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Sweep Dreams: First Round Laker Analysis

Posted on: April 29, 2008 8:36 pm
Well here we are 4 game sweep of the Nuggets. The only sweep in the first round of the playoffs this season and when you consider we are in the Western Conference that makes it even more impressive!!!!! So let's analyze this series.

Game 1 was all about Gasol as he came through big for the Lakers with a thrilling 36 points, 8 ast, 16 rebound affair. Kobe woke up later in the game and the Lakers put on an offensive clinic in the game. It was the worst defensive game of the series though.

Game 2 was the Kobe Bryant show as he had one of his all time career best playoff games!!!! The Lakers protected there home court and moved on to Denver with a ton of confidence.

Game 3 the Lakers looked like the team that was down 2-0 not the Nuggets. As they came out and pretty much dominated the Nuggets. This was the best game defensively!!!! As the Lakers used a dominate third quarter to all but put the Nuggets away before the 4th when we saw them basically quit.

Game 4 featured a solid first half and a struggle in the second half. We let the Nuggets back in the game and it was a close game throughout the second half. However Kobe Bryant came through proving once again why he is the best closer in the game and the MVP of this league very soon!!!! Luke Walton with a huge dagger like 3 towards the end too. At first I thought what a terrible second half but you know what I think it was just what the Lakers needed a little scare!!!!

The Lakers pretty much dominated the series as there offense just couldn't be stopped by the Nuggets. The 15 point third quarter in game 4 I think had more to do with the Lakers stopping themselves rather then the Nuggets stopping us. It was fun to see this because I honestly expected this despite what the experts where saying. I really ain't surprised by this result at all I predicted Lakers to win in 5 but really wanted to just say sweep but I figured Lakers might get careless in a half against the Nuggets which it seemed like they did for part of that 3rd quarter in game 4. Now we get at least a few days rest maybe more.

Something you may not know

The Nuggets where the first and only 50 win team in history of the NBA to be swept in the first round of the playoffs that is pretty darn impressive when you consider this season and the stacked Western Conference!!!!

Surprise of the series

Luke Walton he really stepped up big time for us averaging 14pts, nearly 4 ast, and 5 rebounds in the series!!!!! Hope he keeps it up for us he could continue to be a great fourth wheel to Kobe, Gasol, & Odom!!!

Area's for improvement

1- Free Throw shooting this basically became a slight problem up in Denver which has me slightly concerned. We seemed to miss a lot of free throw's in Denver. Most of these misses came from some of our key guys to so that is why I suspect this won't ultimately be a problem.

2- Defense- I think we can continue to grow and work on our defense. It was not stellar in this series it was basically good enough to get the job done. I suspect the Lakers did kind of relax during parts of this series just because the offense was so dominant!!!! Only time will tell!!!!

3- More Bench Mob- I would like to see more from the bench besides Walton really there wasn't any standout's pursay. I would like to see more from Farmar, Sasha, Turiaf (I know he was sick), etc. I felt like the starters had to carry us for the most part maybe I'm way off not sure.

4- Just get healthy- Just get some rest and get healthy I think this is the biggest key right now!!!!!

Preview of what's to come

Well it looks like we will be playing the Jazz hopefully the Rockets beat them tonight then lose in Utah on Friday I wouldn't really mind this because then I assume the second round series will start on Sunday on ABC. Plus I just think over a week off could be a bad thing for the Lakers 6 days is perfect.

If it is the Jazz I think the biggest key is holding Derron Williams in check. I suspect Fisher, and Farmar are up the challenge. And then it will be all about our front court against there's. And the other key is to protect our homecourt I'm pretty sure we can and will win at least one in Utah but let's make sure we don't even have to. I will stick with my original prediction check out my previous blog entry for it but Lakers in 6.

If the Rockets make it well let's just say this can you say Lakers domination!!!!! I can not see them winning more then 2 games after a grueling 7 game series!!!!!
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Posted on: May 8, 2008 6:04 pm

Sweep Dreams: First Round Laker Analysis

The Nuggets simply played no defense all year long and Coach Karl tried to put Kenyon Martin to guard Kobe Bryant during the series, but that didn't really stop Kobe from torching them. In addition, Marcus Camby a top finalist for defensive player of the year could not stop Pau Gasol from doing lay-up drills. The only player that really hurt us was J.R. Smith who gave them a boost in their scoring, but the fact that they committed so many technical fouls during the series, it really hurt their momentum and confidence.

Luke Walton had an amazing series and pretty much schooled Carmelo Anthony and the future of the Nuggets is in doubt because Allen Iverson & Carmelo Anthony are very talented offensive players but defense wins championships. A Ron Artest can defintely help in their defense without giving up to much offense. In addition, Carmelo needs a change of venue especially since his latest arrest.


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