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What to do with the #1 pick...

Posted on: February 27, 2009 9:31 am

At #1, quite simply, I hope the Lions do the smart thing and open up contract talks with Aaron Curry, Jason Smith, BJ Raji and Matt Stafford.  The real point is that in making sure that their player is in the fold right away, the player has the best chance to succeed as a Lion.  That said, with the #1 overall pick you need a player that can help you - and I'm not sure that Stafford is that player yet - but the first 3 appear to fill important needs. 

Curry helps them at SLB, where they currently have an undersized marginal player in Ryan Nece. For one this would allow them to play alot of man under with his strength, opening up Ernie Sims on the other side and effectively boosting their size on defense.

Smith is a bit raw on technique because of his 2-point stance from college, but he has the build, strength and smarts to start out as a left-guard in year one and move to left tackle after learning about the speed and skills of the pro game.  Of course if he really shows well, the Lions could do a whole lot worse then Jeff Backus competing with Manny Ramierez for the left guard spot.

Raji fills a huge hole in the middle of the Lions defense where their top 1 technique DT is Chuck Darby, an undersized part-time player who is better suited in rotation as a 3rd down player.




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Posted on: March 15, 2009 3:43 pm

What to do with the #1 pick...

They should know who they are going to pick, well before the draft, and they should try to follow up on what the Dolphins did with their pick last year.  Jake Long made that team for them.  The Lions should look to get a player for the future who could affect this year as a rebuilding year.  I think that the Lions organization is doing a terrible job upfront.  They kept Kitna way to long, and should have used their pick on a QB last year.  They got lucky with Culpepper, but it did make a diference anyway.  They need a lot of changes to turn aroudn there terrible team.  Julian Peterson should team up with Ernie Sims very well, and it will make there Defence a lot bigger.  They should have never goten rid of Shaun Rogers.  He is too big of an impact on any defence.  Good luck, but they will not have a good season for a couple more seasons.

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Posted on: March 12, 2009 10:10 am

What to do with the #1 pick...

I agree with all you said...but do the Lions winning an extra 2 games this year by taking one of the first 3 players you mention....OVER taking a QB who can bring them to a super bowl one day. Does that really make alot of sense? Is Aaron Curry,BJ Raji or Jason Smith going to "LEAD" the Lions to a super bowl ( which is every teams ultimate goal)? They may be key parts I am sure, but at the end of the day its usually the QB that you look for to march your team on the last drive of the final game (aka Eli Manning in 2007 and Big Ben in 2008).

Therefore there is no other choice but to try and hit the homerun and get yourself a franchise passer to lead your team to the promised land!!!

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