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Jeff Saturday

Posted on: February 22, 2009 5:20 pm

Jeff Saturday has always been one of my favorite players. The reason why is quiet consistency. In 10 years as a Colt, he's missed just six games, an incredible achievement considering he plays one of the most violent positions on the field, getting his head and gonads beat in almost every play. He's started 138 regular-season games and is the key to a unit that allowed only 178 sacks during that time, the fewest in football.

Saturday has done this without being a diva or begging for attention. There's been no clownish, Uncle Tom behavior or logging onto the police blotter. Just constant good play and Pro Bowls made.

Now, there's a chance he's gone from Indianapolis. Let's be clear: this isn't Colts bashing, just a taste of reality of how the NFL works. The fact Indianapolis has allowed Saturday to test free agency instead of signing him to a deal that would've seen Saturday stay a Colt for life is somewhat stunning to me. Sure, he's 33-years-old and sure the Colts' Bill Polian is a brilliant personnel person but if Saturday plays his Sundays for another team it would be one of the few egregious errors Polian has ever made.

Saturday said in an interview with that he was somewhat shocked the Colts allowed him to become a free agent. He won't criticize the Colts. That's not his style. But he remains stunned nonetheless.

"I'll be honest," Saturday said, "I really don't know how I ended up at this point. My first choice is to stay in Indianapolis. I've built strong relationships with players there and don't want to leave. But it might come to that.

"I never saw me going anywhere. I didn't really see this coming. I've spoken with the Colts for almost a year about this. I fully expected to finish my career in Indianapolis and I hope I can but now I don't know."

Some teams (and many fans) take players like Saturday for granted. They think you can plug any fat body in a center and things will be fine. But there are centers and then there are players like Saturday who along with Peyton Manning controlled the complicated calls along the offensive line.

Losing someone like Saturday will hurt the Colts no matter what the Colts or anyone else contends to the contrary.

Get cocky with Saturday at your own risk, Indy Colts.

Get cocky at your own risk.


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Posted on: February 24, 2009 5:08 pm

Jeff Saturday

I don't understand how Freeman can write this article and be 100% dead on correct and get bashed for it.  Freeman obviously knows a little bit about football and realizes that the center is the key to the O-line.  He makes all of the line calls and has to have an outstanding relationship with the QB to be successful.

If you take Saturday out of the Indy equation, their season will start much like last year, except there will be no 9 or 10 game winning streak to pull them into the playoffs.  They will be done like dinner.

Get off Freeman's back, he's just telling it like it is..

You cats are wrong!

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 1:51 pm

Jeff Saturday

Whats the over/under that freeman writes anything without bashing some one?

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 1:14 pm

Jeff Saturday


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Posted on: February 24, 2009 12:26 pm

Uncle Tom Behavior???

Normally that term is used to refer to an African-American who displays a subservient attitude toward white people.

Freeman...are you unaware of the fact that Jeff Saturday is NOT African-American?

What an odd use of that term by you. 

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 11:02 am

Jeff Saturday

Good Blog. Colts better find a way to sign Jeff back.He is a key to the Colts success

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 9:31 am

Jeff Saturday

You are right on it dwins.  Jeff Saturday is the only center thus far that can keep up with all of the audibles that Peyton Manning makes at the line.  I'm not bashing the rookies who were in there early in the season when Jeff was hurt, they just didn't have the experiance to make the line adjustments.  Jeff is the QB of the line and gets the line in the right scheme.  Peyton was under a lot of pressure in those 4 games, and it takes a vetern like Jeff to make the O-line a unit.  I for one hope they can sign him.

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 6:26 am

Jeff Saturday

Everyone knows it is co-inky-dink not quencidence!

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 2:20 am

Jeff Saturday

I agree completely with you. A center in football as a bat to a baseball player. Without one  your lost. And Saturday is one of the elite centers in this league. Saturday and Peyton are the same as Peyton and Harrison. They each compliment there position in order to get the things that they have accomplished. If the Colts let Saturday go they can say bye to the playoffs for awhile and let my Dolphin's move on in.

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 12:05 am

Jeff Saturday

I believe the Colts should do everything possible to resign Jeff Saturday. Center is the most important position on your offense maybe next to the QB. I think if Peyton Manning had his way Saturday would have already been resigned. Just think of a new center for the Colts with a QB like Manning running around pointing fingers, yelling out to players, and changing plays the way he does while reading a defense before each and every play.

Marvin Harrison is gone...and what a WR he is. I have loved him ever since he stepped on the turf with the Colts but...He has lost a step and with Gonz there to replace him the Colts will be ok at WR. The Colts saved $6 million on this so DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO SIGN Jeff Saturday.

Note: Marvin Harrison to the Eagles would be great if he didn't expect to become a big star there, but I think his best move would be to retire as a Colt and go into broadcasting or something so he can still enjoy the game that he loves so much.

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Posted on: February 24, 2009 12:00 am

Jeff Saturday

[Canes0026] Get cocky! Get cocky about your [spelling].  You are the only idiot that actually thinks ["coincidence"is spelled "quencidence"].  It's not a ["coincidence" spelled correctly] that  Canes0026 is an embarrassment to UM fans ...pick up a dictionary some time. 

The next time you call someone an "idiot" at least be sure to spell "coincidence" correctly..this is not english class but seriously.  Embarrassing, just embarrassing! Fortunately, I know quite a few intelligent UM fans (P.S. they graduated &/or are professors there!!!).  At least you spelled "idiot" correctly, but then that makes sense.  Idiot.  Classic...just classic. 

By the way, if some degree granting institution "gave" you a degree, do them a favor and do not admit it here.  If you are still in college, learn how to use spell check, particularly if your screen name includes one of the nations great universities mascots and your profile indicates that you are a UM fan. 

Take pride..learn how to spell...or give someone head who does... maybe it will rub off on you.

For the record, as an Eagles fan, I would welcome Saturday to the team; I can appreciate Freeman's position.

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