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Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

Posted on: April 22, 2011 4:42 pm
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell challenged the former union in a wide ranging interview with USA Today . Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson read what Goodell said and wasn't happy about it.

First, a portion of Goodell's comments. "They're challenging fundamental aspects that have made the league successful and popular with the fans," Goodell said. "They're going after the draft, as an example, pursuing the draft as illegal. They're pursuing free agency restrictions as illegal. They're pursuing aspects of the salary cap as illegal. That's what they're saying. We don't believe that. It's been negotiated. We think they've been good for the players, the clubs and most importantly, the fans. It's what's created a successful product. So the union attorneys are attacking everything that we think has made the league successful."

Basically, what Goodell is saying is that the former union doesn't want the draft, free agency or the salary cap. Now, Goodell doesn't directly say that but that's the impression he leaves with readers. None of those things, of course, are true. It's the opposite. The former union, of course, doesn't want free agency restrictions.

When Jackson saw Goodell's comments he responded quickly saying Goodell wasn't telling the entire story.

"The glaring omission from the commissioner's comments is the truth," said Jackson in a statement obtained by "We are challenging his lockout of players and fans. How could he miss that?"

It's likely Jackson won't be the lone player to respond to Goodell.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 3:20 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

The Commissioner IS lying. Why so? Perhaps because he may have promised too much to some of his owners, making it possible that HE'll emerge, quietly, as the big loser in this contretemps. The owners in question will never be satisfied with anything short of the reintroduction of chattel slavery into these United States. (I mean you, Jerry Richardson, but not only you. There's nothing like a working man who's taken his class insecurities with him when he moved on up. They can be more viciously patrician than thou.)
Now, to the LIES: The NFL only gets to do all of those anti-competitive things that make it such a profitable business (monopoly) BECAUSE the Courts have recognized that collective bargaining (the Union) exempts it from the antitrust laws that govern (in theory) the rest of this great nation. What this MEANS is that the Owners NEED the Union in order to keep the big bad wolves of the Department of Justice and potential competitors and class action lawyers from tearing large strips off their collectivist hides. This, to many of them, is an INTOLERABLE situation. Seeking to rid themselves of reality, they've only succeeded in exposing themselves to potential disaster. 
Now, I've no doubt that they'll pull back before things actually explode in their faces, but some of them will NEVER get over what they'll perceive as an unacceptable DEFEAT. (Never mind the fact that they'll end up with a better deal than the last one; that's only money. It's their arrogant PRIDE that's at stake. How ever will they be able to hold their heads up at the next meeting of Fascists, Incorporated? Why, they'll have to shuffle silently by the Koch brothers and old man Mellon, poor, crapulent souls.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

The players can always choose another career path if they are barely getting by on their NFL salaries...they don't HAVE to play football if they feel they're not being fairly compensated...

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 3:13 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

Booluver that comment is just stupid that 400K is not good.  Its all about perspective.  Yes 400K is a ton of money and most anyone would be happy making that.  But when you are making 400K and your coworker is making 3.5 million that's a little skewed.  Not to mention that the owners are making 850 million to your 400k.  Do you really feel good about making 400K now? 

It's also about standard of living.  When you are used to making a million dollars 400K is a low amount.  Do you believe that people that get divorced and are used to a standard of living should accept what money they make right now.  If the husband works and the wife stays home with the kids, your thought process seems to be that the wife should get absolutely nothing since she doesn't have a job.......per say. She shouldnt' fuss at all.  Her standard of living just needs to now fit her new life right?  Try again.  You have to look at it as larger picture.  

What you don't get is that the players are the profit.  If you don't have them then you can't sell anything in concessions.  You don't have TV deals.  There's nothing.  So for the owners the players aren't employees.  The players are their livihood.  Yes the owners are smart and could make a lot of money if they weren't in football but they wouldn't be making anything close the what they are now due to good players causing excitement on the field.  Sure you could bring in some replacements but there is a reason that the XFL, IFL and NFL Europe didn't make it.  Without the best players its just average and no one really cares. 

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 2:55 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

Hate to disagree with you but. My wife had a cleaning business and hired a couple of women to help. She payed them 2x as much as regular "maid services." One day a lady took a look at the check my wife got paid and said she wanted half because she did half the cleaning. My wife said no. She's the one who bought the supplies, picked up the clients, and was responsible for the product. How ever much the owners make doesn't matter. If you want a job you get your salary and you do your job and quit crying. The avg. base is,
$990,000 their not broke, or "slave labor"

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 2:47 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

" I agree give me the 10,000 a month, I wanna rush in my boss's office and demand more of the company-where do you think that will get me?"

