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Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Posted on: August 20, 2009 1:00 am
Edited on: August 20, 2009 1:53 am
Not sure what's less surprising: that Gary Parrish again beat the world on a huge college basketball story or that, once more, it's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that John Calipari is a despicable, shameless used car salesman.

Wait. I'm sorry. I just offended all used car salesmen. I apologize. Not even a used car salesman would have two of his Final Fours vacated.


Calipari is the Michael Jordan of malfeasance.

And now he's all yours, Kentucky.


I can't believe I once tried to -- somewhat -- defend Calipari. I went against my better instincts and thought at the time: no one can be as dirty as his rivals claim.

Boy was I wrong. His critics underplayed his scumminess.

There's a lesson here. When anyone ever dared criticize Calipari's methodology a legion of Memphis fans would respond with mountains of personal vitriol. You'll see some of that in the comments section below.

They'd defend Calipari at any cost. So would school officials. All along they had to know that something wicked was on the horizon because when it comes to Calipari something wicked is always on the horizon.

Now that Calipari has raised his hind leg and defacated all over the basketball program by causing Memphis to now have the unique distinction of having its Final Four appearance tossed in the trash -- all before scampering off to Kentucky -- what do Memphis fans and university backers think of him now?

The university and its fans fully embraced Calipari and now both entities are reaping what they sowed.

And you're next Kentucky.

Calipari will win at Kentucky. He might even capture a national championship. But eventually everything will crumble to dust because with Calipari that's what happens.

Hopefully Kentucky has all of its lawyers on hot standby.

You're going to need them.

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Since: Nov 4, 2009
Posted on: December 29, 2009 4:02 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Such a horrible coach. I knew the whole time he shouldnt have played Derrick Rose! Should have known the NCAA was just setting a trap to later vacate wins after they cleared him to play! And I bet he was eating dinner with Marcus Camby's family when that agent gave him money! And to think Calipari didnt do anything about it, except listen to the NCAA. Now hes 13-0 at Kentucky with the best recruits in the nation. What a horrible coach. And I already looked into the future and seen the UK empire crumbling to dust. You are so right. Wait a second, I think my crystal ball needs new batteries.....better take another look


Since: Sep 5, 2009
Posted on: September 8, 2009 12:19 am

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Say what you want to say about calipari.Us loyal fans have been waiting a long time for a coach like him.He can recruit and he loves for his teams to push the ball up the floor.Kentucky basketball will be where it should be, on top.

Since: Aug 26, 2009
Posted on: August 26, 2009 11:14 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

It blows me away that these cheaters, believe they can be above the NCAA law. Didn't he leave Umass because of a cheater's act. Now why would he leave a program that was paying him quite a bit to go to Ky if he didn't know that the hammer was about to be dropped. It's amazing that quality programs like Kentucky and Indiana have to lower their standards to hire questionable characters like Calipari and Sampson knowing the probabilty of them changing their ways are going to be minimal at best.

This should be titled: HOW TO BRING A GOOD PROGRAM TO RUINS!

Since: Mar 22, 2007
Posted on: August 21, 2009 6:46 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Brother Keith, I do recall a level of concern about Memphis' hiring of Calipari.  Shoot, there was a national story in USA Today at the time, full page story, about the University's deciding it was time to go big time with a big time coach, reputation and risk be damned. 

One can offer up that Memphis did its homework with the NCAA before signing Calipari, trying to make sure he was "clean" with them, and they got the word that he was.  Of course, Baylor did the same before it hired Dave Bliss---ugh! 

A few years into his regime a little concern began to grow in the inner circles about what the program was becoming.  When a few brave folks began to voice those and try to render a little control over the situation, Calipari started to think NC State.  They darn near lost him to the Wolfpack after the UCLA loss in the Elite Eight. 

However, he had built up the alumni support to never before seen levels, and there was concern that if he were to walk, the support might go with him.  Now that he's gone, I don't think the support is going to vanish so quickly; they're okay with the blinders being removed from their eyes and are ready to move forward with a truly new outlook.

Look, Kentrucky fans and their politicians and movie star can blather on all they want about, "They ain't proveduded nuthin' 'bout Coachin' Cal," and that's fine.  But I chuckle at the fact that most of your fans were trashing his methods a little more than a year ago but now strangely enough sound distinctly like Tiger fans have for the previous four years when you defend him.  If you would simply admit he was Memphis' sleaze but now he's your sleaze, people would stop laughing at you.  Instead, you seem to envision him as wearing a white gown (or whistle) as he walks down the aisle at the State Fair.

