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Utah Might Be Best In Country

Posted on: January 2, 2009 11:57 pm

Which is reason 2,345 why we need a playoff system.

That team might be able to hang with the best. They destroyed Alabama. The game was never really close.

Imagine a Final Four of Utah-USC, Florida-Oklahoma.

The ratings would approach Super Bowl numbers.

Time for Congress to intervene and clean up this mess that is college football.
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Posted on: January 8, 2009 2:40 am

Utah Might Be Best In Country


I read your post a couple days ago, I thought about it, and now feel impelled to reply.  Now we all have varying opinions about strength of schedule, but here are a couple points and objective elaborations regarding the hipocrasy and attitudes of the “System”. :-)

Now I am assuming that a premier / highly regarded conference is in reference to the BCS Conferences.

Let's start with the Highly Regarded Conference named the Big East which is easily the weakest of all the BCS Conferences.  When your champion is Cincinnati your conference has issues.  Yes I am referring to the same Bearcat team who just five seasons ago in 2004 was part of Conference USA (not exactly a Highly Regarded Conference).  Did the Bearcats instantly become better than the rest of the non-BCS world the minute they sewed the patches on their jerseys four seasons ago in 2005.  NO!  They became members of the BCS Good Ol'Boy Club, but they still were not a deserving premiere team.  With a schedule consisting of other newbies like Louisville and South Florida as well as Syracuse, Connecticut (new football Program), and Rutgers.  Do you think West Virginia played a premiere or highly regarded conference schedule that year?  However, they went to a BCS Bowl.  The sad thing is that the conference hasn’t improved since.  I Digress..  

Is a conference premier if begins with 4 teams in the Top 11 and ends the regular season with only 2.  Or how about 6 teams in the Top 25 and ends the season with only 4 like the SEC.  Overated?  Yes.  SOS inflated.

How about a premier conference that begins the season with 1 team in the Top 10 and has that team drop completely out of the Top 50.  What if that conference starts the season with 3 in the Top 25 and ends the regular season with only 2 in the the Top 25 like the ACC.  Overrated?  Yes.  SOS inflated.

How about a conference that begins the season with 1 team in the Top 25 and ends the regular season with 2 in the Top 10 and an additional team to equal 3 in Top 25.  Underrated?  Yes.  It’s the Mountain West.  SOS deflated.

Also, let’s pretend that LSU for instance, didn’t stink and had another NC caliber year.  Had they won-out on their schedule they would be playing for the NC having played Appalacian State, Troy, North Texas, and Tulane in OOC games with 2008 conference walk-all-overs Missippi State, Arkansas, and Auburn. And to the masses it would be acceptable and you know it.  But overall not any more difficult than those teams on Utah’s schedule this season.  In most cases it’s who you beat and who beats you.  And Utah has not been beaten yet.

This is my first post on CBS so be gentle....


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Posted on: January 6, 2009 1:57 am

Utah Might Be Best In Country

Pardon me in advance.  The following is a cut and paste of something I posted a few minutes ago in another post with reference to Utah and the notion of their sharing a national title.  It's nearly 2AM and I can't be bothered to actually re-type it.  :)

Everyone's strength of schedule rank is here:


That column third from the right labeled SOS...that stands for Strength of Schedule and it tells the tale as to why Utah doesn't deserve a piece of the national champion title.  When either Oklahoma with the #1 ranked SOS defeats #3 SOS opponent Florida, or #3 Florida beats #1 means that they win the whole thing. 

You can't take #57 and stick them in front of either #1 or #3 on the basis of quality wins against UNLV (5-7), Utah State (3-9), Wyoming (4-8), New Mexico (4-8), San Diego State (2-10) and Weber State (from the mighty Big Sky).

Rationalize all you like but when 6 of your 13 wins are against THOSE teams, you simply won't gain enough traction for a national title's that frickin''s also why their strength of schedule is #57.

