picked them to win it all in a pool I did.  Hopefully in a few hours they take care of the Cards and I win some $$$.  I had them and Carolina.  I picked Arizona to win the first game but had them getting spanked by Carolina, (like everyone)

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Posted on: January 27, 2009 10:18 pm

NFL Playoff Predictions

Thanks for the comments guys I was right on Pittsburgh. Who woulda thunk Arizona though?

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 10:28 am

NFL Playoff Predictions

Good write up.  I do think the Giants will beat Carolina again to make it to the Super Bowl.  I believe the Giants offensive line will be the difference.  That line really makes the running attack go.  With the rinning game going, the time of possesion will make it difficult for the Panther's attack to get going.  The Giants defense, when limited to 25 minutes a game on the field is as good as there is in this league.  The running attack also opens up the Giants play action pass, which fits Eli's strong suit.  I see another war where the Giants win 28-17.

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 11:52 pm

NFL Playoff Predictions

Not too bad so far Deeds.

The entire public thought Atlanta would beat Arizona.  I cannot fault you there....But, Arizona despite looking horrible when they go east is a tough home team.

San Diego underachieves and has a very unlikeable team...but they OWN the Colts.  The colts are a better team..but matchups are funny like that sometimes. That was the easiest "upset" pick of all.  The Colts would probably have 3 rings if it were not for the Chargers.

The Ravens was the easiest pick of the week.

And Thanks for giving some love to my Eagles.


It seems like all of my favorite teams are doing well at the same time, sports nirvana......

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 4:17 pm

NFL Playoff Predictions

Nice write up deedsy, I am jazzed about the Chargers upseting the Colts and I even won a lunch bet on that one..Haha, I really felt that the Chargers were not going to be denied in that game.

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