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2010 2011 NBA Season Predictions

Posted on: October 26, 2010 11:10 pm
Well I have done this for 3 seasons straight so mine as well keep it up. Last year I called the Lakers Celtics finals match up with Lakers winning in 6 so I was pretty close on that one for sure. After an off season filled with the biggest story being the Miami Heat over and over again. We have the Lakers quietly sitting there as almost an after thought by most. However despite Miami's big moves LA made some more quiet yet equally as big moves in my view. So here we go with my predictions.
Eastern Conference 
Miami (1)
Orlando (2)
Boston (3)
Milwaukee (4)
Atlanta (5)
Chicago (6)
Charlotte (7)
Knicks (8)
Eastern Conference Analysis: The Heat should cruise through the regular season. This team is going to be tough to beat and unless they just aren't motivated or have major injuries I see them coming out with the best record in the league and somewhere between 61-66 wins. Orlando will be runners up and may get very close to 60 wins. I could easily see Boston sandbagging much of the year, but I think they will remain relatively healthy and win enough to get the third seed. I like the Jermaine O'Neal addition. The Bucks I think are one of the most underrated teams in the entire league. I don't think they have any chance at beating any of the top 3 teams in the East, but they are the next best. Atlanta to me didn't do much in the off season and I think they take a step back due to other teams improving and just getting better. Chicago has been one of the more underachieving teams over the years in the regular season. The last few years I have predicted them to finish higher then most people in the conference. This year I am being cautious. I don't love the addition of Boozer as I have always felt he is an overrated player. However Tom Thibodeau should do wonders for this team. As much as I hate Larry Brown he will guide the Bobcats back to the playoffs. The Knicks will sneak in with the final spot once they pull of a trade for Carmello Anthony at mid season. 
I see the Pistons, Nets, and Sixers as the teams that will just miss the playoffs. I see the worst teams as clearly the Raptors and Cavs the two teams that lost the most this off season.
Western Conference 
Lakers (1)
Oklahoma City (2)
Dallas (3)
Portland (4)
San Antonio (5)
Phoenix (6)
Houston (7)
Utah (8)
Western Conference Analysis: The Lakers are the clear cut favorites in the West and even if Kobe is limited I don't see them not finishing with the best record in the conference. However it will likely cost them a shot at the best record in the entire association. The Lakers simply put have vastly improved their bench which was close to non existent for much of last year. Oklahoma City I truly believe is ready to take that next step. Kevin Durant had a monster summer and I think it is KD's time. He will guide the Thunder to the second best record. Dallas is the prototypical regular season team. They seem to always do well and that will be the case this season again. Portland if they can stay healthy could finish anywhere from 2-4 in the conference I will say a few injuries here and there knock them to 4. San Antonio may be old, but I think they are still a good team and will find a way to get the 5 seed. Phoenix will take a step back as they lose Stoudamire who was overrated yet was still key to their team. I am not convinced that Turkoglu or Warrick are the answers. Houston will be the most improved with Yao back and healthy. The Jazz are an experienced and good team. I don't think they will miss Boozer that much and replacing him with Jefferson will allow them to make the playoffs yet again. Derron Williams is the best PG in the league and together with Sloan they will just get in. Unfortunately for them they will be facing LA again a team they just can't beat. 
I think the Hornets and Grizzlies will be the two teams that will just miss the playoffs. I give the Jazz the edge due to their head coach and their experience. Not sure who will be the worst team take your pick between the Wolves, Nuggets (if Melo leaves), Warriors, Kings, or Clips. 
First Round
Mia over NY in 5
Orl over Charlotte in 5
Bos over Chi in 7 (Thibodeau gives fits to his former team)
Mil over Atl in 7 (payback for Mil)
LA over Uta in 4
OKC over Hou in 7 (I think Ming could give fits to the Thunder's undersized front court)
Pho over Dal in 7 (Dal always chokes in the playoffs)
SA over Por in 7
First Round Analysis: Lakers, Orlando, and Miami should have no trouble with their match ups. Beyond that I see potential for 5 classic series in the other 5 match ups as I could see them all easily going 7. Should be an excellent first round!!!
Conference Semi Finals
Mia over Mil in 5
Bos over Orl in 6
LA over SA in 5
OKC over PHO in 6
Semi Finals Analysis: Overall I expect pretty one sided series. Boston/Orlando and OKC/PHO should be good series though. 
Conference Finals 
Mia over Bos in 7
LA over OKC in 6
Conference Finals Analysis: Should be two excellent series. I suspect the Miami Boston one to be a real classic with Miami winning a close one in game 7 as Boston's legs just get tired on the road in the 4th quarter. I suspect the Thunder will come very close to forcing a game 7, but will fall just short. 
NBA Finals
LA over Miami in 7
NBA Finals: I would love to pick against James again, but I just him finally getting the job done and getting back to the finals. That being said this series will be an absolute classic. It will come down to a game 7 on the road for LA and if any team is going to win a game 7 on the road it is the two time defending champions. Look for yet another classic that just might top last years classic 7 set with the Celtics. I just think in the end the Lakers size, the Lakers improved bench, and Kobe Bryant will be the difference that pushes LA over the top. 
Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant will be the MVP once again. I mean who else maybe Gasol could take it, but somehow I doubt it. Kobe is the man and will prove it again with another stellar finals. This time he will have a sensational game 7.
League Awards
MVP- Kevin Durant it is his time period. Kobe isn't going to go all out in the regular season so it won't be his and LeBron are you kidding me? I don't care what his stats are there is no way in hell you can convince me he is MVP of the league with the two other superstars he is playing with. He may be the best player (debatable) but this is Most Valuable not the best. 
Comeback Player- Yao he will be effective and lead the Rockets back to the post season. 
Coach- Scott Skiles underrated coach will finally get his pops as he leads Milwaukee to a huge 50+ win season.

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