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John Daly lawsuit tossed

Posted on: March 23, 2009 3:54 pm

Now John Daly can return to what he does best: getting cut, getting drunk and getting fat.

Several years ago I wrote a column that called Daly something that was wholly true then and is even more accurate now. I called Daly a repugnant loser who is more scoundrel than hero. I blasted him for his treatment of women and his reckless lifestyle.

He sued me. Just Monday it was announced that a judge threw out the lawsuit. It was the right move because if there is anyone who is lawsuit proof, it's the human car wreck, Daly.

Here's a copy of the summary judgment (note: large PDF file).

The victory is not just one for freedom of speech. Athletes should be held accountable for their deeds just like writers are held accountable for theirs.

Just as all of you are in your everyday lives.

So I'll repeat what I said several years ago.

Daly is a disgraceful human being who, if he were Allen Iverson, would be despised and wouldn't get the dozens of second chances he has received.

I'll be writing more on this topic in the coming months.

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John Daly lawsuit tossed



Honestly...who are the racists?  The white's or the blacks?  Or both? 

The problem I have with it is that the blacks only view the white's as racist...while most whites aknowledge that there is discrimination.  That will never end until BOTH races get together and work it out.

Do you believe that white people hate asians or hispanics?

Are they born that way or do they become that way watching the news?  Is it the media's fault that all of these black athletes get arrested?  You never answered my questions, which means you are an apologist and think the problem is the white people pointing out the facts...and blacks just sreaming "RACISM" and allowing it to continue.



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John Daly lawsuit tossed

Let me see... Ray Caruth - murder; Mike Tyson - rape; Michael Vick felony dog fighting; Adrian Mcpherson - gambling on games and stealing $3500 checks from work (felony) while in college. Oh, and one of my favorites Plaxico Burriss, the idiot from the Giants who shot himself with a concealed weapon. Yes you do need a permit - felony. The list goes on and on. How many felonies does Daly have? Stick to you're own race and you will have a lot more articles to write about!

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Posted on: March 26, 2009 12:38 am

John Daly lawsuit tossed

 What's really nice is not having to read your columns in the Jax sports sections. Ever again.  Leave it to you to contort the story and play the race card.  Grow up. 

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Posted on: March 25, 2009 11:41 pm

John Daly lawsuit tossed


I was actually responding to BRONCOSTEVE comments, u should go back and read his post. Concerning my "one white woman" comment, I was actually refering to the anger that white's showed when OJ wasn't convicted, some would say comaprable to the anger blacks showed when MLK was asasinated. I have no issue with white people, however it is somewhat funny to watch anyone try to act like racism is almost nonexistent in our country. Anyone who thinks that is clearly not getting around much. Racism amongst white's is usally found in the very rich or the very poor (not all the rich or all the poor of course) ,  the uneducated or the very educated. I believe that you are probably middle class and not a traditional racist. However your comments are racist in that only a certain segment thinks the way you do(the american white male, not all of them of course). At any rate, this is entertaining.


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Posted on: March 25, 2009 6:38 pm

John Daly lawsuit tossed


 I agree there's a line that has to be drawn somewhere when accusations are thrown but celebrities are also put up on pedestals.  I think John Daly is like a guy that won the lottery and couldn't control himself aftewards.  Maybe people should stop catering to his irresponsible lifesytle and encouraging him to act the way he does.  By cheering on his faults you only make the problem worse.  People that do that are probably the same ones that tell suicide jumpers to go ahead and do it.

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Posted on: March 25, 2009 6:33 pm

John Daly lawsuit tossed

I feel sorry for anyone that thinks John Daly was a great champion.  A good longshot story and a victory for the blue-collar type but NOT a great champion.


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Posted on: March 25, 2009 1:40 pm

John Daly lawsuit tossed

What a childish blog piece.  Yeah, you won your lawsuit.  Good for you.  If you want to control the high ground try showing a little class and dignity.

I guess, like a lot of commentators, I don't get your Iverson comparison.  Are you saying that Daly is the only person who gets second chances, or that only white sports figures get second chances?  Take a look at the Dallas Cowboys organization.  That's a team made up of athletes getting second, third, fourth chances.  Also, chances are that Vick will be back in uniform onces he's released from prison.

Iverson, like T.O. is an athlete that ends up being toxic to any team he plays on.  That's the sourse of his problem.  That and the fact that he can't seem to stay out of trouble both on and off the court.  That being said, he's still playing in the NBA isn't he??? 

On the other hand, golf is NOT a team sport, thus the only person Daly is toxic to is himself.  Daly gets sponsors exemptions solely because he brings in the crowds, and thus the almighty dollar prevails, not his skin color.  Now that the public are quickly getting tired of his drunk and pathetic antics and thus shunning him, his sponsors exemptions have all but dried up.  So you're comparing a player that's still in the NBA to a player that really doesn't get to play on Tour anymore.  I'm sorry, but your comparison falls flat on its face. 


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Posted on: March 25, 2009 11:23 am

John Daly lawsuit tossed

Mike, you seem way to bitter towards John Daly. Just be thankful you are not him right now. We know he is a mess and pray that he gets the help he needs. However, I don't believe you are perfect either. You will NEVER know what it is like to be famous and have tons of money thrown your way. I think it is time you let it go!

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Posted on: March 25, 2009 9:50 am

John Daly lawsuit tossed


Are you being serious right now? "OJ killed the white woman, but come on its just one white woman". Thats like saying, "James Earl Ray killed the black guy, but come on, its just one black guy". You act like thats the only crime thats ever been committed against a white woman by a black man. Just a couple months ago, a black man raped and murdered a Little Rock, Arkansas TV reporter. She was white. Why should you exclude her. Just a few weeks ago, a friend of mines house was broken into and she was raped. Guess by who. A black man and a mexican. I can guarantee that less than 10% of black women killed are killed by white men. This is where the problem arises. If you could get the black people to quit commiting crime against other blacks, the crime rate of this country would be cut in half. All of these tax dollars spent by cities to try to prevent crime is going to waste. It actually very simple. If you stop black on black crime, this country would be a much better place. Its not that I'm going to the effort to defend Daly, even though I personally like him and hope to see him get straightened out, I posted to get a point across. Everyday in America white people are accused of being racist. Many blacks still think the "white man" owes them something. The "white man" today owes them NOTHING. No one living today can control what happened hundreds of years ago. We currently have a HALF-black president. What else can you ask for? If it werent for blacks trying to turn everything into a race issue, and trying to use the color of their skin as a crutch to promote themselves, there would actually be very little racism in this country. Maybe it time to start listening to Bill Cosby. He seems to have a pretty straightforward opinion on all of this and you cant help but agree that he is right. This is just my opinion and trying to state facts the best I can. Take it or leave it.

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