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Panthers continue march towards Newton

Posted on: April 5, 2011 6:15 pm

It continues to look increasingly like the Carolina Panthers are going to select Cam Newton with the first overall pick in April's draft. But there is a caveat.

Owner Jerry Richardson still isn't completely sold on Newton, a source with knowledge of the Panthers' draft plans told Still, Richardson will likely defer to his personnel staff, and many of them have met with Newton, and like him.

The lockout is damaging the entire league but when it comes to rookies it's Newton who could be hurt more than others. Some teams are concerned if the labor impasse contiinues into the summer or longer quarterbacks like Newton who will need extensive coaching might suffer more than other rookies.

Another player the Panthers continue to be enamored with is former Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green. I find this impossible to believe but people I trust insist the Panthers could trade down and take Green.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 1:23 pm

Panthers continue march towards Newton

People will you please stop with Cam Newton, I don't care how bad they need a QB.  Maybe he's a good kid who wants to learn but he will be a terrible NFL QB.  How many NFL QBs do you know that turned out to be good after having never even taken a snap under center and throwing a pass more than 15 yards downfield.  I watched every Auburn game this year, and yes, he is a very big and gifted athlete, but he will not amount to being a good, let alone great QB worthy of the #1 pick.  All of these QBs are going to stink from this years draft.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 1:21 pm

Panthers continue march towards Newton

I was with you until you came with the Steve Smith being open statement. I can't tell you how many times I remember him jumping up and down waving his arms because he was wide open and they didn't see him.  But like you said that goes back to the o-line not giving the QB enough time to find him.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 12:24 pm

Panthers continue march towards Newton

Great idea.  Trade for a QB that can only hit screen passes and the face of the Broncos defense.  I'm sure they'd go for that....... not! They might be able to get Tebow, since all he's gonna be doing in Denver is selling jerseys, but once again, that won't solve any problems.  You'll just have a terrible QB that will run for 600 yards a season, instead of a terrible QB that sits in the pocket.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 12:21 pm

Panthers continue march towards Newton

Do you guys remember who many called the best QB out of last years class?  There has to be a reason he didn't ever have time to throw last year in Carolina.  I think that your o-line probably isn't as good as you think.  They could do one thing 2 years ago: run block.  What will Newton get you?  A 5 year guy who will be able to run the ball ok and give you 100 or less passing yards a game.  He will be wildly inefficient and will prevent the offense from developing any sort of relevance when it comes to passing the ball.  Instead, Carolina should focus on getting linemen that can help either Moore or Clausen stand in the pocket, TEs or RBs that can help protect for the QB, or wide receivers that will get open, which Steve Smith hasn't done in years.  Cam Newton is not the answer to mediocrisy, he is the answer for continued mediocrisy.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 11:10 am

Panthers continue march towards Newton

Riiiiggghhht.... and I'm the idiot?

"they can win with Claussen or Moore, but that offense lost a lot of its experience and skill when they cut Muhammad and Hoover.  But the loss of Peppers destroyed any ability of the defense to pressure opposing passing games, and offenses moved the ball at will against Carolina"

- I am really starting to think you haven't watched any panthers games lately... guess you didn't notice that Charles Johnson had MORE sacks than Peppers did his last year here. Maybe, just maybe, did you consider the fact that our QB's (especially Clausen) are just terrible? I see quarterbacks make things happen with less talent around them every sunday in the NFL... we need a franchise QB (not saying it has to be Newton) or we will always be stuck in mediocrity.

P.S. If you would REAAALLLLY want to draft a DE with a bum knee or an outta shape DT with one good year under his belt, please send your resume in to the big cat... I'm sure your would make a dandy NFL GM.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 10:56 am

Panthers continue march towards Newton

I well be tha first one to admit that this is a bad year to have tha # 1 pick but since tha Panthers have it this is what I think they should do with it.  I think they should trade tha #1 pick to Denver for Tim Tebow & Elvis Dumervil tha reason for this is that Tebow has been tested & is built for tha long hall + he knows what it's like  to win & to lose but Cam Newton don't if given a chance I feel Tim Tebow will become a very good QB & Dumervil is a beast.  Despite what some will think about my assessment this is tha best way to go for tha Panthers.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 10:08 am

