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Tiki Barber comeback

Posted on: March 8, 2011 3:03 pm
Edited on: March 8, 2011 3:07 pm
When covering the New York Giants as a beat reporter for the New York Times there was just one player on the team I didn't like: it was Tiki Barber.

I always believed he was a tremendous phony. Easily the most fake athlete I've ever encountered. There were numerous examples but one of the best came recently when he was alleged to have cheated on his eight-month pregnant wife with a young intern.

Not cool, Tiki.

The scandal became huge news here in New York and Barber lost his NBC television job. His wife divorced him and he is alleged to have ended up broke.

That may explain why Barber recently filed for reinstatement to play football again. It's believed the Giants, who have Barber's rights, will activate and release him. One place he might end up is in Denver with John Fox. Fox liked Barber and still does, I'm told.

This will surprise you. I think Barber will actually do well in his comeback. He's hungry, motivated by money, and he never took a huge pounding as a player. Plus, he always worked hard and it won't take him long to get back into football shape.

So Barber is back. The phoniest guy in football is back.

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Tiki Barber comeback

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Tiki Barber comeback

What team will sign him?  A 36 year old RB that hasn't played in 4 years....I'd rather sign Herschel Walker actually.

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Tiki Barber comeback

Running backs have short shelf lives due to wear & tear!  Tiki is 36 years old, but has had ZERO wear & tear for 4 years.  If he can get in great shape, he could resume the effectiveness he had in his last couple of years playing.  Exhibit A is George Foreman!  He took 10 YEARS OFF from boxing and fought his way effectively back to the Heavyweight Title!  Tiki could conceivably play another 2-3 years as an effective back.  His biggest problem will be what's going on between his ears...and all that needs to happen there is an attitude change!

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Tiki Barber comeback

Charley Sheen "blowing it"?  His net worth is over $50 MILLION...not exactly "blowing it"!

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Tiki Barber comeback

You can either feel bad for Tiki, or you can like Tiki.  There are no other options.  If you think he is an arrogant jerk and cannot stand him, look at all of the bad things that he has DONE TO HIMSELF, and you have to feel your vindictive streak satisfied.  He left NY and started bad-mouthing his former teammates, only to watch them beat the undefeated Patriots in the Superbowl.  You thought he was an arrogant announcer/analyst - his arrogance led to his being fired.  You don't like the way he left his wife - he has been the object of public ridicule ever since.  Every time he opens his mouth, the entire sporting world (NOT JUST NY, BUT THE ENTIRE world) tells him (essentially to shut up).  He is a self-centered guy who is shocked that the world continues to move on without him.  How much more could you want than that (again, assuming that your vindictive streak is calling for his head).

Me, I feel bad for Barber, because it must be tough to find out that you really aren't special.  That has to be a TERRIBLE thing to find out.  Will I be sending money into the "Tiki-self-pity-telethon" - probably not, but I try not to wish ill on anyone.  Even self-centered, arrogant, disloyal divas.

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Tiki Barber comeback

To be fair, Charlie Sheen didn't really "blow it." Have you SEEN him lately? The man just ran the clock down way early. I mean, considering how "far" that that hamster has run in his gilded cage, it's a wonder that he didn't die of old age YEARS ago. Natural cell death; he simply ran out of replacements. Sadly--and almost inexplicably, considering that it's always seemed to me his LEAST used body part--his brain reached the finish line first. Not that the rest is very far behind.

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Tiki Barber comeback

It's amazing to me how many of these guys just go out and blow it!  Tons of money, fame, nice family, great jobs, screw it, toss it in the crapper!  So Tiki winds up broke after all, no suprise there but after all is said and done there is only one true champion this year as far as "blowing it" goes and we know who that is... repeat after me class... Charley Sheen!

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Tiki Barber comeback

I'm hoping he retires before the regular season starts and that the Giants win another ring the following season. Tiki quitting on the team, calling them out at every available opportunity, and then getting karmically slapped by seeing Eli win a title was the best thing that's happened to the franchise since the Parcells days.

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