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Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

Posted on: April 22, 2011 4:42 pm
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell challenged the former union in a wide ranging interview with USA Today . Pro Bowl running back Steven Jackson read what Goodell said and wasn't happy about it.

First, a portion of Goodell's comments. "They're challenging fundamental aspects that have made the league successful and popular with the fans," Goodell said. "They're going after the draft, as an example, pursuing the draft as illegal. They're pursuing free agency restrictions as illegal. They're pursuing aspects of the salary cap as illegal. That's what they're saying. We don't believe that. It's been negotiated. We think they've been good for the players, the clubs and most importantly, the fans. It's what's created a successful product. So the union attorneys are attacking everything that we think has made the league successful."

Basically, what Goodell is saying is that the former union doesn't want the draft, free agency or the salary cap. Now, Goodell doesn't directly say that but that's the impression he leaves with readers. None of those things, of course, are true. It's the opposite. The former union, of course, doesn't want free agency restrictions.

When Jackson saw Goodell's comments he responded quickly saying Goodell wasn't telling the entire story.

"The glaring omission from the commissioner's comments is the truth," said Jackson in a statement obtained by "We are challenging his lockout of players and fans. How could he miss that?"

It's likely Jackson won't be the lone player to respond to Goodell.

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:55 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth


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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:41 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth


You read my mind with that Chris Rock quote.

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:39 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

In the absence of evidence, there is always vitriol.

Since I mentioned "value", I am assuming that last bit of nonsense was directed at me. If it is indeed true that "Most current franchises are operating in the red," then appartently someone is privy to information that neither I, nor Forbes Magazine, nor the NFL players have access to.  So since Fordman71 has so effectively destroyed my credibility (as well Forbes Magazine's) I invite him to enlighten us all, to grace us with the methodolgy of such determinations, or at the very least, substantiate his claims with facts.  That is if he deems us idiots worthy.

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:31 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

freemoor thats was a great post nice to see some logic and good sense on these message boards. it is really sad that no matter how much money is being made its still not enough. no one is willing to check their ego at the door. chris rock said it best, he said "shaquille o'neal is rich, but the guy signs his check is wealthy." the owners are just as guilty if not more than the players. seriously though there should be no reason why they can't get something done before the season starts. and if not the fans will pay in the end.

Since: Dec 5, 2006
Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:26 pm

If you don't like Goodell's words change them

Wow, Mike. Kind of one sided post it appears. Commissioner Goodell accurately cited the lawsuit contentions the players have made (paid for by the union). Yet you want to twist his quote into an innuendo and then beat him with it. Not the best journalism moment of the year. I think you are better than this. Where is the justice?

If the union can claim the draft is an illegal anti-trust activity then Commissioner Goddell can claim the union is attacking it. If the union can claim that he salary cap is an illegal anti-trust activity then Commissioner Goddell can claim the union is attacking it. If the union can claim the free agency rules are an illegal anti-trust activity then Commissioner Goddell can claim that the union is attacking it.

The real thrust behind the Commissioner's statements is to win the trust of the public. The real thrust behind the union's statements is to win the trust of the public. We all know that. So how is it a surprise that statements do not present the other side's perspective? When have we heard the union explain that the owners are losing money and failing to earn a fair return on their investment? That would be the reciprical of your call out Mike.

Jackson was most likely chosen to speak out and its a fair likelihood that the words he used were written by a union lawyer. I don't think my fellow fans are this stupid. We get what is going on. We get that the union is not disbanded (notice the disbanded union paying the lawyers for the lawsuit players?) We also get that the tension and threats are not against eachother but against us from both sides. Be prepared, NFL and NFLPA (disbanded or not) for the pie you are fighting over to be smaller whenever your arrogance has run its course. That would be justice.

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:15 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

The timing of the PED testing issue suggests its nothing more than a red herring. 

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:15 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

You are an absoulte idiot!!  The value of the franchise has nothing to do with current profitability or cash flow.  Go back do business school, or God help you start your own business, and try to comprehend that the value of the franchise only comes into play if you sell!!! Most current franchises are operating in the red, and are short of cash flow because they are a business, in an ecomnomic downturn.  Cash is king, they are short, and operating in the red.  Once you read business for dummies, get back to the real world and understand that in order to sustain these astronomic costs, everyone has to make concessions. 

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 11:05 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

oh yeah, it's the players that are greedy.  just luv hearing dipshtz defend billionaires as if they long for a return to robber barons and they're gonna be rich one day too, when hell freezes over.

