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Early Predictions For The Western Conference

Posted on: June 17, 2008 10:58 pm
Well here is my early thoughts on how next seasons Western Conference race should shape out of course much can change with the draft and free agency.

WEST (parenthesis denotes seeding in the post season)


LA Lakers(1)- Absolutely have to be the favorites to win it all if they are healthy. This team will be stacked top to bottom and will have a years more development under there belt. If Bynum comes back and plays like he did last season this team could challenge for the Bulls 72 wins record no joke.

Phoenix(4)- I like the Terry Porter hire I think he got a raw deal in Milwaukee and I think he is a solid coach certainly better than D'Asstoni!!!!!! I think the Suns will do very well next season better then the Lakers though not a chance unless the Lakers get hit by the injury bug.

Golden State- One of the more exciting teams in the league but also a team that lacks defense until they improve there and with Nelly as the coach don't count on it this team is no threat to win the division but may sneak into the playoffs and give the Lakers some trouble.

Sacramento- They have some decent young guys in Francisco Garcia and John Salmons. If there bigger 3 guys can stay healthy Artest, Miller, & Martin maybe they have a chance to compete.

LA Clippers- LA's joke of a second team not much else you can say outside of Elton Brand they are next to nothing.


New Orleans(2)- The most complete team in this brutal division Chris Paul should be even better. They will give the Lakers a run for there money for the West but ultimately I think the fact they are playing in such a though division hurts there chances of beating the already superior Lakers out for the top spot.

San Antonio(5)- This team will still hang around and they are looking poised to possibly face the Suns again in a classic first rounder. It will be interesting to see what they do this off season to improve.

Houston(6)- I would like to put this team possibly ahead of both of the teams ahead of them however I have little confidence Yao and Tracy can stay healthy all year if they can they could be a scary sleeper next season.

Dallas(8)- They should be good enough to make the post season again unfortunately for them that's about it once again you can sense Dallas time has come and gone.

Memphis- Is there hope in Memphis maybe if Jarvaris Crittenton improves and if they can get something useful out of the Lakers pick.


Utah(3)- This team should be pretty rock solid next season as they bring back pretty much the same team intact. You can sense they are part of the new big 3 out West and that is the Lakers, Hornets, & Utah as the old big 3 Dallas, San Antonio, and Phoenix begin to fade out.

Portland(7)- I think the Blazers will be very interesting to watch next season as Greg Oden takes his official rookie lap in this league. They should make the post season and provide a scare to whoever they play in the first round.

Denver- Lot's of questions with this team what do you do with Carmello Anthony and AI? They need defense that's for sure.

Sonics- Well whatever the hell they are going to be called I think they will improve being in a new city and not having to deal with it being there last season in a place. Kevin Durant will continue to flourish into a good young player.

Minnesota- Kevin McHale should be fired for giving the Celtics Kevin Garnett and the Celtics should also be thanking him big time for one of the reason why they won it.

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Posted on: June 24, 2008 10:17 am

Early Predictions For The Western Conference

For Tradition's sake:


I'm one who supports closure, or tying up "loose ends" if you will...   So, this post will not be an attack on you in any way.  Just to quickly settle some issues:

Ariza was brought in for one thing and one thing only his defense. And Bynum is a great post defender in the making.

I just think the could of got a better deal and a deal that didn't shorten there window for maybe one last year at glory.
Fair enough.  However, I like Shaquille O'Neal.  I wish he were younger, of course, but I just hope he comes back hungry to end his career on a high note.  I am labeling this "Shaq's Last Stand" in a way, and I think Amare, Barbosa, and Diaw need to come out better than ever to help Nash and Shaq get it done as their career's near an end.

I will admit I may have started this all, but it was a simple joke that I did not expect to get blown this much up.
I took it as insult...   Insult translates to challenge in my eyes.  Old news... Moving on...
You seem like a closet Laker fan to me now your talking about loving those teams and before you said you love Bynum. I think we have a closet Laker fan on our hands?

