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What Goes Around Comes Around!!!!!

Posted on: February 4, 2008 1:40 am

Wow what can I say about the Giants amazing win incredible!!!! The greatest upset ever in my book greater then Super Bowl 3 some how many years ago? This was an 18-0 Patriots team for crying out loud!!!!

So let me get to some thoughts first on the game itself.

Great job by the Giants to generate pressure on Brady he was feeling it and was affected by it. It reminded me of the Dallas game when they harrased Romo late in the game. Justin Tuck was a mad man all over the place.

The game was pretty boring the first 3 quarters I mean 7-3 with not a lot of excitement but then came the fourth quarter the huge reception to the TE got it rolling and it more then made up for the rest of the game.

Way to go Giants on being able to finish it off when I saw that ball in the air to a wide open Plaxico I jumped for joy!!! But honestly the play that I will never ever forget is the one where Mannning somehow came out of that crowd without a sack and then was able to get it to Tyree who makes a one handed helmet catch. That made me saw Holy Shit about 25 times amazing!!!

Patriots where left though with 30 seconds and 3 timeouts why don't you just keep throwing those slants to Welker that you where throwing all day and get yourselves in FG position or in position to go for the end zone. But whatever that was great anyways especially the sack when Brady hit the dirt i'm like there eat that!!!

Ok now to the 1 second deal. Personall I think they should of just ticked it off especially after Belicheat pretty much left the field forfeiting the game in my book!!!! Belicheck proved right there though just how unclassy he is and how he has transformed the Patriots organzation into that as well. He may have brought you 3 Super Bowl's but he is a cheating classless punk and leaving that game like that proves it!!!!

Great to see any team with Randy Moss go down and what about Brady now huh? Can we slow down now on the greatest QB talk!!!!???? Giants came in and dominated them on defense and did just enough on offense to win this game. It was perfect it was sweet WTG G Men!!!! 18-1 all that gets you now is the team that couldn't quite do it!!!

My condolences to all the classy Patriots fans out there because I know there are many. No condlences for the cocky Brady & Belicheck ass kissers like Sean Salsbury!!! And a big fat congrats to the G Men you guys deserved it beating my Packers in Lambeau was impressive but this was even more impressive!!!!

All I can say Patriots what goes around comes around and I think bad karma bit yea!!!

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