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Posted on: April 22, 2011 10:49 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

Forgive me for not getting to emotional in a battle between billionaires and millionaires...

Sure some players do only make 6 figures a year. I get that but to me this is insane. Figure it out and play football. The only real thing I even care to see changed is care for retired players (I do not even worry about the latest crop). The guys that used to have a second job in the off season to pay the bills. Nobody in the league (Not on the practice squad) requires secondary income... Do they risk their bodies? Sure absolutely. Is it a hard job? Yep. Are they rewarded for it? Yep. Hey get that degree when you are in college or go back after and you can get a regular job like the rest of us if you cannot handle your money. Is the shelf life of an NFL player short? yep but I defer to my last statement. Thats for the guys that do not get jobs on TV, radio, announcing, coaching etc after their careers are over..

Are the owners cheap? Yep but what business owner isn't.Do they want their cake and eat it to? Yep.

They are both fighting for the best deal they can get. Also in the court of public opinion just like a politican trying to convince you he or she is right..(By omiting facts or twisting it for their own gain)

Figure it out.. get back on the field... I am so sick of this...

Will some of you get on me for these comments? Sure.. but hey thats life and we all have our opinions.. I think we can all agree that nomatter what, get back on the field and play

Since: Apr 22, 2011
Posted on: April 22, 2011 10:44 pm

Rams' Steven Jackson: Goodell isn't telling truth

What people forget here is that both have their very own interest.  Now the players want to be partners, but how about an initial investment?  The current value of an NFL team is in the $900,000,000 area depending on the team, does that mean the players are going to pony up the investment part of the money?  $900,000,000x32=$28,800,000,000 at 10% that is about $3billion.  That 43bil for 0 say in how the business is run.

Now the NFL and its teams are not publically traded, so they do have to open their books to the public, unions, etc.  This is the perfect time for the NFL to rework a deal with the players.  It looks like the economy is down and will be for another 3-6 years.  The NFL for the most part wont have a hard time selling tickets to the games, as there are only 8 games per team (home), but teams in smaller markets, Jacksonville, will suffer as they are areas where people are losing their jobs and can not afford the tickets.  I am a season ticket holder to both the Giants & Jets and where I have cut back at the stadium is at the consession stands.  No more beers, sausage, soda etc.  I can get wasted in the parking lot, drink 1 beer at half-time and be sober enough to drive home, I use to drink 2-3 beers a quater at a game.

That money was also used for the salaries and operating costs of the stadium, its workers and so on.  If the league does not play this year, expect someone to try to step up and start a league to take over the NFL, but where will they play, in an NFL stadium?  Don't think that will happen.  The owners can shut down shop and not worry too much.  The front office doesn't take up a huge cost, and if they have to lay people off for 6-12 months they will. 

The players union doesn't want to budge on anything now, and you heard from players that a blood test is too much to test for PED's.  MJD is also the same guy who said urine testing is invasive.  There will be consessions on both end of the table, neither will get everything they want. The drug testing will be something that will be done and the players have no choice about it, just look at what the public demanded of baseball, a lot can be learned from that lesson.  A rookie salary cap will also be in place, not right that an unproven player gets more then a 4 year pro-bowl vet who was drafted in the 6th round and started from day one.  I think the owners will have to put more guarenteed money in this for the vets too, so when you hear a contract is $25mil, it will be $25mil, not like McNabb's $100mil contract that was actually worth $2mil.

I think the players and owners are at a stand still with the additonal games to be played and how much should be paid for that.  I hate that I get charged for 2 pre-season games where I get a garbage product and get charged full price.  Between the 4 tickets I have for both the Giants and Jets, with an average price of $125 a ticket, I am spending $2000 extra on a product that is worth about $10.  The owners will need to pay the players for the extra games as the NFL payout to the players is based on 16 weeks, so it will probably be an additional 10% per player.  I am sure everyone will make out here, from the owners, to the players to the fans.

The question isn't if this will get settled, its just a matter of when.  Who's going to end up folding first?  I think the players will have to come to the table and agree to most of the owners terms.  There are too many players in the NFl who need the money, more so then the Peyton Manning'ss and Ray Lewis's of the NFL.  It will be the guys like Danny Woodhead and Ahmad Bradshaw who havent been around long enough to retire from the game who need the paycheck.  The union will have to take this into account and go in the best interest of its members, not the ego's of the people running the union.  The best interest of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning & Drew Brees is going to be the best interest of the rest of the players. 

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