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Bracket-Knowledgey, Friday Feb, 05, 2010

Posted on: February 5, 2010 4:59 pm

Auto bids are in CAPS.  Championship: St. Louis (M) / Salt Lake City (W) winner vs. Syracuse (E) / Houston (S) winner.

St. Louis (M)
(1M) KANSAS (19-1) vs. (16M) QUINNIPIAC (13-6) @Oklahoma City
(8M) Florida State (15-5) vs. (9M) UNLV (16-4) @Oklahoma City
(5M) Vanderbilt (15-3) vs. (12M) Charlotte (15-5) @San Jose
(4M) Pittsburgh (15-4) vs. (13M) SIENA (17-4) @San Jose
(6M) Wake Forest (14-4) vs. (11M) Dayton (14-6) @Providence
(3M) Georgetown (15-4) vs. (14M) AKRON (13-6) @Providence
(7M) Baylor (14-4) vs. (10M) Mississippi State (15-4) @Milwaukee
(2M) MICHIGAN STATE (18-3) vs. (15M) COASTAL CAROLINA (14-3) @Milwaukee

Salt Lake City (W)
(1W) KENTUCKY (19-1) vs. (16W) CAMPBELL (10-7) @New Orleans
(8W) NORTHERN IOWA (18-2) vs. (9W) Texas A&M (13-6) @New Orleans
(5W) Ohio State (15-6) vs. (12W) Seton Hall (12-6) @Spokane
(4W) GONZAGA (15-3) vs. (13W) LOUISIANA TECH (18-3) @Spokane
(6W) New Mexico (19-3) vs. (11W) Florida (15-5) @New Orleans
(3W) Kansas State (16-3) vs. (14W) OAKLAND (13-7) @New Orleans
(7W) Xavier (13-6) vs. (10W) North Carolina (13-7) @Buffalo
(2W) West Virginia (16-3) vs. (15W) MORGAN STATE (14-7) @Buffalo

Syracuse (E)
(1E) VILLANOVA (19-1) vs. (16E) MAINE (13-6) @Providence
(8E) Clemson (15-6) vs. (9E) Oklahoma State (16-4) @Providence
(5E) BRIGHAM YOUNG (19-2) vs. (12E) OLD DOMINION (16-5) @San Jose
(4E) TEMPLE (17-4) vs. (13E) WESTERN CAROLINA (13-4) @San Jose
(6E) BUTLER (16-4) vs. (11E) Cincinnati (13-7) @Milwaukee
(3E) Purdue (16-3) vs. (14E) PACIFIC (12-6) @Milwaukee
(7E) Mississippi (15-4) vs. (10E) St. Mary's (16-3) @Jacksonville
(2E) Duke (17-3) vs. (15E) WESTERN KENTUCKY (11-9) @Jacksonville

Houston (S)
(1S) Syracuse (20-1) vs. (16S) Play-In Game @Buffalo
(8S) Missouri (15-5) vs. (9S) Rhode Island (16-3) @Buffalo
(5S) Georgia Tech (14-5) vs. (12S) CORNELL (14-3) @Spokane
(4S) Wisconsin (16-4) vs. (13S) MURRAY STATE (17-3) @Spokane
(6S) Connecticut (13-7) vs. (11S) MARYLAND (13-5) @Jacksonville
(3S) Tennessee (15-4) vs. (14S) NORTHERN COLORADO (17-4) @Jacksonville
(7S) UAB (18-2) vs. (10S) CALIFORNIA (13-6) @Oklahoma City
(2S) Texas (18-2) vs. (15S) SAM HOUSTON STATE (9-5) @Oklahoma City

Play-In Game: (16S) Lafayette vs. Texas Southern @Dayton

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