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LeFavre James

Posted on: July 6, 2010 10:50 pm
We now have a winner for Greatest Ego of All Time.

There's only one choice. There will always be only one choice.

LeFavre James.

LeFavre is apparently holding a primetime news conference on ESPN on Thursday night. We'll put aside for a moment that a news organization is allowing itself to be pimped out by LeFavre.

We'll instead focus on the grand, gigantic, Jupiter-sized ego of James. This is one of the most ridiculous things ever done by a professional athlete and that's saying something.

I'm on record stating it's a good thing for James and the other free agents to make as much money as possible. But this is going too far.

James isn't in high school announcing he's going to Florida State. He's a professional athlete, a grown man, and this reeks of horrid ego and childish insecurities.

James is out of control. He will lose the support of a great many people for this and across the NBA players will laugh at him. They'll shake their heads and laugh at him.

All this for a guy who is ringless.

Good luck, LeFavre.

Should we get you some makeup for your primetime appearance?

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Since: Dec 28, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2010 8:55 am

LeFavre James

Why rag on Brent in this article?  This is about Lebron feeding Lebron's ego.  I have yet to see Brett pull this kind of stunt.

Maybe some of the writers focus on Brett too much but this is way beyond what Brett does.

Since: Oct 15, 2006
Posted on: July 7, 2010 6:29 am

LeFavre James

This is what is wrong with the NBA................a bunch of me first money hungry attention starved ballplayers who havent won anything in this league and now a prime time special are you kidding me. Hey LeBron could you win something and then talk to me an by the way the four letter network you should be ashamed of yourself for what you have been trying to force feed to the sports fan of today.

Since: May 1, 2009
Posted on: July 7, 2010 6:20 am

LeFavre James

You said it about as good as I could. When I read about this at first I thought it was a joke. The only joke here is Lebron. A guy so insecure and with such a massive ego that it is unmatched in sports. On top of it, ESPN is giving him an hour long infomercial. Maybe he'll spend the first half describing how to get knocked out in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

As an NBA fan, I wish we had real superstars like Jordan, Magic, and Bird playing in the game. They didn't need to pull these kind of stunts, they were too busy winning championships.

Since: Oct 8, 2008
Posted on: July 7, 2010 6:07 am

LeFavre James

Yep, He will be  going head to head against "World Dumbest on Tru TV" 

Since: Feb 18, 2009
Posted on: July 7, 2010 5:03 am

LeFavre James

Maybe it's an hour long because he is announcing a 1 year break from basketball..
So he can try his luck at tight end in the NFL??

Since: Jun 12, 2009
Posted on: July 7, 2010 4:55 am

LeFavre James

Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous. Hopefully, this press conference will be about his decision to immediately retire from basketball and join the Peace Corps. That's the only kind of news that would warrant this circus.

Since: Jun 27, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2010 4:20 am

LeFavre James

First of all, let me say that I don't doubt LeBron James has an ego the size of a third-world country, but I still can't figure out why everybody is up in arms about this.

What is ESPN airing the other 23 hours Thursday: 12 hours of Sportscenter talking about LeBron, an hour of PTI talking about LeBron, an hour of Around the Horn talking about LeBron, an hour of the World's Strongest Man competition from 1984 with a ticker across the screen keeping us updated on LeBron...I'd frankly rather have an hour of LeBron telling me what he's going to do than 24 hours of every other idiot in the world telling me what they think Lebron is going to do.  And how much of that advertising money do you think ESPN is giving to charity?

Most announcements for a player of this magnitude signing are followed by lengthy press conferences, but we're only used to seeing bit and pieces.  If the Q & A portion bores you, then turn it off!  I personally would like more than "I'm staying in Cleveland" or "I'm going to New York."  I'm sure there will be a lot of cliches..."I'm going to play one game at a time", "I think CLE/NY/NJ/CHI gives me the best chance of winning", etc.  But I also think that all of those answers will be reported on and analyzed to death on sites and boards like this one, so it seems silly for us to pretend we're not interested.  If we really didn't care, we wouldn't be on the NBA page during the off-season, and we certainly wouldn't be reading Freeman!

Speaking of which, I know you're trying to draw in readers by capitalizing on the LeBronMania (which makes it seem even more tacky for you to criticize him), but I don't see anywhere in the piece how any of this makes LeBron James look like Brett Favre.  When did Favre do an hour on ESPN?  Although, again, I would prefer an hour of Favre telling me whether he's coming back to 20 hours a day of every moron with a voice box or computer telling what Favre should/will/can/might do...

Lastly, yes, LeBron could have anonymously donated a bunch of money to charity.  But if his announcement causes more sponsors to donate, or entices them to pay more, all that means is more money for the Boys & Girls Clubs.  What exactly is wrong with that?  There are plenty of spoiled athletes who would just pocket that extra money.  As I said, I have no illusion that LeBron has no ego, but from where I'm sitting he's going about this pretty well.

And if you don't like it, don't watch!

Since: Mar 8, 2008
Posted on: July 7, 2010 3:13 am

LeFavre James ego out of control. LeBron generally seems like a pretty good guy...but he also seems to be increasingly ego-centric the last few years. Is he referring to himself in the 3rd person yet? I suppose that's next.  

Since: Aug 25, 2009
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:38 am

LeFavre James

I couldn't agree more. There have been rumors for quite some time that James has an ego that is somewhat out of control, and this certainly does nothing to dispel those rumors. While I do not begrudge James his time in the spotlight - it is a players' league after all and he is certainly the prize free agent in this summer of top talents being available - but this is borderline farcial. And quite unnecessary as well. if James is going to leave Cleveland, he can do it far less publicly than this. And if he is staying, then why the show-and-tell? An hour? REALLY??? To announce that he is either going to stay ion Cleveland or is going to move to another address. This is going to require an hour of prime-time television? Even the most bloated politicians usually require less time to make their worthless campaign promises. What exactly is James going to say that will require this much time? LeFavre indeed.

Since: Dec 3, 2006
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:35 am

LeFavre James

ummm, yea...proceeds are going to charity you dumb f*^k freeman.  plus, so its ok for a high school kid to be nationally televised saying where he's going to school, but not ok for the most high profile player in the NBA to announce where he's playing most likely the rest of his career?

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