Haha, that is much better than being labeled a Laker-hater, so I'll take that as a compliment.  For the record, I love and .  I cannot stand .  I'm about neutral on the rest of the players...

I hate the Kobe/Jordan comparisons you can never really compare the two.

You just earned points in my book...  I feel Kobe does not deserve to be compared to Jordan.  People can still argue over Jordan at this point, so MJ should be left out of the discussion until their careers are over.

I like how you totally ignored the Kobe blew the 24 point lead you know your wrong there to put all the blame on Kobe.

I don't remember off the top of my head, but I did not mean to place ALL the blame on Kobe.  Phil, the bench, the other starters, and Kobe, they all appeared to give up.  I generally would place the most blame on their "leaders", so Kobe and Phil let may have let them down??

I'm guilty of talking trash on the Suns board it was fun this year going back and forth with them can't wait for next year when your added into the mix too.

Nice.  Lets both agree we have idiots in our communities...  I'm sure you can name some from ours, but you guys have that "sman" guy who drive people crazy...  I like to ignore these people...

Wow sorry for using the "lol" comment it is message board lingo. Maybe from now on I will just write laugh out loud.
No need...  It was a comment made to retort your comment on "it being cute for me to use all capital letters"...  Moving on...

Trust me sir there are people on this community that have far worse grammar skills then me.
No doubt.  I've seen much worse.  It was a second comment in response to calling it cute when I use all capital letters... Moving on...

Yes I agree trading Odom may be a good thing, but only for the right deal.
Cool.  You won't get much for him anymore, good luck.

I enjoy good talk though with fans of other teams like Hornstampede for example I can have good creative discussion with him without going to trash talking.
Horn is a great guy.

Ha the NFL now there is a sport we could generate some great discussion. Like are your Dolphins going to improve?
God, I hope so...

Will the Packers be able to still do really well without Favre?
I greatly dislike the cheeseheads, but yes I think they'll be fine.

How about an avatar bet will make it two avatar bets. The first one is for the regular season whoever finishes with a better record or wins the division Suns v Lakers has to wear an avatar of the others choosing for the entire first round of the playoffs. The second one is for the playoffs which ever team the Suns v Lakers advances farther has to wear the avatar of the others choosing for the rest of the playoffs?
This is a scary thought for me...
I just know if I make this bet, Bynum will develop into the third or fourth best center in the league and Nash or Amare will get hurt...  Yikes.

Hmmm....   How about whoever wins the division, the other guy has to wear an avatar of your choice for the first series AFTER your team is eliminated.

And then, whichever team is eliminated first, the loser must wear an avatar of the winner's choosing for TWO WEEKS following the end of the NBA Finals.

Next, I'll add on another one.  Whichever team has the best record entering All-Star break, must wear an avatar of the other guy's choosing for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of All-Star weekend, and post at least three times a day. 

Anyways.... Just throwing ideas out there...  I don't think I could display a Laker avatar for the first round before my Suns get eliminated, you know?

Nice chatting with you sir, I look forward to a response...

Post Script:

Hurry back Tiger Woods!
We love you and the PGA needs you!

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Posted on: June 22, 2008 11:13 pm

Early Predictions For The Western Conference

Just for you deedsy, a second post...

No the CBS Community doesn't revolve around me. You do hammer our board though that's for sure especially me over one comment that your team was finished.
I do not hammer the board your refer to as "ours".  You acted like an arrogant punk.  Should I remind you?  Here:
Ha Ha Ha you can keep dreaming on that one o wait gotta laugh some more. The Suns made there last gasp this year they will not be going to the Finals not ever under Nash anyways.
I didn't come to hammer you, you instigated the situation with the comment above and all of the arrogant post PRAISING your for how phenomenal they are going to be next year in the wake of defeat.

Well so I say the same to you really you know personally? You know he wanted out. No you only feel like you know like I know through things you read and here. Ok maybe you did get something for Marion but you also closed down your window in my opinion.

