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2008 MLB Predictions!!!

Posted on: March 31, 2008 1:53 am

Well here we are a milestone year for my Cubbies it is the 100 year anniversary of our last title. Glad I have not been alive for many of them. But anyways I have this eerie feeling the Cubbies might just break this supposed curse and the championship streak on the 100 year anniversary season just seems too good of a story not to happen. Well anyways here are my predictions on how the MLB season will take shape!!!! I will start in the American League.

American League

AL East

1- Boston Red Soxs- Just too good top to bottom they have the confidence of winning the World Series. This team will be rock solid all year but it will be quite the battle with the Yankees.

2- New York Yankees- Joe Giradi will do great in his first year I think Giradi is the best thing since sliced bread. I wanted the Cubs to get this guy as manager but as it turns out we went with Lou instead not a bad decision either. Anyways the Yankees will battle Boston but in the end

3- Toronto Bluejays- They have two former Red Birds playing for them this season. If Rolen can stay healthy he may just do well there. However to think they are going to top Boston or New York is crazy. They will stay in the hunt until September but the Red Sox's and the Yankees are just too good and too well managed to finish behind this bunch.

4- Tampa Bay Rays- They are what they are usually annual celler dwellers well not anymore they are now annual close to celler dwellers. This team is better then the team that will finish last in this division.

5- Baltimore Orioles- Another losing season for the Orioles could they lose a 100 games? Stupid move hanging on to Roberts but that's Andy McPhail for you. I think they will be forced to pratically give him away come trade deadline time.

AL Central

1- Cleveland Indians- As long as the contract situation doesn't get to CC's head I think this team is still the class of this division. They have a solid offense and two stud legit pitchers heading that rotation in CC and Fausto.

2- Detriot Tigers- They and the Indians will be the only two competiting for the division this season. I think the Tigers certainly have all the tools to beat out the Indians. However the jury is still out on the D Train can his career be revived in Detriot. Miguel Cabrera is really going to help them a lot though. I say they are in a dog fight for this division as well as the wild card.

3- Chicago White Sux's- Only here because the two teams below them are not going to do any better. I do not think the White Sox's are better if at all another 80+ loss season may just be in the cards especially if the top two teams in this division can eat them up.

4- Minnesota Twins- I really have no clue what will happen with the Twins now that Johan and Torri are gone. They always seems to surprise me though but I don't see any suprising going on this season.

5- Kansas City Royals- Well at least I can say I like there stadium. I really love that whole waterfall thing they have out in centerfield it is pretty stinkin cool!!!

AL West

1- Seattle Mariners- This team is going to have some very nice pitching and the addition of Bedard only boosts that even more. The question will be there offense I think they will do enough though to win the division.

2- LA Angles- I think the injuries right now are what is going to cost them later on. They will put up a fight for this division but I think they fall short.

3- Texas- Don't really know anything about this team other then they should not challenge for the division crown much past August.

4- Oakland- Again really know nothing about them expect about the same as Texas

AL Playoffs

Cleveland Indians def New York Yankees in 5 games. Same opening round series as last season and I think it brings about same results. Great job by Joe Giradi though as he guides the Yankees to the wild card.

Boston Red Sox's def Seattle in 4 games. Well it was a nice season for the Mariners but they will be getting the Red Sox's unforunately for them.

Cleveland Indians def Boston Red Sox's in 6. This time the Indians do not grab a 3-1 lead but after Boston ties up the series at 2 a piece Cleveland sweeps two in a row to get some revenge and claim the AL pennant.

National League

National League East

1- New York Mets- Want to pick the Phillies here but I'm a big Johan fan and I think he will be the difference here along with the Mets better starting pitching.

2- Phildelphia Phillies- Great offense no doubt but I question the pitching still. They will be in an all out war with the Mets once again.

3- Atlanta Braves- Playing third fiddle again to the Mets and Phillies. I can see Atlanta finishing as high as second and as low as third it all really comes down to whether the Mets continue to play like they did at the end of the last season.

4- Washinton Nationals- The Nationals will be interesting to watch at least but to think they could topple any of the top 3 now that would be a big stretch!!!

5- Florida Marlins- Have they run out of fire sale luck after lucking out from the first fire sale. They will probably continue to give my Cubbies fits though unforunately. I wish they would lose a 100+ games!!!!

National League Central

1- Chicago Cubs- The Cubs will win the division I think we will stay realtively healthy this year. I look for a huge year out of Big Z possibly Cy Young winner. Kosuke Fukudome will be a major addition and should win the ROY. The Cubs are just a solid team all around and I think a better start to the season coupled with kicking the inconsistent play hopefully will equal winning this division by 5 or more games.

