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The Daily Shoutout: The Greatest Story Ever

Posted on: September 29, 2011 9:17 am
Edited on: September 29, 2011 9:17 am
OPENING HIT: Maybe by now, you've heard of The Chest Express. That's what I'm calling it, anyway. If you have, one more telling is in order. If you have not, sit back and enjoy the greatest story ever.

The Chest Express is a mobile strip club. That's correct. Mobile. Strip. Club. After several hours of exhaustive research, I've figured out how it works. The Chest Express hits tailgating parties before Detroit Lions football games. Now, this is not an original idea. But management of this particular enterprise seems to have taken four-wheeled exotic dancing to an entirely new level. Their genius is the reason we're destined to regain our elite standing in the world. Suck on this, China.

"Pictures on the Booty Lounge Facebook page show scantily clad women hanging off a stripper pole inside a red school bus-type vehicle," wrote the Detroit Free Press.

Of course they do. What would a Chest Express be without stripper poles inside a red school bus.

(Shouldn't the bus be pink, by the way?)

Operators are said to be asking for a $10 donation to board. Of course they are.

The bus allegedly travels throughout Michigan. After all of this publicity, I have a feeling The Chest Express is about to expand its base of operations. 

HAVE Colts GIVEN UP ON SEASON? Maybe that's not fair but some interesting Tweets from Colts owner Jim Irsay are certainly raising eyebrows. He tweeted Wednesday night there was no salary cap room for David Garrard. That might be true but the Colts could make the room if they desired. Then, on Thursday morning, Irsay sent out a series of tweets that sounded defensive.

"1)I already told some of u guys Coach Caldwell decides who plays,I would know,I own the team2)Kerry is still tying recover,Curtis MIGHT play," Irsay tweeted.

Then Irsay added: "There is no chaos/disarray,thinking that is a delusion maker,nothing but unity n believe,that u could c sunday nite,fighting thru adversity."

Is Garrard a great quarterback? No. Is he solid? Yes. With Kerry Collins still recovering from a concussion and Curtis Painter recovering from being a bad quarterback, Garrard seems like a safe play. Unless the Colts are indeed just waiting out this season for Andrew Luck.
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