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Brett Favre and the 'H' word

Posted on: October 31, 2009 4:55 pm
Edited on: October 31, 2009 4:57 pm
GREEN BAY -- Former Packer LeRoy Butler remembers the time, a few years back, when a group of Packers players from the 1996 Super Bowl team wanted to organize a reunion. It was a nice idea but there was a problem.

When some former players phoned Favre and left messages for him, he didn't return their calls.

Some players weren't surprised they didn't hear from the All-Universe thrower. After all, Favre used to dress in a different locker area from the rest of the team.

The rift between Favre and the current Packers management may have started quite simply. Favre wasn't treated like a diva, and he took offense, and the relationship degraded from there.

Favre proponents believe he is a sincere warrior; Favre realists know better, understanding that Favre's ego is as potent as his arm.

The 'H' word is hate. Do some on both sides hate each other?

Probably not but there also isn't a great deal of like between former Packers players, current management and Favre.

The nerves were again exposed when Favre said this Minnesota team was the best he ever played on. It was met with a swift rebuke by some of Favre's former teammates who took genuine offense in interviews with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"To say that the team he's on now, after seven games, is better than the '96 team - that's just preposterous. Not only did we have the No. 1 defense in 1996, but we had No. 1 special teams," said Butler. "I bleed green and gold so much. I don't want somebody to beat my team. This is my team. I played 181 games, I was there before Brett, before Reggie White and Ron Wolf and everybody. This team means a lot to me, so when somebody calls up on the radio show: 'Brett Favre is the one that turned everything around' - it's almost a disrespectful slap in the face."

Said former tight end Mark Chmura: "I kind of went through the teams position by position and they just aren't as good as we were. And it all starts with Brett - Brett's not as good as he was. They have Adrian Peterson, but I think Chester Taylor is a guy. We had Dorsey (Levens) and Edgar (Bennett), that's pretty good balance. Our tight ends were clearly better (laughs). I may be biased. Their offensive line may be a little bit better. Our quarterback was 10 times better, our receivers were better, our special teams were much better.

"I mean, you're talking about the No. 1 defense in the league at that time, maybe one of the best defenses ever to play the game. Don't get me wrong. Favre is still a good quarterback, but he was unbelievable in the day. When we played back then, teams feared us. I don't know if teams fear the Minnesota Vikings today. We knew no one could beat us at home, absolutely nobody."

Then Chmura added: "I'm still green and gold all the way. I hate Minnesota; I can't stand Minnesota. I don't care if Brett is playing there. It didn't bother me, him with the Jets. But Minnesota I know personally I could never do it. I would just retire."

And that's what some of Favre's former teammates don't get and what makes them so angry at Favre. The Vikings? Really? The Vikings? Of all teams?

The game between Favre and his old team is big but it's not the game itself that makes this contest so fascinating. What's more important is that the game serves as a sort of gauge that measures the relationship between Favre, his old team and the fans.

It seems that some of Favre's teammates -- and not just a few of them -- aren't the biggest Favre fans.

Is it hatred? No.

But it's probably close.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 10:15 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

Limpblah is a racist and a hate monger and anyone that listens to him is too.  This guy has enough money to buy at least a portion of a NFL team. He has oddles of cash.  Do you think he really cares about the average American? You're a fool if you do. He only cares about helping rich Americans such as himself.  There is a common belief among Republicans that everyone has the same opportunity and they made it, so you should be able to, too.  People like Rush and Glenn Beck only help to widen the divide between Americans...

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 10:04 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

Did you watch the game?  Favre was leading the Vikings down the field for the winning TD or at least a FG attempt. The ball slipped through Chester Taylors' hands and into the lap of a Pittsburgh player. How is that Favres fault? How can you be a Viking fan and hope Favre has a bad day? I have never liked Favre either...  'til he became a Viking.  Now a lot of Packer fans don't like him since he joined the Vikings.  What could be finer?

The only way this team can be as good as or better than the '96 Packers is if they win a championship. We will see, it certainly seems possible...

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 10:02 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word


You don't know why Freeman quoted Chmura?  Freeman posted this article from Chmura's hot tub.  Why do you think he has that big smile on his face?


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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:58 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word


Well, you're right about something for a change.  The Vikings have had loser coaches for quite some time and I'm no fan of Childress. 

In case you haven't heard, the Vikings aren't 7-0, they're 6-1, and Favre isn't the only reason why they're doing so well, but he is a major contributor.

