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2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

Posted on: October 27, 2009 1:04 pm
Well folks the NBA tips of tonight in what is sure to be another exciting season. Last season my Lakers proved to be the best and after an off season filled with big moves. The Lakers appear poised to grab another title however there are three teams out East that may have something to say about that. So here it is my division by division breakdown.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

(1) Boston Celtics 65-17
(7) Toronto Raptors 40-42
Philadelphia 76ers 37-45
New Jersey Nets 35-47
New York Knicks 29-53

Atlantic Analysis: The Celtics are clearly the class of this division. After a few though injuries that set them back last season they look ready for one last run at a title. The addition of Rasheed Wallace will probably help them, but bottom line is they need Kevin Garnett to stay healthy. You have to wonder too if he can since he is getting older and that was a major injury. Bottom line is this may be the last year for the Celtics current run you know they are going to try to make the most out of it. I like this Toronto team the addition of Hedo Turkugolu was an underrated addition. I think the Raptors could be a big surprise with young talents like Jose Calderon, Chris Bosh, and Andrea Bargnani leading the way. The sixers could really use Elton Brand to stay healthy if he can they may sneak back into the playoffs. If he can not stay healthy I can't see this team making it. I think the Nets could possibly improve I like some of their young talent especially Devin Harris. Who has really bollosmed into a great player. The Knicks are in for a long season as their fans hope and pray that LeBron James is on the way next season.

Central Divison

(3) Cleveland Cavaliers 61-21
(4) Chicago Bulls 43-39
Detroit Pistons 37-45
Milwaukee Bucks 36-46
Indiana Pacers 34-48

Central Analysis: Yet another division that has a clear cut winner this time to the Cavs. The Cavs definitely went out and improved themselves this season however the pressure on them is astronomical. The question is can Shaq deliver and make a big enough difference. I think Cleveland will be very hard pressed to match what they did last season at home only losing two games all season. They will lose at least 4-5 this year which they will not make up on the road. I see a better Cavs team just not record wise. The Chicago Bulls are my sleeper team sure they lost Ben Gordon, but they get Luol Deng back. Chicago has a ton of young talent that really exploded on to the scene when they took the Celts to 7 games in the first round last year. Derick Rose is a franchise player finally for Chicago and figures to keep the Bulls in the hunt for years to come. While Detroit went out and signed two pretty big free agents I am not so sure it will translate to more wins. It will be interesting to watch this once defensive minded team probably switch gears. I think the Bucks are getting a bad rap yes I did not like the Richard Jefferson trade, but Brandon Jennings should help things. I think the Bucks were very underappreciated last season as despite losing their two best players Redd and Bogut they still had a decent season. Them being back alone should help big time. Indiana is the Danny Granger show and they figure to be near the bottom of this division.

Southeast Division

(2) Orlando Magic 61-21
(5) Atlanta Hawks 43-39
(6) Miami Heat 42-40
(8) Washington Wizards 38-44
Charlotte Bobcats 29-53

Southeast Analysis: Again antoher division that has a clear cut favorite in the Magic. While I am not sure the Magic have upgraded may have even downgraded somewhat by swapping Turkoglu for Carter. However if Jameer Nelson stays healthy that will prove to make a difference and is why the Magic should win more games this season. The Magic have a great team that showed they have the ability to make it to the finals even with their 3 point shooting philosphy. They are also led by probably the most underrated coach in the league Stan Van Gundy. Atlanta Hawks will probably see a slight decrease in wins they figure to be right around the 4 or 5 mark in the East again this season. The question is can Atlanta take that next step. Miami has a pretty solid young nuceloues around one of the leagues best players Dwayne Wade. I look for Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago to battle it out all season to be the number 4 team in the East behind the big 3. Either of these teams could be a real darkhorse in the East if things break right. Washington Wizards figure to be much improved as they hope to have Gilbert Arenas healthy all season and Flip Saunders seems to be a great fit as head coach. Look for Washington to easily improve on the 19 games win total of last season. I will not buy a Larry Brown team anyday not sure where the Bobcats will be. I do know this I am sure they will give my Lakers a hell of a time in our two matchups with them.

Western Conference

Southwest Divison

(2) San Antonio Spurs 57-25
(4) Dallas Mavericks 53-29
(6) New Orleans Hornets 50-32
Houston Rockets 42-42
Memphis Grizzlies 20-62

Southwest Analysis: The Spurs moves this offseason are probably the most underrated of this offseason. The trade for Richard Jefferson was a real steal considering what they gave up. Add him into the mix with Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili makes for a very scary team. The question with the Spurs though is can they stay healthy. If they can stay healthy they are the only real challenge to the Lakers Western throne this season. The Mavericks figure to be improved I absolutely love the addition of Shawn Marion. The Matrix will provide a real boost to that club. Jason Kidd has one last good run in him and Dirk Howitzi is one of the more underrated players in the league. The Hornets were a real surprise drop off last season while I see them improving with the addition of Okafor for Chandler not so sure they will move up in the Western conference hierachy though. Houston figures to have a major drop off with Yao Ming's career in jeopardy their franchise could be in real turmoil too. While I love the addition of Ariza and think Trevor is going to help them greatly. Unforunately he can not make up for the loss of Artest either. Look for this undersized Houston squad to take a big step back. Memphis while maybe they will be better two other teams in their divison got better which will only push them back in the standings. Memphis is still clearly the worst team in this divison.