What it means is that the Mountain West is NOT a premier conference, they don't play schedules comparable to those in other more highly regarded conferences and this is why teams like Boise State and Utah don't get what some folks feel is enough respect for their accomplishments.  Winning all your games is but one aspect of a claim for the national title.  The sum total of the teams you beat counts too and, for Utah, this is not a big plus.  Half their schedule was against their weak sisters in their may ruin a perfectly good 13 win season...but like I said, you can't plop a #57 strength of schedule in front of the winner of the #1 vs #3 SOS...that extra win against Weber State, San Diego or whomever notwithstanding.

Strength of schedule is math...and the numbers don't lie.  An undefeated #57 isn't more impressive that a one loss #3 (whose loss was by 1 point to a ranked opponent) or a 1 loss #1 (whose loss was to an even higher ranked opponent).

Sorry but thems the breaks. 

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Posted on: January 6, 2009 12:05 am

Utah Might Be Best In Country

After watching the Feista Bowl I am confident in saying Utah would have eatin' up either one of those paper weights.

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 2:59 pm

Utah Might Be Best In Country

They sure looked like that against bama, but my question to u is....why USC in this makebelieve final four and not Texas??  I am all for a fair shot at number 1 at the end of the season but there are problems with the playoff scene just like the polls.  I refuse to have a national champion from the mountain division that isnt TCU....Go Hornedfrogs!

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 4:45 pm

Utah Might Be Best In Country

We'll never know now will we? Since there is no playoff system, the Utes will not have any chance of vying for a top spot in the college football rankings of 2008,,,,even though they ARE undefeated!!!! Wow, what a screwed up system of finding out who the best teams are!!  The people have spoken, the NCAA reuses to listen. So, I will not watch, support, or have anything to do with any more "sports" that are unfair and pointless in their decisions of the winning programs (such as MLB and NCAA football).

I think Utah deserves the chance to play against a "supposed" number one team such as Florida or Oklahoma,,,they have definitly earned it!!!!

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 2:28 pm

Utah Might Be Best In Country

The AP won't do that. The best hope for the AP to shake it up again would be for them to split their votes between the BCS title game winner, USC, and Utah to create some doubt. I like the idea but both Okalhoma and Florida are a deserving #1 if they win and will get all the votes from the AP.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 12:53 pm

Utah Might Be Best In Country

I know you people in the media LOVE you some USC, but they have no business being mentioned in any 4 team playoff. Texas, Florida and OU are all more deserving because they have the 1st, 3rd and 4th ranked SOS compared to USCs 63rd, and there is no way you can put USC in over Utah considering Utah went undefeated, had a tougher SOS than USC, and BEAT THE TEAM THAT BEAT USC. All USC has is name recognition, a national media that rides their jock, and a crying head coach that tells people nobody could beat them even though somebody already did. OU, Florida, Texas, Utah. There is your 4 team playoff. 

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 12:35 pm

Utah Might Be Best but has not earned #1 vote

Again, I favor a play-off.  I admire the great game Utah played last night against a real good team.

Florida beat Bama by basically the same margin and Florida played a much tougher schedule than Utah.  Oklahoma played a much tougher schedule and beat TCU 35-10.  Utah barely got by TCU, 13-10, and trailed for most of the game.  OU was ahead of TCU, 28-3, at half-time and won 35-10 playing mostly 2nd and 3rd stringers in the second half.

Utah has shown they deserve a spot in the top circle.  They've done nothing to show they are the best in the land.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 12:31 pm

Utah Might Be Best In Country

they were also only favored in that one game... whats wrong with a team losing a game it was supposed to lose?

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 12:20 pm

Utah Might Be Best In Country

Congress isn't necessary to bring about this change. Just don't watch, don't go to a bowl. Let the schools and the conferences know that their system is broken and we won't watch until it's fixed.

All the whining and gnashing of teeth won't do a damn thing if you still turn on the tv or buy a ticket.

Asking congress to fix it is a weak passive aggressive way to ask for change you are not willing to make yourself. If congress forces a change it just gives you another group to blame if you don't like the result.

If the BCS championship is as worthless to you as it is to me then let them know in the only way you can.

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