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Pete Carroll = Selfish

Posted on: January 16, 2009 9:09 am

Many college football coaches are the most selfish people in all of sports. (Many, not all.) They make pro athletes look volunteers for the Salvation Army. They can't see beyond their own whistles. They want to make all the money and their players to make none. Pete Carroll's comments about Mark Sanchez entering the NFL draft typifies this phenomenon.

Instead of supporting Sanchez, the USC coach pulled out the chair from under him. Carroll sabotaged his thrower by expressing his displeasure about Sanchez leaving.

Carroll basically stabbed Sanchez in the back.

It was disgusting.

Sanchez isn't a traitor. He has the opportunity to make millions. Who can blame him for taking this leap when he was like many college players: an indentured servant.

Instead of publicly supporting Sanchez, Carrol tossed him under the four-wheeler.
"We didn't see this decision the same," said Carroll.

What is wrong with Carroll publicly supporting his player even if he disagrees with the decision?

That's something college coaches find hard to do: back their players unless that support benefits the coaches.

It's disgraceful, really.
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Posted on: January 19, 2009 6:41 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish

If Pete is so selfish why doesnt he just accept the pro offeres that he has had and make more millions and just leave USC behind.  He was looking out for his team and looking out for sanchez, dont always assume the negative

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Posted on: January 19, 2009 5:52 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish

Well written, if idiots can not understand that let them reside in their caves or wear their rose colored glasses to hide the true facts.

I agree that Pete Carroll being candid was refreshing as oppose to standing there with a silly grin on his face passively agreeing to it all by standing there. I think not. I also think that other potential recruits and their families will think that he as the coach is candid and very truthful.

Like I said in another thread Pete Carroll can not win in this situation, either way he is the A-hole

1. If he said go with my blessings, you will be the best QB in the coming draft, you have all the skills to take it to the next level

(If he fails then you same idiots will be here next year saying see Pete does not care about his players, he should have told Mark that he should have stayed one more year now look at him)

2. What he did make an honest assessment of the situation, give his opinion and make it public

(Now he is selfish and only think about himself, and not his players. Where was all this uproar when he said the same thing to Williams his talented wide receiver of several  years ago that went to the Detroit Lions as a 1st round draft choice, as a matter of fact where is Williams now?)

As far as getting injured that is always a possibility in this sport. Matt Lienart when he returned for his senior year obtained insurance from Lloyds of London that would pay him an exuberant amount of money if an injury kept him from entering the NFL.

I too wish Mark a very good career in the NFL and will always respect him as a Trojan and forever he will be a part of the Trojan family, this is if he make it in the NFL or is an attorney. It does not matter. 

Some of you have said that coming out this year as oppose to next year because Tebow, Bradford and Colt would be coming out also. Well if you are afraid of competition then you are in the wrong career field playing football to begin with. If he had stayed he would have been competing as he did this year. He would be showing that he is the best or one of the best QB coming out or college nexte year. His stock would have gone up or down depending on how he competed and what he did on the playing field. So if that is the reason for him going into the NFL so that he will not have competition then oh, boy is he in for a real surprise. So his idea is get the money now while I am one of the only QB' s being drafted. "Whew", you will be competing week in and week out, failure on your part to compete well your arse will be standing  on the side line.

"One Man's Opinion"

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Posted on: January 19, 2009 2:50 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish

Again, Mike Freeman doesn't know crap about anything. Pete Carroll is a prestigious, championship-winning coach who ALWAYS has his players in mind. He is not selfish, he just thinks that Matt Sanchez needs more time to mature into a better QB, and now that Mattyleft he team so quickly - he's gonna get benched or crippled in the NFL. They might not even draft his ass! So you should sit down and shut up, Mr. Freeman - you suck at this stuff. Seriously.

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Posted on: January 18, 2009 11:05 pm
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Posted on: January 18, 2009 4:48 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish

Carroll spoke at the wrong time.  He should have had that conversation with Sanchez in private.  But I would have to agree Sanchez is not yet NFL ready.  But Leinert stayed another year and he still is not NFL ready. 

Carroll is a great College coach.   He is only looking after his players he just chose the wrong time to  speak about sanchez' NFl career


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Posted on: January 17, 2009 11:37 pm
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Posted on: January 17, 2009 12:59 am

Pete Carroll = Selfish

I don't know whether voicing his opinion against Sanchez' decision is selfish.

Pete Carroll wants what's best for his program at USC. If he's a good head coach, that desire should come in front of everything and everyone. If a coach truly took his player's best interests to heart, we'd have instances where the best player at his position may not start due to pre-existing loyalties to certain athletes.

Leave all that support and nurturing for mothers and agents. Collegiate coaches are responsible for fielding the best team each year in order to win games. It's obvious Carroll is a bit salty because this will be the first true "rebuilding year" for his program. Obviously that would have been easier with an experienced QB.

Could you blame him for wanting what's best for USC?

