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Big Win Saturday Big Game Monday!!!!

Posted on: May 25, 2009 7:53 pm
Alright I don't usually do this during the NBA Playoffs, but I think it is time for a blog entry just recapping Saturdays big win for our Lakers and the importance of tonights game.

What can I say about Saturday? Just a big win and a big bounce back after a tough loss in game two at home. As the Lakers snatched the home court back immediately like they needed to. I was very discouraged after the way the Nuggets closed out the third quarter and took a decent size lead to the fourth. That being said unlike the Nuggets the Lakers where able to hold their composure as demonstrated by the boneheaded technical by JR Smith after hitting the big three to close out that quarter. I kept saying to myself I hope this team makes them pay for their dumb technicals.

In the fourth quarter we all saw this Lakers teams great potential come to fuition again as they made the big comeback battling all the way back to eventually pull through in the fourth quarter. Pau Gasol hit a couple of huge turn around jump shots in a row that helped us keep pace with the Nuggets in that quarter in the late stages. I am just so tired of the Pau Gasol bashers out their without him these past two years we would not be where we have been. Certainly Pau has his weaknesses just like anybody else though. What Pau does bring to this team is heart, leadership, great passing, consistency and solid efficient offense. The guy simply put is solid and has been our best player next to Kobe Bryant all year. Thank you Pau for all that you do for this team because without you we would not have made it to the finals last year and without you this year we may not even have gotten much farther then the second round.
I also want to give a shout out to Trevor Ariza. This kid absolutely should be top priority to be resigned next season. His thoughness, heart, and determination have been just what the doctor has ordered for the Lakers since he came over early last season. Trevor appeared down and out late in the third with an injury. However he came back for the fourth and played big coming up with a huge steal that helped seal a victory. Simply put without this guy either we would not be where we are. Please resign him this offseason Lakers and make it priority number one. Odom may have more potential, but I think we all have learned that the only thing he is consistent about is being inconsistent. With Trevor Ariza you know you have a player who is going to bust his butt night in and night out for the team. I only see him getting better he is younger and I think hungier then Lamar.

Then of course how could I forget Kobe Bryant. He took us on his back and carried us the final few stretches in that game. Kobe Bryant shows once again why he is one of the all time greats. Just where he will end up on that list well that will be decided in the last 4-6 years of his career. Let's just enjoy the ride Lakers fans and lets hope he ends it in a Laker uniform and with a few more titles under his belt.

Now to the game tonight we have a big time opportunity to put Denver in an insurmountable hole. I just hope we see the dedicated tough Laker team tonight. Tonight is about hunger and this team should sense the opportunity and do their all to seize it. Play well and you just might come home with a win. Bottom line just play your best and give it your all if you lose a hard fought game I can live with it. Just don't lay an egg like you did twice in the Houston series because now certainly is not the time or place.

A few suggestions to Phil Jackson. I really have no clue what you are doing with Andrew Bynum? Please give this guy sometime especially in the big clutch situations. We are going to need this kid if we are going to win a title and he needs time Phil. Also my last suggestion to you is please sit Sasha. What has the guy done this year or in the previous years to garner this amount of time? I know last year he was money, but that was last year. The years before that the guy showed his real colors which he has shown all year long. Please play Brown or Farmar they have proven at least a few times in these playoffs that they can come up big.

Let's Go Lakers tonight!!!!!!!!
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Posted on: May 26, 2009 1:00 am

Big Win Saturday Big Game Monday!!!!

Kobe and Gasol the only two to show up tonight!!!! Disgusting!!!!!!

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