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Orlando fans: behave yourselves this time

Posted on: June 9, 2009 11:48 am
Hopefully the Lakers fans will be treated better than a group of Cleveland fans were in Orlando during the last series.

In one part of Amway Arena during the Eastern Conference finals, about 15 feet from the press area, a man wearing a Cavaliers shirt had a cup of beer tossed at him from a Magic fan about 30 rows behind the Cleveland fan. Hit the man right in his head.

Very brave.

The Cleveland fan's wife had popcorn thrown at her.

Lots of courage there.

When the Cavalier fans finally complained to security, nothing was done.

When security left the area, another Magic fan, in a row across from the Cleveland fans, made obscene gestures to the Cleveland fan and his wife.

The Cleveland fan finally had enough and physically confronted the Magic fan. Again, security was summoned and again, nothing was done.

There were other acts of blatant stupidity and borderline criminal behavior perpetrated by Magic fans against Cleveland fans that were just not necessary.

So, please, Magic fans, try to act like human beings when the Lakers are in town.

Remember: Lakers fans have actually witnessed their team winning titles, unlike all of you.

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