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The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Posted on: August 24, 2011 5:57 am
Edited on: August 24, 2011 7:20 am
OPENING HIT: I had forgotten about this and was reminded after reading an item in Now, I remember just how arrogantly owner Jerry Richardson behaved when he met quarterback Cam Newton.

Let me explain. In a recent television interview Richardson recalled his interview with Newton. At one point he told Newton: "Do you have any tattoos? He said, ‘No, sir.  I don’t have any.’  I said, ‘Do you have any piercings?’  He said, ‘No, sir.  I don’t have any.’  I said, ‘We want to keep it that way..."

“We want to keep no tattoos, no piercings, and I think you’ve got a very nice haircut," said Richardson.


Richardson's point is: Newton is the face of the franchise and the face of the franchise shouldn't have tattoos or piercings. Some of you will agree with this. Actually, most of you likely will but I find this stunning and part of the trend of football today in which players have decreasing rights from owners and the commissioner.

A dress code is one thing. But telling a grown ass man what he can do with his own body is way over the top.

Newton is a football player, not a head of state. He's not leading Microsoft. He's a freaking quarterback. Who cares if he has his ear pierced?

And let me ask this: how many Panther fans do you think have tattoos or piercings? Or NFL fans in general? I'm guessing it's not an insignificant number. Are Panthers fans who have a tattoo the dirtbags Richardson apparently thinks they are?

But again, this is the era we're in. When an owner can tell a prospect whether or not he can get a tattoo.

Next up for Richardson: he instructs Newton on who he can date.

My hope is that Newton gets a tattoo that reads "Jerry Richardson told me not to get this."

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:39 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Richardson's desire to have a "face of the franchise" is understandable.  And remember this is Charlotte, NC that we're talking about....a family friendly keeping a clean cut appearance for "face of the franchise" makes sense.

The problem is Richardson's approach.  You can't go out and draft a guy and then tell him not to get tattoos.  You have to draft a guy that you believe has the character that you desire in your "face of the franchise" and then trust in your judgement.

The sad thing is that Richardson has now put Newton in a lose-lose situation.  If Cam gets a tattoo, then he's being rebellious against the guy who signs his paycheck.  If Cam doesn't get a tattoo, then he'll be viewed as cowing down to "the man".

But what do you expect from a guy like Richardson.....after all, he is the guy who publicly dressed down Peyton Manning during the lockout negotiations.  Ironically, Manning is exactly the kind of "face of the franchise" that Richardson wants, a clean cut guy who get the job done and never gets into trouble.  But apparently being a Super Bowl winner and 4-time MVP isn't enough to garner respect from Richardson.  So if Richardson isn't going to respect a future Hall of Fame QB, how can we expect him to show any respect for a Rookie QB?

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:26 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Actually, I am white and have tatts and like the way they look on black people more.  I wish my skin was darker...I look like a Rorchach test!  Seriously, tatts are invigorating and a chic who is normally a 5 who gets a tatt is instantly a 10!  Levity people, relax!

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:26 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

It's important Newton gets tattoos and piercings and has a big entourage  --  to fit the stereotype he wants to be..  so when he fails he will have lots for support....    It's too scary becoming "Great" by ones self...  

This is a bad sign for the Panthers.. 

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:21 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

cant really see tattoos on dark skinned people anyways,at least not dark dark skinned guys like cam is.quite the step over the line on an owners part though,i was quite surprised to read this

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:19 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

That is funny but not surprising given that Richardson was the crotchetty old man in the room during the CBA negotiations and had the NFL relied solely or mostly on him to get the deal done it wouldn't have gotten done.
This is almost as bad as Marge Schott or George Steinbrenner making players get haircuts or shave facial hair & before anybody tries to say: "Well in my jonb we can't have tattoos showing & piercings showing so why should an NFL player?"
Remember that they operate in a VERY different world than you & I do and while many employers ask you to cover your tattoos in particular for cusatomer service or professional jobs playing in the NFL is MUCH different, you need only look at the salaries as one example and we all know it.
Apparently Richardson thinks that if you have tattoos you can't be counted on to be the face of the franchise, that you're somehow not as good or maybe as pious as those who choose not to ink their skin which we all know is ludicrous as we all know at least one person in our lives who has a tattoo or tattoos and we would trust them with our money, children and or life.
It's an old way of thinking, it's too bad that Mr. Richardson is stuck in that old way of thinking, it's that very same old way of thinking that made him the monkeywrench in the works of the CBA deal, thank god for men like Robert Kraft, Jeff Saturday, Jerry Jones, Mr. Mara & Mr. Rooney, they served as the efficient cogs who didn't have that old mindset and got something done.
I know it may seem to some like a stretch to equate this with the CBA negotiations but when you look at it from the standpoint of an antiquated way of thinking and our own experiences with people who are tattooed I believe you'll see the correlation.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:17 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Another ignroant comment and THIS is exactly the perception that needs to go away.  I have several tatts on my body and have NEVER been in trouble with the law, nor have I ever been in a gang.  Really?!  "Thugs", "Gang Bangers" are who have tattoos?  Wow, not very bright...ignorance becomes you.

Also, he wasn't given the reigns of the business, he was given the reigns of the offense on the field.  The business is the owners' side of it.  If they want a clean cut person doing interviews andbeing the face of the franchise then hire someone to stand in.  If it were my team, I want the meanest, toughest, most blood thirsty bunch of guys who know how to handle themselves off the field.  Tatted up or not...

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:16 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

I can't believe there are actually people siding with Richardson on this!

Newton, for all intents and purposes has been given the reigns to a multi-milliion dollar company. he's the face, the spokesman.  why would Jerry not want him to look clean cut?

That is just false. Newton has no stock in the "company". He is not selling the product based on how he looks. He provides the product that is being sold and that product is his play on the field, not his physical appearence. Honestly, I would love to see Cam Newton go get a tatoo now and see what Richardson does, though I find it hard to believe that he could get away with hiring only tatoo-piercing free players. Perhaps though, that explains the mediocrity of the franchise.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:13 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

I dont think a noticeable tattoo make you look like a convict or gangbanger. Obviously a tatto across your neck that says "F#Ck The Police" is another story but take a look around professional and college sports today and you will be hard pressed to find an athlete that does not have a tattoo.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:11 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

Whoa, the CFL?!  It's funny, lets say Cam is a really good player, I doubt it but lets say it for the purpose of this arguement.  Do you think everyone will pass on him because of how he looks?  Tatts and peircings are no different than a deformity, it's the perception behind those tatts and peircings that make this an issue.  If cam is good someone will pay him for his skill, not his appearance.  If I were Cam, I would look at my contract and where it says no tatts or peircings, I would scribble between that same line, "if I get permanently hurt playing for you, you will continue to pay me".  Shake his hand then it's a deal.  This is a short life job for all players and even shorter for some.  Again, I was in the Marine Corps, if I was about to go join a firefight and the chances of me not coming back alive were good, are you going to recite standards of my contract to me?  I know the "analogy" is not exactly the same, the principle is though.  It's all relative...  There are professions that require public interaction with a more affluent and influential customer, those people don't watch football and if they do, they aren't judging the players based on their appearance.

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Posted on: August 24, 2011 9:10 am

The Daily Shoutout: Cam Newton, no tattoos

He did not "tell him what to do", but it is very much in his rights as the guy paying him a huge sum of money to strongly suggest that he show up for work looking professional.  I'm sure if Newton gets all inked up and sports a frohawk with a nose ring he's still going to get paid, but as the guy paying him a huge sum of money, you're darn rigth richardson has a right to voice his opinion on such matters.  If Newton doesn't like it, he can go to his union.

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