Panthers continue march towards Newton

Obvioiusly the Panthers have a lot of needs, particularly at DT and QB, but IMO Newton is not the answer to their problems....why bring in another QB who will have to go through 2-3 seasons of learning the offense, particularly when it's a QB who was mainly a runner in college....I don't doubt that Newton has skills and a great arm, but do the Panthers want to go through another year(s) of waiting for a QB to develop when there are available veterans on the market who can help the team now?....they took a chance on Delhomme and it proved to be a good pick up for bad as it ended up with Delhomme, he did take them to a Super Bowl....draft Fairley or Dareus or try and trade down and pick up Peterson.... the two young receivers they had last year(Lafell and Gettis)played pretty well considering they didn't have a QB who could get the ball to them...the offensive line is pretty solid, especially if Otah comes back healthy...the problem the Panthers had last year was that no opponent respected their rookie QB...defenses would put 8-9 men in the box and dare the Panthers to pass and guess worked because Clausen was often too inexperienced and rattled with all the blitzing to make the reads and get the ball to the receivers....I'm not sure if Shockey will help, but it doesn't hurt to have a TE with his credentials...I just hope he's not washed up at this point in his, I hope the Panthers would consider going after a veteran QB(Kolb, Palmer or even Bulger)who could help the team next year...not 3 years from now...they drafted 2 QB's last year...we don't need to draft another.

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 8:14 am

Panthers continue march towards Newton

UNC Samurai,

You do know C. Johnson for the Panthers (Who they replaced Peppers with) had MORE sacks and tackles then Peppers did last season right?  So how did losing Peppers destroy the D?

The D was ok last season, but was always on the feild becouse the OFFENSE WAS ALWAYS GOING 3 and OUT. And losing Hoover and Moose yea they where Vets but the new FB was pretty good for the 1st year starting and both rookie WR cam on late in the year. NONE of the players you name was why the Panthers where not good with any good QB play the Panthers would have EZ won more games.

The Panther had the worset OFFENSE in the NFL last year, so yea lets draft DEFENSE with the 1st

And whats the good of having a WR when the QB cant get him the ball??

Since: Jan 28, 2009
Posted on: April 6, 2011 8:01 am

Panthers continue march towards Newton

The Panthers NEED A QB end of story.    To all the people saying WR, DT, DE(???) even with the best at thoes spots they will not change the game as much as a TOP QB.  The Panthers are nowhere near the the worst team in the NFL (Had the BEST reacord in the NFC and 1st rd bye in playoffs in 2009) only thing missing then was a QB only real thing missing now is a QB so if you pick anything other then a QB when you have your pick of any1 you want, its going to be the safe pick and the safe pick is not going to get you far in a DIV with 3 other GOOD QBs already in it...

Any real Panthers fans know QB and DT are the real holes on this team every other spot has someone that can and has played at a high lvl before.

There will be a rookie cap so why not take the best QB with the most up side?   There is no way that the Panthers can sit back and hope they get A. Luck next year cus they wont have the top pick for sure next off season. In the 15yrs the Panthers have been in the NFL they had the top pick one other time and traded that so I dont see them with it agin...

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Posted on: April 6, 2011 8:00 am

Panthers continue march towards Newton

You have me mixed up with that idiot.  I said I wanted a WR (Green) or defensive lineman (Bowers or Fairley) - what I said about Newton was Richardson and Hurney are going to likely take Cam Newton because they'll fall into the silly trap of "he sells tickets".

Richardson made a statement during the head coaching search that they had an obligation to their partners to not spend money until team performance improved and revenue went up.  At that point we knew exactly how badly our owner had lost it.  During the 09 season we saw the team recover down the stretch when Moore was allowed to rescue the team from Delhomme - and the Panthers beat some very good teams late in that season. 

That's why is dead wrong - they can win with Claussen or Moore, but that offense lost a lot of its experience and skill when they cut Muhammad and Hoover.  But the loss of Peppers destroyed any ability of the defense to pressure opposing passing games, and offenses moved the ball at will against Carolina.  A young QB can't perform well when he gets way behind early, his only passing target is always double-teamed, and teams don't respect the run because the coach who built his playbook around the running game gets terrible cases of amnesia during the game.

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