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Super Bowl Shoutout: Can Gronk be effective?

Posted on: January 31, 2012 9:54 am
Edited on: February 1, 2012 5:43 am
OPENING HIT: Part of me wonders if Bill Belichick is pulling a fast one. That somehow Rob Gronkowski isn't as hurt as the Patriots are saying but that's far-fetched even for the tricky mind of Belichick. Which means Gronkowski is really badly injured.

This isn't a question of whether Gronk will play. He'll likely find a way to be on the field. The real question is effectiveness, and based on everything I hear the chances of Gronkowski being a factor are almost non-existent. You don't recover from high ankle trauma this quickly and the fact he still hasn't practiced is the biggest indicator of the seriousness of the injury.

My guess is Belichick will try and use Gronkowski as a decoy. Put him in the game, run a few routes maybe, use him as a blocker if possible. But the idea that Gronk will be Gronk with that kind of injury is a bit far-fetched.

Unless Gronkowski is even tougher than we think which seems impossible.


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Super Bowl Shoutout: Can Gronk be effective?

uhh the Pats r 3 o/u 55

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Super Bowl Shoutout: Can Gronk be effective?

Pats always play well when the "experts" think they have no chance. If the Pats win, believe me, it will have nothing to do with
Gronkowski. Media has declared the Giants worldbeaters based solely on 2007 upset of Pats and earlier season victory (in last 30 seconds). They have their number I guess, so forget about playing the game, Giants win. They already forgot that save for two muffed punts in NFC championship game, they probably would not be here. Not to mention they played an offensively challenged 49er team. I think its the Giants fans who may be shocked this time. 

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Posted on: January 31, 2012 1:51 pm

Super Bowl Shoutout: Can Gronk be effective?

They should probably not even play the game then. Its a done deal, Giants win. The best part about this SB is the talk is all Giants unlike 2007, and we know what happened there. The G-men had a few lucky bounces go their way against SF (as in two muffed punts), but you don't hear to much about that. Pats always play their best when the talk is "they can't win, or the Giants are playing to well right now". Expect Welker and Hernandez to have big games and Gronk to throw in some key blocks for running plays. Anything can happen Sunday, nobody can predict who will win this game, it will simply be the team that wants it more and is better prepared.

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Super Bowl Shoutout: Can Gronk be effective?

Most sources are stating that Gronk will be ineffective at best because high ankle sprains are serious injuries that cannot simply be played through succesfully, particularly for a player who will be running routes like a receiver.  If Gronk can't play effectively, the Patriots are all but finished.  The Giants most likely win by two touchdowns.  Sorry Pats, this may taste very sour come Sunday night. 

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