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Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

Posted on: January 22, 2009 11:09 am


In the days before the Arizona Cardinals and Philaldelphia Eagles were scheduled to play in the NFC title game, the home of Donovan McNabb, who lives in Chandler, Arizona during parts of the off-season, was vandalized by two of the biggest idiots in the known universe. has obtained the police report of the incident and portions of the report follows.

McNabb told police that there was $2,000 worth of damage to his property as a result of the vandalism. Police say they arrested two men for the incident, Ryan B. Hanlon and Rex Perkins.

How did the police find these two dopes? In one of the acts of vandalism, according to the report, Perkins used a cardboard box. But he forgot that printed on the box were his name and address. So police went to the home of Perkins where he answered the door wearing an Arizona Cardinals hat.

You can't make this stuff up.

Isn't there a show called "The World's Dumbest Criminals" or something like that?

One last word: What the criminals did wasn't just stupid and insensitive. Burning things in the front yard of a black man has horrific connotations and shows a lack of historical perspective.

Also, why this incident has received such little attention is amazing to me. If Eagles fans had done this to Kurt Warner, it'd be front page news everywhere.

Anyway, here are portions of the police report. It begins with the officer describing his arrival at McNabb's house:

"On 01-17-09 at approximately 1703 hours, I was dispatched to (address redacted) regarding a criminal damage report. When I arrived, I contacted the reporting person, Donovan McNabb, who is a professional football quarterback employed by the Philadelphia Eagles franchise. McNabb stated unknown suspects had damaged yard.

"The Philadelphia Eagles and the Arizona Cardinals are scheduled to play in the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game at 1300 hours on 01-18-09. According to McNabb, someone had hung an Arizona Cardinal flag in a tree in his front yard on Thursday 01-15-09, and he left the flag there until the next morning because he thought it was humorous. On 01-17-09 at approximately 0200 hours, McNabb said his family returned to the residence and noticed a cardboard sign had been staged in his driveway. The sign read "Go Cards" on one side and "Beat Philly" on the reverse.

"The next day McNabb said they noticed the smell of fuel emanating from the lawn and saw that someone had used fuel to scribe messages all over the his lawn. The western most areas of the lawn had a message reading, 'Go Kurt' referencing the Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner. Adjacent to that message was another that read, 'Go Cards.' The patch of grass just south of the driveway also had a message reading, "I [heart] AZ." McNabb estimated the cost of replacing the sod in his front yard at approximately $2,000.00 dollars. McNabb stated his residence is equipped with surveillance video, but he was not sure when he would be able to access that video."

Later the report talks about the officer tracking down one of the perps and the perp immediately admitting to the alleged crime. The funny thing is, according to the report, Perkins immediately sold out his accomplice. The report states they used diesel fuel to burn the grass and that the fuel was put into a canister normally used to contain pesticide.

This is a scary part. According to the report, the two men read in the newspaper that McNabb lived in Chandler. Then cooked up the idea to vandalize his home. How'd they find his address? According to police, they looked up McNabb's personal info on the Internet.

It was that easy finding and vandlizing his property.

The report concludes with Perkins allegedly telling officers that they knew their acts were illegal and that the criminal masterminds "didn't think it through." Hanlon allegedly told police, the report states, that he "understood what he did was against the law, but because the 'grass grows back,' he thought the situation would be looked at as along the lines of 'toilet papering' someone's house."


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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:55 pm
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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:46 pm

Really? Race?

Why does McNabb have to be a black man? Why can't he just be a superstar athlete who lives in the opposing team's back yard? Older people like Mike Freeman just don't get it. Younger people do not care about race anymore. It is a non-issue to them. What pisses us off is when the older generation can't seem to figure that out. They have to keep playing that race card. I know you guys suffered from some racism, but this is a different world than you grew up in.