Wow, do you pay attention the the National Basketball Association, or just your Lakers?  It was public knowledge he was unhappy in Phoenix... Multiple sports programs reported on the situation... Horrible comparison with the Odom comment...

It's funny because this whole thing started as a comment about how your Suns window of opportunity had closed. That started you up and hasn't shut you up since because you took it personally.

You haven't shut up either because you're not accustomed to looking bad on these boards, especially on your own turf of a 'Lakers message board'.  By replying, you are doing the SAME exact thing I am.  I did NOT call you out.  I made a comment, you attacked me, and now your blaming me for defending myself and giving you a little dose of your own medicine.  Try to make me look like the bad guy if you want, but as far as I can tell, no one else is part of this conversation, and I know exactly how we arrived in this situation.  Another idiotic point...

And there is yours and every other haters excuse to why Kobe won titles. Nobody has ever carried a team to a title not even Jordan he needed Pippen and Rodman at least by his side on all those titles. No one can do it on there own yet you haters like to constantly think Kobe needs too.

I don't need a history lesson from you.  I'm very aware of the roster for all three title runs.  I loved those Laker teams, as hard as that is for you to believe.  I'm also aware of the rosters during the SIX title runs, which Rodman was not apart of all of them...  Would you consider Scottie Pippen head and shoulders about and ?  Why did you just label me a "Kobe-hater", is anyone who has anything negative to say about anything automatically a hater?  By your rational, am I a Laker hater?  I've told you the Lakers have much to be proud of after this season.  I think your future greatly depends on getting back on track at full health.  I love the kid, he's a great player who came along very well this year.  However,  Bynum does not guarantee you a title next year, no matter how confident you are.

Question, since you brought up Jordan...  Do you feel Kobe deserves to be compared to Jordan?

I'm on my team board telling my fans how good the Lakers are going to be. In case you didn't know this is a Lakers board. The only other boards NBA wise I go to our the Suns board occasionally to talk trash back at them after they talk trash to us. And once in awhile the main board that's it.

I saw one of my favorite members, or a friend who is a Laker fan, was posting on this Game Six thread.  I came and made an innocent comment praising the , and you attacked me.  Now you want to accuse me of taking this too far, but you called me out first and are just as guilty of continuing as me.  I have never come to the Lakers boards just to talk trash or start anything, but thank you for explaining you are guilty for doing that on Suns boards.

I'm not counting out anyone all I'm saying is if the Lakers are as good as I think they will be then best of luck to anyone beating us. And the other difference is the Lakers can actually beat the when it matters something the Suns have never been able to do. But here we go I can see your response already "why do you keep bringing up the Suns?" lol.

Congrats on beating the Spurs...  Next year we will find out if the odd-number jynx is true.  However, since you want to bring up the Suns again, have you guys been able to take Phoenix in a seven game series since Shaq left town?  I apologize for not dropping an "lol" after that comment, I sort of quit using that on AOL instant messenger back in fifth grade...

I love how you use caps to make your point even more bold real cute.

I love how you dropped the term "lol", that was cute.  I love your poor grammar, it is also cute.  Typos occur, don't get me wrong, but when you make the same mistake numerous times, one has to wonder.

Lamar Odom use to be an asset shows how much you know the guy could never get the job done when it was just him and Kobe.

You know, you keep explaining how Gasol, Odom, Kobe, and Bynum have never played together, but then you go on degrading Odom's value.   Why is he listed in your "big four" if he can't get it done.  You really think he is going to drastically improve when serving as a fourth wheel?  Whoever suggest the Lakers trade him might be onto something...  A small forward who can play solid defense and shoot some threes would make the Lakers look incredibly good on paper. 

And you can cut the crap about defending all other title contenders. I doubt they want to be friends with you

I actually I have many friends who are Spurs fans, Laker fans, fans, fans, Celtics fans, fans, and the like like...  I don't go around just criticizing them to start crap and then trying to make them look like the bad guy.  Its a pretty pathetic tactic you're trying.  I think have a promising season, but have just as much work to do this off-season as other teams.  More than just rehabilitating Bynum's knee, even though that is crucial and should turn out fine.

