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Giants players and faking injuries

Posted on: September 20, 2011 12:21 pm

This is some of the greatest acting you will ever see. Seriously, Emmy worthy. The best of the Giants fakers was Deon Grant. I was at the game and saw it live and it was even better then. The Giants' opponents, the Rams, were moving the ball easily on that defense. The players looked stunned. After one particular play two Giants players fell to the ground like they were injured but it was such a fake move it brought a chuckle from many of us in the media watching the game.

I went to a football game and a soccer game broke out. Not even Vlade Divac approves.

After the game, I asked one Giants player I've known for a bit about the alleged injuries. He smiled and said "no comment."

This is an age old problem and there are one of two ways how this happens, I'm told. The head coach, in many instances, doesn't know about plans to fake an injury. They want plausible deniability. So the position coaches do the dirty work and tell players if the no huddle is rocking, drop to the ground, and fake something. Some coaches even instruct players on what body parts to grab. Hamstrings and knees seem to be the two favorites. There are also players who are the designated fakers.

The second way is the players do this on their own with no instruction from coaches. It's just understood this is what they do.

The league has been aware of this for some time. In an e-mail to me league spokesman Greg Aiello sent me a copy of the rules on the subject which read: "The Competition Committee deprecates feigning injuries, with subsequent withdrawal, to obtain a timeout without penalty. Coaches are urged to cooperate in discouraging this practice."

In some cases, like the Giants', the faking is easy to spot. In most, however, the players are smarter about it. But it happens all the time and the league feels like it can't stop the faking. In many cases they have a point. In the past, the league would ask trainers and doctors if the injury was real, and those doctors would fib and say they were real.

I do think the league will address this problem with either more warnings or increasing the fines for it. Let's be blunt. This makes the NFL look stupid, like the punks from soccer. It's laughable.

The good thing about it? Love the acting. Top notch.

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Giants players and faking injuries

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Giants players and faking injuries

On National Television, this was an embarassment, and the Giants reduced themselves to the perceived toughness of European Football players (or lack thereof)...

The incident was so outrageous, when watching the replay, that a few of the Giants players looked nervous when 2 guys dropped, screwing up the scam.

Incidentally, someone above stated that this is currently "Not against the rules", and you could not be more wrong.  Please re-read the NFL rules.... This is not only frowned upon, but could result in suspensions, fines, and loss of draft picks, TODAY it is written that way... But, NOW the National FIXED League has to REISSUE a statement, probably saying that they are going to start "enforcing" this 'already-established" rule...That the Giants so blatantly broke.....

There once was a code of professionalism, and if not, at least Toughness, but The NfL looks more like the EPL.

To TOP it off, Journeyman Grocery Bagger Brandon Stokely GRABBED the jersey of a Ram defender the whole route, on a 3rd Quarter pass, then ducked out at the last minute as if he were being interfered with.... Bush League.

This was ugly, and it is no wonder that people are increasingly weary of how "fixed" these ganes really are.....(Ot at least, how "influenced" the outcomes are)..


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Posted on: September 21, 2011 9:36 am

Giants players and faking injuries

If we can all see and recognized that this is happening from our seats or TV screens, why is it that the refs aren't seeing this.  In hockey you can receive an unsportsmanlike penalty for diving.  Why can't this happen in the NFL?  If the faked injuries are that obvious, it should be easy for the refs to pick them out too.  This isn't a perfect solution because even in hockey, sometimes a guy who is legitimately pulled down gets a penalty for diving.  Although that sucks for the player and his team, it still acts as a deterrant for the rest of the players.  Will players still get away with faking injuries?  Absolutely.  But at least there would be something in place for the blatant abusers.  Also, the refs aren't stupid.  They know when the strategic times to fake injuries are, and they can be on high alert in those scenarios.  Go down and get caught, 15 yard unsportsmanlike.  There are replays for pretty well everything else, so the argument that looking for fake injuries would take the refs ability to focus on the game away is not really a valid one.  Sure, even with this solution, there will be issues that will arise, but to get this much attention and not have something resolved in a timely manner, would be irresponsible of the league.

Just my humble 2 cents.

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 9:13 am

Giants players and faking injuries

I remember the famous player who did it.  Ted Bruschi from the Patriots

The player who are talking about from the Patriots was not Tedy Bruschi, it was Richard Seymore. It was a legal move then, and until they change it, as they should, it is a legal move now. As bad as it looks, the Giants did not do anything wrong by todays rules.

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Giants players and faking injuries

I'm sure the Competition Commitee will look at this for next year. The answer will be if time has to be stopped for an injury, that player or in this case players cannot return until the next series. No penalties. I think that's fair.

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Giants players and faking injuries

I do think the 15 minute rule would help but that seems to me that it is far too soft on these professional fakers. The players that fake the injuries or so called designated fakers are usually not key to the game anyway, it's generally not a first string type player but rather a third rate type, not always but quite often. If they say they are injured and stop play, fake or not they should not be allowed back into that game period. No coming back on the same week for that matter. If it's found that a player faked an injury a $35,000 fine might slow down faking it in the future. I'm sure it's hard to prove someone faked it so possibly adding a third party doctor could be introduced into the equation, but that could be going a little far with it. Playing time out for minimum 7 days and/or a large fine may be sufficient to slow down the temptations to fake injuries.

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Giants players and faking injuries

Some of these posts are absurd!  Your solutions to curtail this problem with penalties that are very stiff are a bit ovelry utilitarian but how on earth do you prove the injury whether the acting was bad or not.  The fact is you can not create a system to validate the injury that does not take up too much time or is severely flawed.  How ridiculous is a system going to be when a penalty is invoked and their was a serious injury in the FIRST QUARTER!  I know nobody wants to see this happen but they do it because they know their is no way, shape or form to stop it.  "Toughen up the league"?  Are you kidding me?  What about the guy that goes out on a stretcher...does he get the $10,000 dollar fine or the 15 yrd penalty.  Oh, I know he can't play until 5:47 left in the next game!  But, he is paralyzed and can't play anyway.  Come on people have some sense!

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Posted on: September 21, 2011 7:04 am

Giants players and faking injuries

The Giants where so obvious about it that it was beyond absurd.  Hell, it was more like a soccer game where they fall to the ground after they get bumped slightly or where they don't get touched at  all.  Was like watching a blooper real or something a european soccer fan would use as "evidence" for why they love soccer more then the NFL..    Just flat out pathetic and a new low, the NFL really shouldn't just pass over this crap..

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