Nowhere, but imagine if your able, that a thousand of you and your coworkers went into that same office and demanded more of the company........don't you think the odds of them listening to your request might carry slightly more water?  Geesh, it's not brain surgery, read a book.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 2:32 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

The peasant mentality of many of you is alarming.  It's disturbing reading the number of posts that side with the owners in this dispute.  The owners, if they could get away with it, and not unlike many of the corporate whores you probably work for now, would cut the players (you know the guys you actually care about because they are the ones playing the game) portion of the revenue to nothing.  When was the last time you got fired up watching the owner sign some contracts?  The attitude that pervades in this era that it's reasonable for a corporation's leadership to horde it earnings in the hands of just a few at the very top, and to simultaneously have the unquestioning support of the workers for doing so is counterintuitive, and absurd.  If this were 1980 or early, these dude would be pulling pitchforks out of their backs.  Wake up folks, these owners are interested in two things, decreasing the amount of money they have to pay for the product they sell you, and raising the prices you must pay for the product they sell you (ie increasing their margins).  Nowhere in that statement is the betterment of the consumer or the players in any way to be construed as a top priority.  Pure profit for the ownerships is what is paramount, and concentrating that profit in the hands of as few individuals as possible.  The players as individuals make chump change compared to the owners and their earning potential is on a much shorter time line.  It's awfully douchey to criticize players who have at most, on average, 8-10 year career longevity for attempting to squeeze another nickel out of each dime of profit the NFL makes at the possible detriment of their narrow termed earning potential.  Good for them, nothing different than what you or I would do, well maybe just what I would do.  Sounds like most of you would play for whatever the boss tells you he's going to pay you to play for, and smile and be satisfied, like a bunch of good little children. 

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 2:12 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

 "it's really none of the players' unions business to "see the books" of the various teams; only an idiot would think so; someone who understands exactly nothing of private enterprise and profit."

Please, if the owners thought for one minute they could maintain there league (their league by the way rather obviously is in violation of United States antitrust laws) while getting rid of these players they would have already done it.  The purpose of the suit is the take their antitrust exemption away, and they will lose it if the players force the issue.  If the owners lose that exemption they will be forced to open those books and trust me they don't want that.  So, I have to disagree they have every right to see the books if the antitrust exemption is not valid, and with a decertified union, that is the case.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 2:00 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

While I don't doubt Steven Jackson firmly believes Roger Goodell isn't telling the entire truth, it's really none of the players' unions business to "see the books" of the various teams; only an idiot would think so; someone who understands exactly nothing of private enterprise and profit. The owners are under no obligation, either legally, morally, or ethically, to show players the financial health of the team. If players do not like the contracts that they've negotiated, presumably in good faith that they'll [the players] adhere to their commitments, then it is incumbent upon the players, not the owners, to either continue the contract as signed, or to void the contract and sit on the bench, thereby forfeiting all financial considerations previously agreed upon.
I say lock them out. Besides, the NFL has become one huge commercial-stuffed, penalty-filled, play-stopped monstrosity. I can hardly watch it anymore. God help you if a drive stalls and the offense calls a timeout (commercial ensues), kicks a field goal (commercial ensues), kicks off (commercial ensues), reaches the two-minute warning (commercial ensues), drive stalls and the defense calls a timeout to get the ball back (commercial ensues), instant replay takes about an hour to determine a routine catch is, in fact, a catch (commercial ensues during replay), misses a 62 yard field entering halftime (commercial ensues). See what I mean? And let's not even talk about the penalties and possible injuries. I think I might stick to college this year!    

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 1:46 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

you're illiterate and you still have a job? quite impressive.

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Posted on: April 23, 2011 1:33 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

I could not agree more.  The players feel like they are being cheated out of revenue.  Do yhe players give back money when they dont play well? Do the players care when the stands are empty? The minimum  salary for an NFL plater is around 400k.  I wonder how they manager.  The NFL players and their union are greedy and only care abou themselves.   If I told my boss I wanted to see the books and demanded a riase I would be shown the door. 

I love watching football and I love fantasy football.  I how the owners hold their ground.  The players anre employees like the rest of us.  If they dont like it go become an insurance salesman.  The owners are self made men and deserve to profit from their success.  I just can not feel bad for the players who make millions and do not know how to manager their money. 

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