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Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

Posted on: August 24, 2008 4:22 am

The basketball gold medal game was stunning, the officials absolutely awful but in the end the Redeem Team lived up to its name.

It wasn't their best night. The Americans at times played defense with the intensity of a Sunday afternoon jogger.

This game will go down as one of the top five in Olympic basketball history and Spain deserves a great deal of credit for taking the Americans to the limit.

Still, overall in these Olympics the Americans were spectacular, particularly Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. They enabled you to root for USA basketball again, they rebuilt our image, and they mostly handled themselves with class and dignity. If you can't be proud of what they did -- and the women as well -- then you're more cynical than I am. Which is impossible.

While these Olympics will be remembered for Michael Phelps what the basketball team did was far more impressive. Yes. Far more.

The reason why is pressure. If Phelps had earned five gold medals instead of eight he wouldn't have been called a failure.

If the United States won a silver or bronze the players would've been treated like total losers. They'd be called embarrassing. Media and fans would be screaming for massive changes.

The world and many people in this country waited for the Redeemers to fail so everyone could wag their fingers and portray the Americans as street ballers incapable of playing the precision International game.

You don't think the Americans knew this? You don't think they felt this pressure and it didn't weight on their chests like Shaquille O'Neal's backside?

Phelps had only Mark Spitz to worry about. The basketball team was fighting the failures of the recent past as well as our cynicism.

It's late on the East Coast and the game just ended. My eyes are barely open but I'm nevertheless giddy. Actually, I'll say it, as corny as it sounds, I'm proud as hell.
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Posted on: September 5, 2008 2:32 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

Well, add one more person disagreeing the the main point of this blog. While both the Redeem Team and Phelps were favorites, the Phelps accomplishment was more stunning. Having played a lot of basketball and having been a varsity swimmer in high school, I think that I can appreciate both sports. To do what Phelps did is simply awesome, unprecedented (okay, this is an exaggeration, since Spitz did almost this well), and exciting. The come-from-behind that Lezak engineered early in the Olympics was unexpected, going into the last leg of the freestyle relay, but Phelps did his part in that relay. The victory by 0.01 second was another stunner, also a come-from-behind victory. The world records and personal best times are just too impressive to rate behind the basketball team. Certainly the basketball gold was impressive, just not nearly as much as Phelps' eight golds. Not even close. For the basketball team, it was largely a matter of will; they had the talent. For Phelps, it was two improbable come-from-behind finishes and the new record total of eight golds. Teams have won Olympic gold in basketball before, and the US has done it most. No one has ever won eight golds in a single Olympics.

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Posted on: August 31, 2008 1:30 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

A feel good story will be when the US basketball team will consist of young college kids playing for the country without having to worry about contracts or getting hurt so they can't play in their NBA teams - and winning.

Look, for all the bad press that the US has been getting the world over, Phelps is perhaps the best American story that has been making the rounds in media ALL around the world in a long, long time. The guy's a hero, and I think it will take many Olympic games before his record will be broken, if at all.
It would be sad if you had been watching basketball while the rest of the world was watching Phelps scorch the pool.

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Posted on: August 30, 2008 2:35 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

I've never met somebody so jealous of white people in my whole life. Pick yourself up Freegirl, move on! Don't let your jealousy and failures in life destroy you. Be a man.....for once!



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Posted on: August 30, 2008 2:23 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

Nah, you're nuts. Performing under pressure is not defined as just winning against a clearly overmatched opponent, it's blowing the field away and setting a world record in the process. Get a grip.

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Posted on: August 30, 2008 2:20 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

"2. Continues to argue that the site is still called "SportsLine." Some people believe the Earth is 2,000 years old. You must be one of those people."

You are such a tool.   I'll give you step by step instructions:

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LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freegirl just got smacked AGAIN!!!

This is amusing. the more Freegirl talks, the better I understand- pure ignorance!

Bong, I've told you before, you have to go easy on the uneducated. This is too easy for you!


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Posted on: August 30, 2008 2:10 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

If you want to be stoopid, got post on Doyel's blog.

This is how Freeman spells? He is as ignorant as we all thought. Go back to your 50 Cent song and continue your education!

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Posted on: August 29, 2008 6:55 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

There is no way you can compare the basketball team's accomplishment with Michael Phelps' 8 gold medals.

The US Basketball team was filled by NBA superstars. The NBA has the absolute best players in the world because they pay the most money. If you take an All-Star team from the NBA you ought to beat everyone else like a drum. The US did that, which means they met expectations.

Phelps dominated the entire swimming competition setting numerous world records in the process. It was a stunning feat that had never been accomplished before in ANY sport. US Basketball has won a gold medal before and has dominated the competition before with an All-Star team of NBA players (See Barcelona). The only reason the basketball competition drew any interest is because the lackluster efforts of recent spoiled NBAers led to underachievement on a colossal scale. Just because they got back to where they should have been doesn't move them to the top of the Olympic pantheon.

It took 30 years for someone to break Mark Spitz's record for golds in one Olympics. Eight might never be matched.


The Bong Show
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Posted on: August 29, 2008 6:22 am
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Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

A better story you racist low life? Nothing like a black man hating on a white man!

Typical reverse racist reporting,

You are smoking crack ala Marion Berry, Freeman?

The USA basketball was a great team effort and I am proud that they won, but Phelps is more clutch  that Tiger Woods will ever be. (How's that, I am hating on a black man to prove my point!)

I love all people Freeman, but you.

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You sure are though with the articles that you write. You are the Black version on Don Imus! 

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Posted on: August 28, 2008 4:28 pm

Redeemers Better Story than Phelps

     Yeah!   What LW said.^^^^^^    If you were looking for someone to pay attention to you,  you succeeded.  Maybe your next blog should be  "Brett Favre:  Noone ever talks about him""

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