Maybe more intelligent then you that's about all I'll say. Your the one who has come out and attacked me and now I'm just fighting back.

False and false.  Your first message was arrogant and biased.  You have not proven me wrong with anything, you have simply given multiple opinions after an initial post that attempted to place your Lakers on the top of the world.  As I've already explained, you attacked me first, you were the first to quote me and comment on my message, and then I began defending myself.  Way to try and twist things as though you are the only one defending yourself...  That is completely false.

Get a life this board is here to talk basketball and say what you want to say. Also this board is a Lakers board so realize you are in our water. I feel the Lakers are the favorite if they can stay healthy and provided Bynum comes back as good if not better then ever and I stand by it. 

Thank you for using the phrase "you feel" and explaining that it is necessary for Bynum to come back better than ever, as I told you earlier.  This post was not an entire message claiming how unstoppable and dominant your Lakers are going to be next season, like the initial post you made was.  I have an amazing life, thank you very much....  Just this year I got to travel to four countries in Africa, Italy, and the Netherlands.  I work for an amazing company that builds the best displays in the country, and just received a tour of the control room for the Kansas City Royals this weekend, as my company provides equipment for many professional sports teams.  I enjoy the CBS Sportsline community, so I post messages in my spare time.  Do not tell me to get a life, that has nothing to do with our conversation.  If you want to continue talking, I'm not one just duck away because you make long posts and need to be the last person to comment on something...  You're right, this board is here to talk basketball and say what you want to say, which is what I'm doing.  Call me out, and I'll give it right back. 

Have a great day.  Stop trying to make it seem as though I am the one taking this too far or acting immature.  Intelligent, unbiased people are not going to buy that crap.

I love the NBA... I cannot wait for the NBA and NFL to resume...  Congrats Celtics.  Later

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Posted on: June 20, 2008 11:39 am

Early Predictions For The Western Conference


Wow first of all where the hell have you even come from I don't remember you here during the season when all the trolls where hammering our boards. But anyways my response.
I came from Nebraska..?  I came from CBS Sportsline..?   I came from the the Sportsline message board community..?  I've been here all season, just never happened to cross paths with you.  The Sportsline community does not revolve around you sir, so don't be shocked when a knowledgabe post has never had a debate with you before.  I don't 'hammer' other teams boards, no need for that...  Are you calling me a "Suns troll" now, or are just a majority of Suns fans trolls?? 

Yes acquiring Shaq did hurt you especially in the long run. In my opinion you had a better chance to win with Marion. But no your team went in a panic and decided they needed more size. Thus trading for a center whose last gasp was probably last year a center who certainly won't be better next season.
Well...  Shows what you know about Shawn Marion.  HE WANTED OUT OF PHOENIX, for a couple years now.  They had to make a move....  So why not get SOMETHING for the Matrix while they have the chance?   The idea was, get a powerful center to help play defense in the post.  Shaq did just that, but the same way YOU like to point out the Lakers "didn't have time to adjust to Pau Gasol", well the Suns had LESS time with O'Neal.  However, I did not come here to debate the Suns with you.  I know where my team sits, and I realize they have an uphill battle ahead.  It will be fun to see what Porter can do.  I bet you'll attack my Suns again in your post, trying to distract from the subject at hand...

Nash has more MVP trophies then Kobe I love it and that is suppose to make him better ha ha 3 rings to none I think there's enough said right there.
Kobe has three rings because he was playing alongside a better player in Shaquille O'Neal.  Ungrateful Laker fans will try to take away from what Shaq did for your team, but he was the leader during those three chamiponship runs.  Kobe has never carried a team to a ring, so no, there's "not enough said right there". 

And as if you aren't a biased Suns fan your doing the same thing I'm doing that is what we call a hypocrite.