You call yourself a Packers' fan and you don't know what "train" I'm talking about?  I'm talking about the "train" the Mike McCarthy said was "leaving the station" when the Packers got rid of Favre.  Some "train"...looks more like a TRAIN WRECK to me.  Yep, 10-12 since the old man left.

I called you a Girlie-Boy because of the little hissy fit that you threw in response to one of my posts.  I hadn't even noticed your picture (I was better off then) until now.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm happily married and I have three kids.  Mark Chmura's probably available, though.  Don't forget to pack your swimmies.

The "scooter" moves faster than McCarthy's so-called "train". 

You do remind me of a caveman.  You weren't even familiar with McCarthy's quote.  Have you heard about George Washington?  He's dead.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Making excuses for the Packers' loss?  Don't use up all of'll need some later on this afternoon.

It's rather humorous how you keep talking about Favre's "diapers" when it's the Packers' fans who all seem to be suffering from diaper rash.  Is that why you all seem so irritated or is it just because your "Golden Boy", Aaron Rodgers, is STILL Favre's understudy?

Hey, enjoy the game...another victory for Favre at Lambeau!

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:27 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

YOur right was all on Favre.  SInce Peterson did jack sh!t.  WAs all on Favre when he hit Chester right in hands.  Ur a Moron and a Hater so go away freak ur an OBLIVIOUS FUKIN TARD.  Who knows sh!t about football.  ON HIS HANDS!

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:23 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

I still think there are. Maybe not with some of the players and maybe I speak for myself, but I will always have my rivalries. And, I am going to force those same rivalries on my

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:21 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

Nice of Freeman to quote Chmura, the guy in hot tubs with teenagers.  Great source for sure!

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:20 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

Freeman, way to build the case.  Your idea to quote Mark Chmura, the guy who porked his 17 year old babysitter, is pure genius.  Really helps solidify what a bad character Brett Favre is.  What did Favre do wrong here again?  He's an old man that still wants to play, his old team turned its back on him, but he has since shown that he still has gas left in the tank?  So what? So he's indecisivie. People want to villify this guy for little reason. As long as you're writing a story about the old Packer team wanting to have a reunion, and who the bad apples are on that team, why not give equal time to Mark Chmura, the sexual deviant?

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 9:09 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

AvengersGirls post...I think your post says it all in 3 lines about how most Vikings fans feel. Like all true fans they want to win no matter works that they are cheering for their Viking team to win but if Farve has a bad day in a win it is a double good thing.
I also feel that Farve is the reason that AP is having a off year as far as AP standards go. The coaching and management is out to prove that picking up Farve is the best thing they have ever done. The team went from AP's team to Farves team over night.
I agree that the loss last week should be pinned on Farve. He finally played a really good defense and look what happened...He blew the game. It was Farves 2 turnovers that cost the Vikings the game.
Then there is today's game-Packers vs Vikings. No matter what...even if AP would score 3 TD's and have 180 yards...and Farve is 15-37 passing and 3 int's and 1 TD...and the Vik's win, Farve will get all the credit. 
I could have been the Vikings QB in the 1st 5 games and they would still have been at least 4-1 with their schedual---Cleveland, Detroit, SF. GB, and STL. I will give Farve the Packer game.

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Posted on: November 1, 2009 8:38 am

Brett Favre and the 'H' word

If Minnesota had picked up any other QB in the league, nothing would have been said.  Favre is where he wants to be, with a team that gives him an honest chance at making a Superbowl run.  And the Vikes have what they need, a QB that gives THEM an honest chance to make a Superbowl run because they sure as heck weren't going to make a run with the two sorry excueses for QB's that they already had.  I've been a Vikes fan since they first came into the league and I've seen everything that it took to NOT get us there.  The bottom line is, if it works - it works.

The thing that makes this seem so odd is that you seldom see starting calibre players, especially QB's traded within the conference, much less within the division - which makes pretty darn good sense from a management standpoint.  And Green Bay did everything they could to keep Favre out of Minnesota once they decided that he no longer fit into their plans. Should they now have cause for concern? You can bet your abdominal posterior region they should have.

Point is, Farve needs the Vikings and the Vikes needs Favre.  If he is on a personal vendetta and that vendetta helps to beat Green Bay twice, thereby putting Minnesota in absolute total control of their own destiny from that point on - so be it!  Will Favre have the drive, the stamina, the absolute passion to keep going for the rest of the season?  That remains to be seen.  But one thing is for certain, they would not have been where they are now without him.

I hope Favre has the best game of his life today!  Then Green Bay can really have something to hate (themselves) Favre and the Vikings for.

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