Bottom line?  It's just like John Lennon sang:  "Karma is going to get you" and your program.  It might not be instant, as the song said; it might take a spell, as Cal walks the tightrope in Lexington (his specialty).  But if it caught up with lil' Ricky up at Lousvyille, it's going to catch up with you, too.  Now Cal's not that sloppy--not THAT kind of sloppy, anyway; he covers HIS tracks like nobody else, but karma will get you, even if it's quite possible that it never gets him.

One thing I'm sure of, Cal is going to win in Lex Vegas, and that's all that matters to those folks.  He's a smart guy and knows that as the coach of Kentrucky basketball he's a caretaker--YOU folks are the program.  He'll have you fighting all his battles with far greater intensity than Memphis fans ever could.

And, Doom, you can do better than that.

Since: Jul 16, 2007
Posted on: August 21, 2009 2:07 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

It's hard to believe the indignance of Memphis fans over the Calipari situation.  I don't recall any Memphis fans bewailing their fate when Calipari was hired, even though he had already vacated one Final Four.  You might think Memphis would be a tad apprehensvie to hire him in the first place, as Memphis had already vacated one of it's own Final Four appearances.  But no, administration and fans alike welcomed him with open arms.  The hypocritical indignation from these losers is laughable.  They sound like teenage girls whose boyfriend just broke up with them after promising to love them forever.  

Since: Aug 21, 2009
Posted on: August 21, 2009 2:02 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

What happened to the other major violation?  The brother of a player allowed to ride on the school charter....for free?!?!?  Billing the player/brother after you are caught does not make this legal.  It is the job of a coach to ensure the safety of their players, which means he should be able to account for EVERYONE on the flight...Calipari is directly resonsible for everyone on the plane and should have been the one ensuring that everything was legit.  This was a failure of Memphis Basketball, of which Calipari is the head. 

Since: Aug 30, 2006
Posted on: August 21, 2009 10:08 am

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Unfortunately for the Memphis faithful, they are going to pay and it's not likely the verdict will ever get overturned. Anyone who thinks it's not "fair" in relation to how other programs are judged and punished, please wake up. Where and when did you ever see an example of perfect fairness? The NCAA is trying to do the best they can to keep some semblance of legitimacy in amateur college athletics. Soon, they remove the relationship from the schools and call them what they really are...minor leagues pro teams. Until then, coaches and alumni will do what they can to gain an upper hand and bring glory to thier schools.
Some think, myself included, Calipari should share in the punishment that takes place for violations during his tenure as head cheese. If he doesn't walk the straight and narrow now (because you can't argue his NCAA  public enemy #1 status), he'll graduate to coaching a championship team that gets stripped of it's victories, how proud will you be to be a part of that party?

Since: Apr 9, 2007
Posted on: August 21, 2009 8:20 am

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Now its Calhouns turn.

Since: Jan 28, 2008
Posted on: August 20, 2009 11:48 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

"How many times are they gonna let this guy get away with this?  Also, how long will it be before he screws up at KU?"
Two things to say here Mr. moracomole:
#1- He's coaching at Kansas?  Because I thought he was at...well, nevermind, you're the boss.
#2- Let him get away with what?  Let him get away with a recruit cheating on a test where Calipari wasn't present (he can't drive him to the site, THAT would be a violation)?  Let him get away with playing a player the NCAA Clearinghouse approved?  What EXACTLY did Calipari get away with here?  The UMass situation can maybe be treated differently because usually when someone starts getting payed thousands of dollars you can tell (nice car Marcus, is it new?), but this?  Please.

Since: Nov 28, 2007
Posted on: August 20, 2009 10:25 pm

Dear Memphis: time to pay the piper

Well "freestyle" your instincts aren't the greatest to begin with, so whether you follow them shouldn't really matter.  Although I'm gonna have to agree with you on the whole Calapari issue.  The guy is a total douchebag and shouldn't be allowed to coach college ball until he serves a suspension.  How many times are they gonna let this guy get away with this?  Also, how long will it be before he screws up at KU?  The clock is ticking!!!

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