The words of Martin Luther King, Jr. have come true. Men and women are judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. At least that is true of the younger generation. You older folk need to learn from us and make race a non-issue to you too.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:45 pm

Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

Like I always say, if you can't carry on an intelligent conversation, substitute with foul-mouthed insults.  Good job, nycez.  No one is saying to forget history you moron.  What people are saying is to stop looking for something that doesn't exist EVERYWHERE.  Are there things that still happen today that are racially motivated? Without a doubt there are, but this wasn't one of them. 

Also, are you seriously comparing the Holocaust to the history of blacks in America?  I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of the wrongs that were done here, but come on...slavery was a horrible thing, for any people, but slavery pales in comparison to genocide.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:41 pm

Extreme Freeman Stupidity

what a turd of a story.  amusing at best about a couple of braindead fans, till you wrote about it.  let's get imus (about as sharp a tool as freeman is) to get you fired for this irresponsible trash.  at least dambass imus' rant was just a spur of the moment, trying to be funny, waste of air time; but you actually thought this out and put it down on paper.  even if you flush twice, this turd isn't going away, you p.o.s.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:38 pm

Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

I have read both of the articles written by this guy today.  What a tool.  This story has been all over the Phoenix AM sports talk radio.  It is not being ignored.  No one in Arizona is proud of these guys, quite the opposite.  In Philly they boo Santa Claus and riot in the streets.  I think most of Phoenix is a bit classier.  To try to make a racial connection, wow, talk about a reach.  Don't go there, we are trying desperately to get away from there.  Farakhan, Rev. Wright, Al Sharpton and now Freeman.  Get a life and quit writing, please.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:35 pm

No Ethics Freeman?

What's the matter Freeman, couldn't come up with a legitimate story to meet your deadline so you pulled out one of your race cards like your other fellow black journalists?  Haven't you guys got better things to write about than to beat this dead horse and unjustifiably attempt to incite racial prejudice into a matter when it isn't there?  It was a prank fellas.  One that deserves criminal consequences, but not racial overtones.  No white hoods, no derogatory, slogans, no get out of the neighborhood messages were involved - get over yourselves fools.  I can't believe you guys call yourselves journalists or even have jobs. I'd fire you guys for trying to perpetrate this racial hatred or at the least make you interns.  Undoubtedly you will find me to be a racist for my last sentence I'm sure.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:30 pm

Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

I think the previous post that brought up the point of the fans race is even more important about this article. Nowhere does it say what the fans race was, so how stupid would Freeman be if it turned out they weren't white? Or is he making another racist comment by stating it's impossible for there to be any Cradinals fans who aren't white, or that there are no blacks living in the state of Arizona (Guess McNabb is the only one).

If it wasn't for the fact that CBS is an equal opportunity employer, I might think he only keeps his job because he's black, but we all know CBS doesn't fire the white columnists who suck here either, so guess that can't be the reason Tongue out

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:26 pm

Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

Get over it!what the fuck are you talking about are the Jews over the holocaust?When you had a race of people enslaved hung burnt alive castrated tortured forced to work in field our women raped by white masters!and you talk about get over it what a fucking dickhead you are! fuck what the non white people think we will never forget you STUPID ASSHOLE BACKWARDS.GET OVER IT GO FUCK YOUR SELF!

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:24 pm

Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

wow, stupid as that was, our beloved poster said another that i felt was not only stupid but very insensitive.


"Burning things in the front yard of a black man has horrific connotations and shows a lack of historical perspective.

Also, why this incident has received such little attention is amazing to me. If Eagles fans had done this to , it'd be front page news everywhere."


seriously, its all a conspiracy to put the black man down. i though america had moved on from the whole racism thing. to truely rid our country of racism is to become blind to skin color. we cant treat him any diffrently just because hes black. they were right for the historical significance to have never crossed their minds.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 2:21 pm

Extreme Cardinals Fan Stupidity

gunrock, you're implying that it takes some level of intelligence for someone to commit a hate crime? Bad choice of words mixing "intelligent enough" and "hate crime". We all pretty much acknowledge that these guys are stupid. They had nothing against McNabb because he is black, just that he is the Eagles QB.   

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