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Posted on: January 16, 2009 8:53 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish


Apparently you forgot that Matt Lienart, Lindale White,Reggie Bush and company ran over, through and around one of the so called top tier teams in the country that play in the top tier conferences, called Oklahoma. You gotta member now Oklahoma had this Heisman Trophy winner as their QB. They also had this running back that is tearing up the NFL playing in Minnesota. Yep that is the team we laid 50 points on for the National Champion of College Football. Leinart wanted to come back to be the first QB to win back to back National Championships.

I knew that you would come back with fiction and not facts. You are running your mouth like the old lady that just took ex-lax and is sitting on the toilet, letting is all run out.

You can question anyone you want, but if someone express an opinion that is simply that an opinion.

If Mark think that going pro is best for him then we of the SC family wish him well. He does not even have to succeed we still wish him well and he will always be welcome to any event held, because of his contrubition to the school.

You seem to think that because Mark wanted to go pro that Pete should say yes, Oh what a wonderful idea, You are gonna be sensational, people will appreciate and like you. You have all the tools after 16 games of college ball to be the best pro QB in the league. You will be drafted #1 by the first team needing a QB. I will be sitting right there when they draft you.

What would players and others think of Pete said if Pete had gave his blessings and Mark hit the pros after glossy remarks as above and Mark fail.

Do you know what idiots would be saying on this thread next year??? Yep Pete does not care about his players. He should have counseled Mark to stay in school another year. That extra year would have made all the difference in the world. He didn't think of Mark's future at all letting him go to the pros as he did. I'll bet no other recruit would want to play for him if he is gonna throw his players under the bus and tell them what they wanna hear and  not be tough with them and tell they need to stay in school one more year.

Pete can not win in this situation. 

Pete Carroll gave what he thought was an honest opinion as to Mark's needs and what he needed to develop. Mark did not agree. That is why we are all different. Now because Pete Carroll does not agree does not mean that he has to be mute about his disageement. I think potential players will look at what Pete Carrol did and aapprpeciate his candor more.

The will say at least he tells it like it is and don't throw his players to the dogs.

There were no kids on the dias, both were men of Troy stating their opinions, they just happen not to agree. I don't suppose you would understand that.     


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Posted on: January 16, 2009 7:54 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish

you are obviously one of the more die-hard USC fans around, and i appreciate that...die-hard fans tend to look at things in an irrational way, as an outsider i think i may be a little more objective...that being said, what Carroll did is completely unprecedented...coaches who care about their players try to boost the players' draft stock, not drag it down...if I'm Sanchez or any player at USC and Carroll is giving me the speech about how im not ready, i have to question his motives...Carroll essentially cost Lineart millions and millions of dollars, and they still didnt win a title...good for Mark Sanchez that he was able to see through the B/S and do what is best for him, not for Pete Carroll...the guy made a fool of himself, it really made me wonder which one was the kid up there on stage at the press conference

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Posted on: January 16, 2009 7:08 pm

Pete Carroll = Selfish

Re: mtracy

This guy Mike Freeman is an idiot, but expressed and opinion, that is all an opinion. We were not in the room with these two individuals when the decision was made for Sanchez to go pro.

First of all I am happy for Sanchez and his family as I know that he will do everything in his power to make the very best pro QB he can be.

As for Pete Carroll. He disagreed with the decision of Mark Sanchez going public, again an opinion. He is doing himself, Mark Sanchez and others to follow Sanchez a favor. Other recruits will know that Pete Carroll will be honest with them, give them his input even if he disagree with their decision.   This happens in families every day. Because you don't agree with someone does not mean that you have to get on the stage and smile for the camera as if you did.

Stabbing someone in the back,it would be a stab in the back if Pete had said you have all the skills necessary to be successful in the NFL, you will be a #1 draft choice and I agree with everything you are doing. It does not happen that way.

Sanchez has one year of college ball under his belt. he played in something like 16-18 games as a starter. Now you are telling me that this individual is ready for the NFL.

The only thing I can agree with is that if he got hurt while playing another year that would be devastating. Matt Lienart got Insurance with Lloyds of London in the event that this would have happened to him.
As far as the QB situation at SC, most other schools would be over joyed it they had the QB in their program we have already enrolled at the school. Mitch Mustain has won 8 games on this level already and has been in the SC system for 2 years.Corp another QB that has been in the system for 2 years then there is Garrett Green. We now have freshman QB Matt Barkley that is already enrolled.

I don't think Pete Carroll is selfish in trying to get Mark to stay at USC for another year. I think he has Mark's best interest in mind.

Now the offensive and defensive coordinators will be a lot different situation. I am sure Pete Carroll know enough people to fill those positions adequately. I am equally sure that there are enough people that would be happy to come to a winning college program both from the college ranks as well as the pro ranks. This is a progression that is expected in college football. Being an offensive or defensive coordinator in a winning program college or pro make you a very marketable commodity. 

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