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Fighting for hockey

Posted on: April 26, 2009 9:41 am
Because I fight for hockey where ever I go, I saw this.

Alexander Ovechkin's highlight reel goal on Friday.

The story. So I walked into a Buffalo Wild Wings Friday night to watch the Capitals - Rangers game. It wasn't already on. I knew it was about halfway through though. The bar wasn't extremely full, and only a few patrons were watching a game - a couple of baseball games and the basketball game. A few more were playing online trivia or poker. So I picked the least likely place to sit so as to not disrupt the statusquo. "What'll have?" asked the bartender. "I'll have a Diet Coke if you can change one of these TV's to the hockey game." "We can probably do that." "Great, I'lll take a Diet Coke then." Get my drink, but no hockey is on. This doesn't bode well. B-dubs is busy. I got it. I make sure nobody next to me is watching the Cubs - Cardinals game. They're not. They're fully engrossed in their online games. It takes a bit longer, but finally the hockey game is on. A plasma TV and the projection screen. That didn't set well with the Cubs or the Cards fans in the rest of the bar, nor the two guys who came in after me and sit a few seats down. They howl in protest So then it's back to baseball, including the plasma TV in front of me. The hockey game is on a TV at the other end of the bar - too far for me to see. I complain. "I'm not ordering anything else until hockey is on one of these TVs." There were about five of them, so it was in the realm of the possible. "As a matter of fact I'm getting ready to leave. I mean Icould've gone anywhere to eat, but I came here to see a hockey game too." The bartender didn't hear it all I'm sure as she turned on her heels to change the station. She changed it or had it changed, but I hadn't looked up. I was still fuming. She came back prepared to write my order. "I said I'm not ordering ... oh you changed it." So I order my food. About that time Alexander Ovechkin scored his highlight reel goal.  It was like my own little reward for influencing B-dubs to change the station. Did anybody else see it live? Did it make the four-letter's top 10 plays of the day? Really I don't really care if anybody else saw it. I know in my heart that it was the number one play that day, and it was probably better than anyLeBron James alley-oop or baseball home run or catch.
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