No, I am not being a hypocrite, and I am very much aware of the definition.  You see, I'm not the ARROGANT PUNK who is on these boards telling NBA fans my team is the heavy favorite to win the league next year.  I'm not saying the vegas odds should be through the roof in favor of my favorite team...  I came here to talk about the Lakers with you, and you try to divert the attention to my Suns.  Stop acting like such a moron with these comments, the was completely irrelevant. 

At least we have made it to the Finals something your precious Suns have yet to do with Nash, Stoudamire, or whoever the hell else they have had. Yes I don't know if they co exist but I do know that I wouldn't bet against them co existing therefore I have every right to say that.
Thank you for bringing up the Suns again, not.  At least I've never liked a player who commits adultery on his wife and demands to be traded multiple times in the off-season like a self-centered baby.  I really like Andrew Bynum, however I think Lamar Odom is only continue to go downhill.  I also do not think Kobe is a great team leader, he can score at will against certain teams, but he cannot take over games against polished teams- displayed in the Finals.

Although if I had to predict today I would say the Lakers are going to meet the in the finals again with the Lakers winning due to having Bynum as the biggest reason.

Well, this is another improvement... Thank you for predicting your Lakers will beat the Celtics, ranther than spending an entire post explaining to all of us why you Lakers and EASILY the number one team in the league and the heavy favorite to win it all.  I think your Lakers, and please note how I say THINK, your Lakers overachieved this year and they should be proud of how far they got.   However, I cannot believe how they looked in the Finals, I think there are a handful of teams out West that would have pushed the Celtics much more, perhaps even beaten them in a seven game series.  With Andrew Bynum back,  they'll be solid, but the will not dominate against this stacked Western Conference.  You're still making a mistake by counting out those evil San Antonio Spurs, it is an odd year and I've doubted them too many times to do it again.

You don't think Kobe Bryant wants another one if he does not ever win another one the haters will always say he could never get it done without Shaq and that he never won a title without Shaq. Kobe Bryant needs at least one title without Shaq if not more to silence the doubters. That being said they will come up with some new excuse I'm sure like he never won without Phil or without a dominant big man. You don't think Phil Jackson wants to get that magic 10th title and pass Red for first place all time?

Not only that but you don't think any of the other young guys on this team want to win a title that is where the hunger comes from. Your a complete fool if you don't think this is true.

I think this point is completely rediculous because COUNTLESS teams in the league want a title JUST AS MUCH as your precious Lakers.  The Lakers aren't some special case, more hungry for a title than any of the other teams out West.  Good teams stay motivated, even if they already have a ring.  You are right though, Kobe wants another ring for that selfish reason, to add to his personal legacy.  It seems as though (to me, and some other non-Kobe worshipers) he could care less about the city of Los Angeles or his team mates, as his is concerned only with his personal accomplishments.  He was four games away from getting that Shaq-less ring, but let a 24-point lead slip away and get demolished by nearly 40 in the final game of the series.  No guarentees he can make it back.

The first good point you have probably made. Yes LO is very inconsistent I would like to think as the fourth option on the team though he will be even better. He certainly did a lot better once Gasol was added so don't think by the same token he will do a lot better when we have both Gasol and Bynum out there?

The first good point I've made?  Haha, that is strictly your opinon, Laker boy.  Here, I can say this: You have made ZERO good points.  See how easy that is?  Nice try...  Lamar Odom use to be a valuable asset, but he just continues to get more inconsistent and now has another year of mileage on his body.  Will he do much better with Bynum and Gasol out there?  Well, he probably won't need to be out there when they are both on the floor....  So, we shall see how he handles being the fourth option, maybe event he sixth if he is coming of the bench.

No the point I'm trying to make is your saying I shouldn't praise my own team well then whatever. I'm not going to sit here and praise some other team. What if I had came out and said New Orleans is a lock to win the title would you have said it was blind arrogance? And once again time and time again you are trying to bring back up that I overrated the Lakers simply because there my team.

