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The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Posted on: January 13, 2012 9:14 am
OPENING HIT: I remember Franco Harris as a Pittsburgh Steeler. He was smart and studious as a player -- everything he's not being now.

I'm not sure what Harris is doing.

I'm not sure Harris knows what he is doing. He's no longer the smart Steeler but something else. Loyalty is good but loyalty can also be dangerous and we're seeing that with Harris. In his stubborness to defend Paterno he's forgetting about the victims. Let me say that again. He's forgotten about the victims in all of this.

“A lot of the answers that we want from the university aren’t coming forward," Harris said on Thursday. "When they do say something, even today, what I most recently heard, they think we’re dumb. They want us to believe it was in the best interest of the school to fire Joe Paterno. No way was that in the best interest of the school.”

Actually, it was. The school had to clean house including Paterno. Remember, Franco, Jerry Sandusky is accused of sexually abusing ten boys over a 15-year period all under Paterno's watch.

Who else was going to pay the price? The janitor.

Yes, I remember Harris the Steeler. He was a smart player.

A lot smarter than he is now.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 9:45 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

I wonder if some of you have even been following the case.  How can you question whether Joe Paterno should be fired?  Of course the campus didn't find any wrong doing because Joe Pa runs Penn State and he didn't want his boy in trouble.  Why did Sandusky still have an office on campus?   To me its obvious that Joe wanted him close to check up on him because he knew he wasn't right.  Sandusky hasn't been convicted of anything but he admitted to showering with the boy at Penn State facilities.  If you believe that he was showering with him to show him how to clean himself; I have some swamp land to sell you because you are very gullible.  You are innocent until proven guilty in this country, but there is another thing is this country called lawsuits.  In a civil suit the burden of proof is just the preponderance of the evidence and by Sandusky admitting to showering with the boy I think they have that.  So those that wanted Joe Pa to stay are basically saying he is bigger than the whole school.  I am not surprised because I believe it was this mentality that made him think he was above the law so to speak.  Over the years there were a number of stories about Pen State players getting in trouble for fighting and the fight before the bowl game shows the mentality of Joe Pa players.  True fighting isn't child molestation, but it shows a pattern of the rules for everyday people don't apply to Penn State football.  The ESPN personalities from Penn State didn't stand up for Joe Pa.  Matt Millen was one of his harshest critics, although I did get the feeling he didn't like Joe Pa.  I am interested in what Joe Pa has to say, but let's not think he is holier than thou and doesn't bear some responsibility in this situation whatever he says.  He knows that, which is why he seems contrite when speaking about the issue.  

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 3:57 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Wow you took what happened way out of context and pretty much bashed another great NFL player for no reason.

You forgot to quote Franco when he said, "we can't let the board of trustees or media write the final chapter on this"

Instead of bashing Franco Harris, why don't you update us on what the status is at Penn State regarding this issue.

Funny this article isn't on the front page of the CBS Sportsline site, wonder why...because it is writings of a rookie.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 3:38 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

This is just another example of why the media sucks and America is beginning to.  First, you took a small quote, and because he didn't refer to the victims, you say he doesn't care about them. In other quotes, he specifically says how terrible these crimes are and how he feels for the victims and their famillies.  If he doesn't include this in every sentence for the rest of his life though, some "jounalist" will pull a quote and say he has no sympathy for the victims.

Secondly, where is all the outrage about the 10 or so molestations that happened around the country yesterday?  The media only cares because it is a big name that will draw attention and ratings.  The average American who hears about a boy being molested in another state will feel sorrow for a couple seconds and move on, as they should, but since a big name was involved, we must tear him down.  It doesn't matter that we as a whole built him up to be this iconic figure and supported the culture that allowed something like this to happen.  It doesn't matter that he has done more good for people and the country than nearly any of us ever will in our lives.  We can't take the blame for anything, so all of it has to go somewhere else.  Destroying Penn State, Joe Paterno, or anyone else will not make any difference at all.  This problem is much bigger than Penn State, but in our moral outrage we feel ruining more lives somehow will improve things.  All it does is make us feel like we personally did something without really doing anything. 

Finally, we have no idea what really happened there, but because we behave like a mob facts don't matter, and revenge must be taken at all costs.  What is factual is that Paterno heard in vague terms (McQueary said he didn't get graphic out of respect for Paterno) that Sandusky was being inappropriate in the bathrooms with a boy.  Paterno goes to the head of the campus police with the story, and nothing is done.  Surely, his long time friend and respected colleague denied this, and when the campus police said they found no evidence of any wrongdoing, what is Paterno supposed to do???  It may come out that there is more to this, but until then you all better hope you are never accused of anything in your lifetime.  Except, none of us really matter to anyone else, unless we are a celebrity, so you won't have to worry about any outcry.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 1:07 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Let's face it, Joe Paterno got fired because he's Joe Paterno. If this were some John Doe nobody from Nowhere the media wouldn't have cared. I hate how they make it sound like they really care for the victims. They care about the STORY, the HEADLINE, getting to see their names in bold print like they did something special. If this weren't Penn State and probably the most recoginized coach in all of football we barely would have heard about it. It would have been a footnote in the last min. of Sportscenter.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 12:57 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Not that this is a jury matter for courts, but Harris would not be on it. Harris was a great football player for a pro team that isn't my favorite and has a right to his opinion. Remember, as far as we know now Paterno was not involved in the molestation, but knew of the situation and did little to stop it. That's his bad. However, how many people have done the same to cover for friends in other scrapes? I agree with the decision to fire Paterno, but there are many questions unanswered in this case. People are only deciding where they stand based on, "he said-he said" evidence. We will all find out some day.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 12:35 pm

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

This should say Mike Freeman sounds like a fool. Harris is speaking from the terms of the president talking about why they fired Joe not the scandal as a whole. As far as the president's reasoning behind them fireing Joe I think Harris is right. They are just making excuses. What happened was they gave into media pressure calling for Joe to be fired. This didn't happen under Joe's watch cause the last time I checked he was a football coach. This happened under Spanier's watch. If every media outlet wouldn't have been getting all over Penn State saying Joe needs fired, he would have been able to finish the season and retire. Joe was just a scapegoat for the university to make it look like it wasn't their fault.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 11:17 am

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Both should have been suspended until the legal process is completed and then and only then should permanent action be taken if found guilty.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 10:07 am

The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Harris is just another example of a person too close to the situation to be objective.  That is why Erickson and the entire board of trustees needs to be replaced.

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Posted on: January 13, 2012 9:58 am
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The Daily Shoutout: Franco sounds like a fool

Excuse me Mike, but at this point in time it has yet to be determined that there is a price to be paid. Yes, Jerry Sandusky has been accused of terrible things, but as of this time he has been convicted of none. Ours is a system of laws and due process.  If it is determined that all or most of the accusations are true, then yes, there is a price to be paid and Paterno would share some responsibility since he was the man in charge. But I think it is a travesty of justice for Penn State to jump the gun as it did. Jerry Sandusky is, by law, innocent until proven guilty. It's a shame that that presumption does not extend to those not actually charged with a crime.

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