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NBA Playoffs Predictions

Posted on: April 19, 2008 12:26 pm
Well here we are the NBA Playoffs have begun and it is time for some fun!!!!! It is time for me to rack my brain and figure out just exactly what is going to happen in the NBA Playoffs this year!!!!!! Let's start in the Leastern conference!!!!

Eastern Conference 1st round

Celtics sweep the Hawks I just smell as sweep on this one!!!! The Hawks have had a decent year but this is the C's we are talking about. A team who I saw in person on my trip to Atlanta just a week ago defeat the Hawks team without even playing KG, and some others in the fourth. I hope for the Hawks sake they can pull out one win in there home.

Cavs defeat Wizards in 7 I sure hope it is the other way around but my guess is LBJ and co. find a way to get it done against the Wiz again.

Magic defeat Raptors in 5 this could be a great series and it also could be an easy one of the Magic. My guess is Magic win it quickly but it will have close games with a nice battle between Bosh and Howard!!!

Pistons defeat Sixers in 6 this one could be a fun one as well. I think the Sixers have enough firepower to win a few games at least and make it interesting. Can they win the series I doubt it Pistons are just two much!!!!

Eastern Conference 2nd round

Celtics defeat Cavs in 5 can't see this one lasting long not after LBJ and co. come off a 7 game battle with the Wizards. I think the Celtics dismantle them quickly.

Pistons defeat Magic in 6 I think Dwight Howard causes enough problems to make this one very interesting. Detriot and the C's have been the best two teams in the East all year though and I suspect that holds true in the playoffs.

Eastern Conference Finals

Celtics defeat Pistons in 6 while I think the Pistons have a great shot I just think the Celtics have too much for them eventually. Celtics have been the team to beat basically since day one I suspect that continues.

Western Conference 1st round

Lakers defeat Nuggets in 5 The Lakers should dismantle the Nuggets and this series really should not be much of a problem. I figure the Lakers after getting up 2-0 or 3-0 may just lay a slight egg in one game but they will not allow it to go past 5 games closing the door in Staples in game 5.

Jazz defeat Rockets in 6 the Rockets will not be able to win in Utah I think Utah split's the first two in Houston takes a 3-1 lead back to Houston. Houston pulls out a great win in game 5 only to be sent packing in dominating fashion in game 6 in Utah.

Spurs defeat Suns in 7 this series could be a classic. Seems every media outlet wants to hop on the Suns bandwagon and bash the Spurs. Not a good idea I think the Spurs are motivated as hell now and find a way to win this series. It won't be easy but I think home court advantage in game 7 going to the Spurs wins it for them.

Mavs defeat Hornets in 6 I think this one has the makings of a special series to. I just feel the Mavs are hot right now and I think the Hornets great season comes to an end. As the Mavs bury some of there demons with a big opening series win.

Western Conference 2nd round

Lakers defeat Jazz in 6 I think the Lakers are one of the few teams that can actually win in Utah. I think the Lakers will take care of business at home and beat the Jazz in game 6 on there floor to seal the deal.

Spurs defeat Mavs in 6 this one could be another classic as these two rivals meet each other. I just think the Spurs have enough left in the tank for this one deep run. I think the Spurs want to prove all these doubters wrong to.

Western Conference Finals

Lakers defeat Spurs in 6 this one could have classic written all over it as well. However I think the Spurs might finally show there age by this time and the wear and tear of the all the game they played to get to this point. I think the Lakers are just two much for them to handle if we are clicking on all cylinders!!! Lakers win the Western Conf on the Spurs floor in game 6.

NBA Finals

Lakers defeat Celtics in 7 this is the one I think everyone wants to see unless you have a ventured interest in another team in the playoffs. This one just has classic written all over it. I know the C's have taken down the Lakers twice this year in big fashion but you know what that was earlier in the year and before we had Gasol. Plus we might have Bynum back by the Finals so who knows. I think it is a classic back and forth series. However I think the Lakers bench is the the X Factor that ends up beating Boston in game 7. Kobe Bryant hits some huge shot's down the stretch including the possible game winner in game 7.
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NBA Playoffs Predictions

I like your NBA finals! Lakers vs. Celtics would be an entertaining finals. And a game 7 would be unreal! Im not a fan of either team. I just think with the history of the two teams coming together in another finals would be really fun to watch. It's been a great year in the NBA no matter what ends up happening in the playoffs.

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NBA Playoffs Predictions

I'm not a Kobe bryant fan, However, I do like the Legacy of the Lakers.  I feel this year, Kobe will be able to win it all again, without Shaq.

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