No, you're singing a diffent tune now... What happened to all of the over-confidence in the Lakers winning the league next year for sure?  After my first message, you have eased off making your Lakers seeming unbeatable and dominant.  Now,  you have started using phrases like "in my opinon" and "I think" in your responses, attempting to make me look like the bad guy.  That fact is, this conversation started when you came out of nowhere to attack my suns and launch a long message about how outstanding your Lakers are and how they are going to win the league next year, hands down.  I thought it was pathetic you made such claims after such and embarrassing game six loss, and it felt like an attack on the entire league.  You can tone it down now, but I was simply defending all NBA Title contenders for next year, as your Lakers are not unbeatable. 

You just answered your own question Andrew Bynum is a stud and if he can co exist with Pau Gasol that is why we have the most to gain. I don't think there is a team out in the West that will be adding a piece as significant as Bynum is to our team.

You underestimate an entire NBA off-season...  Did you just imply Andrew Bynum is better than Yao Ming and Elton Brand????  Why don't the Rockets and Clippers stand to gain as much?  Pathetic point....

There you go you think that well I think differently that's why they call it an opinion. If everyone agreed on everything it would be stupid and the world would go nowhere.

Yes, now you are speaking in terms of opinion.  In the opinion of most, other teams besides your Lakers have just as good of a chance to win the league next year.  "Thats why they call it an opion", quit with this sarcastic crap because you think you are more intelligent than anyone on these boards, you're not.  

Go ahead take everyone else the two teams though that have the best chance at dominating next season are the Lakers and the Celtics. You have thrown in the same opinions so don't even start on that. Go ahead keep debating if you want I don't much care. I have my opinion you have yours there isn't much more that needs to be said. Besides you maybe need to move on posting this same response in two different places just because you are so worried I might miss it and not give you a response.

Nope, you took the Lakers, I have the Celtics.... Way to count out the Hornets, Spurs, Jazz, Suns, and Rockets....  Second-guessing your original opionion at all??  Or are you still positive the Lakers will win the league next year??

You have thrown in the same opinions so don't even start on that."  No, I haven't, stop making idiotic comments, I know you can be smarter than that.   I have tried to explain why other teams in the league have just as good of a chance to win as the Lakers, and that Los Angeles should not be the HEAVY favorite.  My opinions are not the "same", they are quite more accepting of other teams' success than yours.

Thank you for accepting you have your opions and I have my.  Don't force yours on us on the same thread of a game where your team got embarrassed.  You want to keep debating???  Your crap doesn't make you look better than any other poster on these message boards so don't act like you're intimidating or anything.  You want to talk about the Lakers, I'll be here.  Just realize that if you're going to explain why the Lakers are the best, you're going to need some more analysis than the biased statements of Bynum coming back better than ever, the Lakers being "hungry", and them "standing the most to gain in the off-season".  There are many more teams in the league who are gunning just as hard for a title.

Learn the difference between "your" and "you're", you'll sound smarter.

I'll post this in a second place, just for you Mr. Deedsy.

Have a great day, can't wait for the next NBA season!

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Posted on: June 19, 2008 4:19 am

Early Predictions For The Western Conference

In response to our Game Six thread:

Mr. Deedsy,

"Yes I think the are done ok I think they will be in the hunt next season of course but if the stay healthy they are not better then us period.  The Suns door as far as winning a title has been slammed shut at least for quite awhile and why because they went in a panic and made a stupid trade for Shaq. "

Period huh?  So acquiring Shaq hurt the team?  Apparently, can't get any better in your mind?  Did you know that Amare is head an shoulders above and is HEALTHY for sure?  Do you realize how young Barbosa and Diaw are?  Did you know the Suns had less time adjusting to their acquisition of Shaq than the Lakers had to mesh with ??  Did you know has more MVP trophies than , and still has a couple effective years left?  Nash led the league in assists three seasons in a row, before getting second to Paul this year.  Nash is a phenomenal team leader, who has never cheated on his wife or demanded to be traded.  You are counting the Suns out, period?  You don't thing Steve Nash and will be as hungry as anyone in the league to get their first title?  I say, give the new coach a chance to lead Phoenix to a season better than FOURTH place before you start slamming doors and using the phrase "period" as if you aren't a biased Los Angeles fan.