2- Milwaukee Brewers- Sorry Brewers fans I think you guys will keep it interesting but Ned Yost once again will be your demise. The Cubs have a major advantage in the managerial position. You won't be able to rely on having a big lead early this year too I think so it will be up to the Brewers to show they can not only do well in the first half but the second half too.

3- Cinci Reds- Will push the Brewers hard for second. Dusty always seems to do great his first year with teams after that all bets are off. Unless the Cubs get hit hard with injuries I can not see the Reds taking the division. They will be in the hunt until at least late August though probably.

4- St. Louis Cardinals- I would like to put them lower what did they do this offseason umm nothing besides swapping Rolen for Glaus not a huge upgrade and losing Edmonds and Eckstein. I will never count out the Cardinals though I have learned this through the years but they just look like there headed for a pretty bad year.

5- Houston Astros- All offense no pitching. Roy Oswalt is a stud obviously they just better hope he stays healthy not that he has healthy problems just saying if they where to lose him they could be competiting with the Pirates for last.

6- Pittsburgh Pirates- Staying in the celler as usual. Is there any hope in Pittsburgh for a turn around?

NL West (just want to say thoughest division around probably will be super fun to watch!!!)

1- Arizona Diamondbacks- I think this is a young team that should be even better this year. They might not win more games but they will likely be improved. I think Dan Haren helps them out too. They need more offense though if they get outscored as much as they did last season I don't think they will be able to survive it again. They could finish anywhere from first to fourth just like any of the top four teams in this division like I said it is absolutely loaded. Glad the Cubs aren't in this division.

2- LA Dodgers- I'm a big Torre fan and I think he will do very well in LA. I think he has LA in the hunt right up to the end what will happen can they win this division or at least the wild card we shall see? They have a lot of questions right now though.

3- Colorado Rockies- I think you could easisely put this team as the top team. They have a great offense the question is will the starting pitching do as well as last season. Your looking at a potential 90 win team though that could end up third.

4- San Diego Padres- Mark Prior yea right lol!!!! Where's the offense? You need some kind of offense to win in this league and they just don't have it they are relying on two many older players.

5- San Fransisco Giants- They are absolutely no threat to win the division but they could surprise a few people. They have some great young starting pitching in Lincecum and Cain that will at least make them competitive. The question is do they have enough offense just like the Pads I don't think so.

NL Playoffs

LA Dodgers def New York Mets in 4 I think Joe Torre works some magic in his first year as Dodgers manager not only does he get them to the post season but he also gets them to shock the Mets in the first round.

Chicago Cubs def Arizona Diamondbacks in 4 pay back is gonna be a major bitch for the D Backs.

Chicago Cubs def LA Dodgers in 6 the Torre magic ends as the Cubs take care of business and knock out the Dodgers.

World Series

Chicago Cubs def Cleveland Indians in 7 could be a really fun matchup especially if the pitching matchups could fall right where you could potentially have Z v CC and Lily v Fausto twice!!!! I hope CC and Fausto maybe have a flashback to last post season when they where less then steller. Cubs win a darmatic world series with Lily and Z pitching there asses off two win games 6 and 7 after being on the brink of elimination!!!

I know I'm being a homer but I just think there is going to be something magical about this season and that will be that the Cubs end there world series drought on the 100 year anniversary!!!

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Posted on: March 31, 2008 2:52 pm

2008 MLB Predictions!!!

I think you are pretty close, I would change a few things though.

The Royals, although not a contender yet, have done alot to improve their team. They have alot of young talent, and I believe they will climb out of the cellar this year. I like what they are doing with this team!

The Cardinals, I may be a homer, but they are a better team than last year. They quietly added Kyle Lohse to their rotation, along with Matt Clement. Clement won't be available right away, but if he, Chris Carpenter, and/or Marl Mulder can return to a shadow of their pre-injury selves, we will be a pretty good team. Young hitters like Rasmuss, Scumacher, Ankiel, and Duncan, to compliment Pujols, and Glauss leaves us with a tremendous up side.

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Posted on: March 31, 2008 11:25 am

2008 MLB Predictions!!!

Ah... I noticed that people have been ranking the Twins fourth.

The ESPN Mag and SI both ranked them 5th... I dont get it..

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Posted on: March 31, 2008 2:08 am

2008 MLB Predictions!!!

After watching the Nationals against the Brave tonight in their new park it struck me that the Nationals have a lot more heart than talent. They really are not a very good team....

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