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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Posted on: August 24, 2011 5:57 am
Edited on: August 24, 2011 7:20 am
OPENING HIT: I had forgotten about this and was reminded after reading an item in Now, I remember just how arrogantly owner Jerry Richardson behaved when he met quarterback Cam Newton.

Let me explain. In a recent television interview Richardson recalled his interview with Newton. At one point he told Newton: "Do you have any tattoos? He said, ‘No, sir.  I don’t have any.’  I said, ‘Do you have any piercings?’  He said, ‘No, sir.  I don’t have any.’  I said, ‘We want to keep it that way..."

“We want to keep no tattoos, no piercings, and I think you’ve got a very nice haircut," said Richardson.


Richardson's point is: Newton is the face of the franchise and the face of the franchise shouldn't have tattoos or piercings. Some of you will agree with this. Actually, most of you likely will but I find this stunning and part of the trend of football today in which players have decreasing rights from owners and the commissioner.

A dress code is one thing. But telling a grown ass man what he can do with his own body is way over the top.

Newton is a football player, not a head of state. He's not leading Microsoft. He's a freaking quarterback. Who cares if he has his ear pierced?

And let me ask this: how many Panther fans do you think have tattoos or piercings? Or NFL fans in general? I'm guessing it's not an insignificant number. Are Panthers fans who have a tattoo the dirtbags Richardson apparently thinks they are?

But again, this is the era we're in. When an owner can tell a prospect whether or not he can get a tattoo.

Next up for Richardson: he instructs Newton on who he can date.

My hope is that Newton gets a tattoo that reads "Jerry Richardson told me not to get this."

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Since: Aug 22, 2011
Posted on: August 24, 2011 11:03 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

I love it!!!  Tatooes and piercings make you look like a dirtbag and are trashy!!!!  It also means you have no self-confidence and feel the need to conform!  They look bad and reek of "no class!"  However, I agree with Mr. Freeman, and an owner has no right to tell a player he can or can not have piercings or tatooes.  He can, however, voice is opinion and make suggestions, but in the end, this is America and you have the right to look like a dirty, trashy, classless bum if you want.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:59 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Overreact much?

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:58 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Armchair-gm, okay by your argument I guess the owners should let these guys just go then, eh?  Let the gang colors fly right?  Since it's a public spectacle and an enterainment business why not let them use PED's and get all roided out of their minds?  Then they can hit the field and kill each other!  It's just entertainment afterall.  Maybe you're Vince McMahon with the idea that these guys are just entertainers.

Perhaps you've missed Goodell and the NFL's whole thing on properly representing the shield?  These guys are supposed to be held to a higher standard whether the players or anyone else likes it or not.  The NFL is working hard to try to keep its image clean and that includes trying to keep the players from representing too much of the street life mentality.  I'm not saying that every player who gets a piercing or a tatoo is a thug...don't get me wrong...but what I am saying is that the NFL is doing its best to try to keep that perception out of the game.  Is there anything wrong with that?  I don't think so.  It's about maintaining a professional image.  So, it has EVERYTHING to do wih being professional just like the previously mentioned doctor's office.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:56 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

I love how everyone wants to compare their situation to being a professional athlete or celebrity of some kind.

"Well at MY job, this is how it works.  In an office environment there are rules.  The Panthers are a company, just like the McDonalds I work at.  In the REAL WORLD blah blah blah."  Get over yourselves people.  You're all just regular people who can be replaced at the drop of a hat.  These people are not.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:55 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

"Way over the top?"  Huh?  Sure, it's up to Newton to do what he wants, and I have tats and had piercings myself, but if Richardson wants to suggest something, that's his choice as well.  Newton would gain far more respect by not tatting and piercing himself up.   Also, what does a person know about maturity when they use the term "grown ass man"?   Sad.

Since: Sep 18, 2006
Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:54 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

You say they don't own his body, yet fire fighters are not allowed to smoke even when they are not on the clock,
What are you high? I was a firefighter for 13 years and while I didn't smoke, half of the guys did and that was while they were on duty. Why don't you stick to things you know and I'm guessing football isn't one of them. As for this story, it shouldn't even be in a sports forum and wouldn't be except Mike Freeman ran out of things to write about.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:51 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Here we  go again Freeman, you want a GROWN ASS man to go against what a potential boss asks of him right?  While I have tattoos I do not have them where they are visiable during my working hours.  I do not beleive that Mr. Richardson would hold it against Cam Newton if he would get a tattoo that would not be visiable during the working hours, and for a football player that is 24 hours a day.  Newton is the face of the franchise now and he should conduct and appear accordingly.  One person who commented hit it right on the head how is the Yankee policy of no beards or long hair any different. 
Richardson is the boss, and last I checked bosses were in charge of their particular business, so long as it is not a violation of a CBA or labor law and I do not beleive this is a violation of either.  OH AND PETE WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THE YANKEE POLICY, I DON'T BELEIVE YOU HAVE ANY BECAUSE THEN YOU CANNOT GET ON YOUR RACIST SOAPBOX.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:50 am

Cam Newton, no tattoos

In my estimation, there is nothing wrong with an owner expressing his disapproval of tatoos and/or the wearing of ear rings or other piercings.  I believe the whole thing was innocent and the intent of the remark, "good, let's keep it that way," I think, was simply saying "you don't have them, you don't need them." Or that it was a good look, if he didn't have them. The owner was giving his approval of the fact Cam did not have such things on his body. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

So, let's just act as though nothing happened or was said and move 'about our daily lives without making a mountain out of a molehill!

And by the way, Cam Newton, Good For You!!!

Since: Mar 12, 2007
Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:50 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

This is article is BS.  I can’t have any visible tattoos according to my large employer policy.  Same thing can apply to any organization, including football.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 10:48 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

I used to read all the negatives about this clown Freeman with a grain of salt. Now, I see why he's the biggest douche on CBS' site. My employer has a "no visible tattoo" policy. it's simple, you either abide by it, quit, or be fired. So far, no one has quit or been fired.

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