"Sure it all about matchup's and have we seen any team matchup to the Lakers with Bynum, Gasol, Odom, & Bryant no so how can we say anything."

We can't!!!!   GOOD POINT deedsy... You see, YOU are the one saying they're going to win a title and they should be the heavy favorite to be the best team in the league.  I simply tried to explain that you are letting your love of the Lakers cloud you analysis of basketball.  We have no idea if those four can co-exist, or if they'll have to barring any trades...  So before you place the Vegas odds on the Lakers through the roof, maybe you should cheer them on and watch the off-season rather than tell all of us basketball fans that the Lakers are going to win it all next year, no doubt, RIGHT after they got punished in the finals this year....

"No I have not forgot about the other teams but I would rank the , , & Lakers for sure ahead of your Suns right there"

I like how you will try to focus on the Suns after we were discussing your Lakers, but thank you for placing my favorite team in the fourth spot of the West.  I'm not going to tell you they're going to be the number one seed, I'll just say I would love the chance for Phoenix to get the Lakers in a seven game series again.  I am much more worried about the and Hornets next year, but this is just my opinion, not fact.  So are you saying next year you see the Lakers winning the West with New Orleans in second and Utah in third??  You really shouldn't count out the two experienced teams of San Antonio and Phoenix, but we shall see next year.

"If you couldn't beat us out for the division with all our injuries this year and lack of time to build team chemistry what makes you think you can beat us next season."

Apparently, you ONLY pay attention to the Lakers, not the entire NBA... Otherwise, you would know the Suns had LESS TIME to build "team chemistry" and we also had our fair share of injuries.  A new coach, three young improving players, and three hungry vets, the Suns will improve too....  However, this debate wasn't suppose to be about the Suns, hopefully we can shift focus to why your Lakers aren't unstoppable like you made it sound....

"If healthy in my opinion the Lakers are the unquestioned favorite. Yes of course there is an off season where things might change so if I feel things have changed maybe I will change my opinion come the season but I don't see any major changes that are going to knock the Lakers from there Western Conference perch."

Do you think any team in the Eastern Conference saw any changes that could be made to turn a 24-win lousy team into NBA CHAMPIONS??  No.  However, maybe your crystal ball had already enlightened you to the fact that no team in the West, especially the five seeds right behind the Lakers that were all within five wins of the number one seed, could POSSIBLY make a trade to spark some improvement... Get real sir, your Lakers don't belong on a "perch".

"Boston was the better team this year yes they where the hungrier more motivated team as well. The Lakers will be all of these next season though if healthy instead of Boston especially the hungrier and more motivated parts. "

Kobe Bryant already has three rings, as his worshipers love to point out...  So does ...   Phil Jackson sure isn't lacking any rings.  How in the world can you say the Lakers will be 'HUNGRIER' next season?   The looked ready to win an NBA title, maybe even sweep two years ago...  After getting embarrassed the next four games in a row, they came back "hungry".  After getting first in the West, the fall to the eighth seed in the first round.  You think your Lakers have some "magic" up their sleeve, or some extra motivation that makes them unbeatable because of their embarrassment in Boston?   No.  That is completely random speculation on your part, not buying it.

"LO should be better next season why less pressure for one he will be the fourth option and two he may be coming off the bench."

Thats odd, because it seems as though continues to get more inconsistent each season... hmmm...

"In my opinion though it won't be a problem because I know Lamar is a team guy and wants a ring. "

In your opinion... followed by YOU KNOW  Lamar is a team guy?  Oh, perhaps you know Lamar Odom on a very personal level and speak with him more often than the rest of us...  I suppose he would demand a trade or act fickle all off-season like Kobe Bryant, huh?