Northwest Divison

(3) Portland Trailblazers 56-26
(5) Denver Nuggets 51-31
(7) Utah Jazz 47-35
Oaklahoma City Thunder 25-67
Minnesota Timberwolves 19-63

Northwest Analysis: This is the only division that figures could be a toss up. While I think Portland is the class here and the third best team in the West. Portland has a slew of young talent and figures to be a great team in the future. With Greg Oden and Brandon Roy leading the way. Portland is a scary team with scary potential. I see Denver taking a step back I think last years run was impressive, but Denver figures to fade back a bit due to the additions by some of the other Western powers. Look for Carmello Anthony to have a huge year though and to push for the MVP award. Utah Jazz will be about the same team as last season they need to improve on the road if they want to move up in the West. While I love what the Thunder have brewing down in Oklahoma they still have a long ways to go. Look for another huge year out of Kevin Durant though. Minnesota while I think Kurt Rambis will do a good job their I just see a drop back in wins merely because the West is so though.

Pacific Divison

(1) Los Angeles Lakers 68-14
(8) Phoenix Suns 43-39
Golden State Warriors 26-56
Los Angles Clippers 23-59
Sacremento Kings 19-63

Pacific Analysis: The Lakers are the clear class of this divison, and really the entire league. While several feel Ron Artest could be a hindrance I say no way. Phil Jackson is our coach and he is a master at handling Ron Artest types see Dennis Rodman. Ron Artest will help a lot on the defensive side of things too. The key to the Lakers being pretty much unbeatable will be the play of Andrew Bynum. If Bynum dominates I don't see how anyone beats this team. The Suns figure to sneak back into the playoffs as they will probably somewhat benefit at least from trying to go back to their offensive ways. Golden State looks locked into the third spot in this division and doesn't figure to come close to the postseason. The Clippers may improve, but not sure I see it. Especially with Blake Griffin already hurt. Look for Sacremento to continue to be suckremento.

NBA Playoffs

Round 1
Boston over Washington in 5
Orlando over Toronto in 6
Cleveland over Miami in 6
Chicago over Atlanta in 6
Lakers over Suns in 4
Spurs over Jazz in 6
Trailblazers over Hornets in 6
Mavs over Nuggets in 7

Conference Semi Finals
Boston over Chicago in 6
Orlando over Cleveland in 7
Lakers over Mavs in 5
Spurs over Blazers in 7

Conference Finals
Boston over Orlando in 7
Lakers over Spurs in 5

NBA Finals
Lakers over Celtics in 6

Final Analysis: Lakers win back to back titles as the only thing I can see keeping this from happening will be health. The Lakers could really use Andrew Bynum to stay healthy all year. Bottom line though is the Lakers are so loaded with talent they may still win a title with little or nothing from some key guys.

Season Awards

MVP: Dwight Howard
ROY: Blake Griffin
Defensive: Dwight Howard
Most Improved: Andrew Bynum
6th man: Lamar Odom
Coach: Vinny Del Negro

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Posted on: May 29, 2010 4:40 am

2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

I am just one Laker win away from calling this Lakers v Boston finals match up at the beginning of the season it feels good!!!! Come on Lakers finish the job!!!!

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2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

Whoops thanks ergregious for those catches yea definitely typing errors!!! Thanks Jefe I kind of rushed this one it wasn't as neat as my one last year, but still pretty good.

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2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

Very good analysis. Typing errors only.
The total win /loss does not add up

Houston 42 42 ( I think you mean 42-40)
 Oaklahoma City 25 -67 ( I think you mean 25-57)

Win/loss still 1229- 1331

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2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

While I do agree on most of what you've said, I think the Celtics have the championship this year because if K. G. can stay healthy this year, and if no one else ends up sitting out the postseason, then Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers are going to have their hands full, not only with the 3-point game in Eddie House, and the breakthrough shots in Rajon Rondo, and the leadership roles of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, but with the addition of Rasheed, it's going to be very tough to defend a team with two of the biggest guys in the NBA.  I will say this though: even though I'm a Celtics fan, I can say that the Atlantic Division has gotten tougher, with N. J. adding a formiddible guard (I think) in Devin Harris (the guy's pretty big), and Toronto's huge acquistions, one of them being the Hedo that knocked the Celts' out last year with Orlando, and if the Celts' are plaqued with injuries again like they were into the middle of the season, then I can pretty much say that it's going to be very hard to beat the Lakers, and so they're going to be my second option if the Celts' don't make the finals.

EB Meles
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2009 2010 NBA Season Predictions

Wow Deedsy - this is really nice work!  Really well done.  I am in complete agreement on pretty much everything you put down.  Outstanding! Smile

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