"Blind arrogance so what do you want me to come out and praise the Suns or something. "

Praise the Suns???  WHAT IN THE WORLD does that have to do with blind arrogance???  Once again, you try to avert the conversation to my favorite team, because you're itching to attack our first round playoff exit.  NO, the blind arrogance comment has NOTHING TO DO WITH PRAISING THE SUNS, it has everything to do with a Laker fan claiming his favorite team is the undisputed favorite to win the league next year after such a horrible effort in game six...  Its an insult to the rest of the promising teams in the league.  That comment was idiotic, stick to the subject at hand.

"unfortunately for them everyone else especially the Lakers will be improving even more. The Lakers have the most to gain from this off season they can get rid of some of there negative issues and improve or they can also just rely on Bynum hopefully coming back and the vision of our possible Big 4 coming to life. "

The Lakers have the most to gain huh?  Because they can "get rid of some of 'there' (their) negative isues"??   Such a vague, shallow comment... Can you explain to us WHY they alone have the most to gain?  Andrew Bynum is a stud, you better hope he can return to full strength and co-exist with Gasol...

"No I think the Lakers will suck and finish in last place there does that make you happy?"

No.  That was a stupid question.
I think they'll be in the top six seeds if Bynum returns to his normal self.

"Will see you just might be surprised when the Lakers very well just might dominate the entire league next year & just a reminder if they do remember you heard it here first. If the Lakers stay healthy my money is on the Lakers winning it all and if this team is as good as I think the potential can be then they very well just might dominate. "

Haha, thank you for that.
The Hornets very well might just dominate the entire league.  Remember, you heard it here first.
The Spurs very well might just dominate the entire league.  Remember, you heard it here first.
The Jazz very well might just dominate the entire league.  Remember, you heard it here first.
The Suns very well might just dominate the entire league.  Remember, you heard it here first.
The CELTICS very well might just dominate the entire league.  Remember, you heard it here first.
The ??? very well might just dominate the entire league.  Remember, you heard it here first.

There.... I like my chances of selecting a winner better than yours.
We have made an improvement deedsy, you started saying "might", "in my opinion", "my money is on", and "I think" rather than trying to explain you opinions as fact to us.  I'll debate with you all day long, just don't forget about every other team in the league before you start claiming YOUR favorite team, the one you are biased towards, is the heavy favorite to win it all before the off-season begins....

Have a great day everyone... Great NBA season, looking forward to next year.

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Posted on: June 19, 2008 2:29 am

Early Predictions For The Western Conference

I see your point and while I think it is valid I still think there is really no way barring injuries this team does not win at least 60-62 games just my feeling. I'm slightly crazy to say 72 or more but hey if they really came out motivated as hell and with the mindset where going to crush everyone in our way I think they could do it because I think we are going to be scary good next season.

The Celtics can stockpile there wins will see I think Orlando, Toronto, Detroit, Atlanta, & even Cleveland all might be up to improving and having something to say about that. While it is true the team with the home court in the Finals has a big advantage I really think someone especially the Lakers can take them down with or without home court I think if they have home court it will only help them more but they can still get it done without next year if healthy!!!!!

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Posted on: June 18, 2008 11:55 pm

Early Predictions For The Western Conference


The Lakers might be a better team next year, but they might end up with less wins.

You have to believe that New Orleans (+2), Houston (+3) , Dallas (+3) , and Portland (+6) will improve their records. 

yes, dallas...don't forget how much young prime talent this squad has....they were undone by kidd-avery clashes that did not fit their personnel....

San Antonio, Utah, & Phoenix will stay about the same or a slight decline in wins (-1,  0, -2).  Denver (-5)  & Golden State (-3) might slip a little bit more.

The Clippers if they re-sign their players and stay healthy will be much better. (+4)

Seattle, Memphis, and Minnesota will hardly be worse. (even)

Maybe Sacramento completely collapses and gives up (-9).

I just don't see a lot of room for the lakers to dramatically improve their win totals even if they are better. (there is only +2 left)



The Celtics can stockpile wins to secure home-court again versus really inferior eastern scrub teams.

The Celtics will already be the best team.  If they have an unfair easier schedule pathway to home-court, the west will be watching a repeat.

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